Former Titans fullback Michael Gordon is set to play for the club at the NRL Nines.

The 36-year old hung up the boots at the end of last season but will feature in the nine-a-side tournament on February 14-15.

He is now working for Gold Coast as a specialist outside backs coach under Justin Holbroook.

While Gordon is keen to return at NRL Nines, he is motivated by his new role at the club and the upcoming season.

“I am really excited by that. They have been training their backsides off, and obviously there is a new coach and new staff, and there is a new buzz around the joint,” Gordon told

“I am very interested to see how the boys shape up because they are looking really good, but you never know until you get out there into the game.

“It was me and JD (Jim Dymock) that tossed a coin (to play in the Nines). I said ‘Mate, I’m a bit younger, a bit fresher, so I will take one for the coaching staff’.

“Obviously I am pretty excited. Nines was always a great competition, and it has been a few years since it has been on, so it is good to be a part of it.”

He said NRL Nines provide a great platform for young players to receive opportunities to show their worth.

“You see every team takes over a mix of young blokes and some experienced players,” Gordon said.

“It is usually the unknown players that end up standing out in the competition.

“It is always good to give young blokes an opportunity, and to see what they have done. They have been training hard, let them go out and play.

“There are only two games in a pool this year, so it will be slightly different. I suppose it will depend how those two games turn out, because we are taking a decent squad over there and I don’t want to get in the way of any of the young boys having a crack.

“We will see how the two days pan out, and we will go from there.”


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