Titans bid to play Dale Copley denied

The Gold Coast Titans have had their application for new recruit Dale Copley to play against the Parramatta Eels on Friday denied by the NRL.

The new system introduced by the NRL this season for naming team lists requires each club to name a squad of 21 players on Tuesday. If the club wishes to bring in a player outside the 21 named, they must make an application to the NRL.

The Titans seem to be the first club to make this type of application and it is unsure why they were denied.

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  1. I would imagine it would have something to do with the team they named not having incurred any sort of injury to justify bringing in an unnamed player.
    I don’t know if this is correct, but just a thought given how they have described the process of naming teams and having players replaced from that list before gameday.

  2. Political Bullsh*t, let the guy play ffs.

    I may be a Roosters supporter but use some common sense, its not like it is sprung on the opposition 1 hour before kickoff, half their squad are out with injury, what do teams have to do to get permisson, loose all their players in a bus crash or something…

    Use some good old fashioned common sense, let him play, not as if he is a match winner or International player, just trying to ease a horrific injury crisis at the Titans..

    • After reading the NRL’s reasoning for this I can understand why they are hesitant to let him play. It sets an uncomfortable precedent for teams to exploit. Say if there is a very high profile player available and one team pounces on him on Thursday and wants to play him that night, what is to stop them putting in an application to do that?
      If they were to set this precedent now, it wouldn’t be fair to stop said player for playing with that club.
      I know it is a bit of a long shot, but I would imagine something like this would come up eventually in the NRL. It always seems that there is some sort of loophole for someone to exploit these days, and the NRL, I think, are doing what a lot of people accuse them of never doing, sticking to their guns and making the tough decisions.
      I admit it sucks for the Titans, but as long as the NRL keep this rule in tact and don’t let other teams exploit it, at least it will be fair.

    • Not being biased at all here but the NRL set the new rules this year that the final 17 must come from the 21 named on Tuesday. Based on these rules he can’t play.

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