SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks dejected at fulltime during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers remain in the hunt for Latrell Mitchell after club chairman Lee Hagipantelis spoke to Roosters boss Nick Politis on the phone regarding the star fullback.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, it is believed that the pair discussed Mitchell's “welfare” and “where his interests may be better served.”

It comes after the publisher reported on Tuesday that the Roosters don't have the cap space for Mitchell next season.

“I have spoken to Nick but not about a deal. But I have spoken to Nick, yes, about what’s in the kids’ best interests. Nick has an interest in the matter,” Hagipantelis told The Daily Telegraph.

“It was reported fairly accurately (in The Daily Telegraph) that Latrell had met with Nick and that he wouldn’t be playing at the Roosters next season – I think that’s fairly certain.

“I just had a general discussion with Nick about the kids’ welfare and where his interests may be better served.

“It wouldn’t be fair to say Nick is assisting in negotiations. He just rang me to let me know as a matter of professional courtesy that he had spoken with Latrell.

“Nick isn’t intervening in the discussions or negotiations or anything along those lines. He is keeping us abreast as a matter of professional courtesy, for which we were very appreciative.”

While the Tigers did rescind their offer for Mitchell, they remain interested in the 22-year old.

“There is interest on our part, that’s true, and at this moment, as you and I are speaking, there is interest on our part in progressing discussions if they were available but they would have to be progressed by Latrell and his management,” he said.

“But at the moment the ball is squarely in Latrell’s court, it’s entirely a matter for him at the moment.

“There is no progress or developments, nothing to comment on whatsoever but that’s not to say the lines of communication have ever been closed.

“At the moment we are not pursuing any discussions with Latrell whatsoever. But if Latrell came to us and wished to open discussions then we would be receptive.

“But I have also said we are actively in the market at the moment so we will consider all opportunities that present themselves to us. We have interest in any quality player.”


  1. At the age of 22, and with children of his own, Latrell Mitchell is not a kid. Unfortunately, it appears, that he has been wrongly advised, and it has come back to bite him.

  2. If $800k a year isn’t enough for you & your family there’s something wrong! Do what’s best? You’re more drama than you’re worth! People need to stop putting it down to the advice he’s getting from agent/manger! He’s been in the system long enough & the education they receive from the welfare officers at the club & yet excuses are still being made! You tested yourself in the market pissed off the roosters who posted you off & you tried to play clubs off each other for more cash … as you have “to do what’s right for my family” age old excuse for being greedy! I agree it’s a shame to see a talent go to waste but it’s HIS own doing no one else’s!

  3. The longer this drags out the less value he has. It’s already clear the rooster don’t want him, the bulldogs don’t want him, half the league can’t afford him and then there are a few clubs left over.

    I really really rate Mitchell I think he’s a top 5 centre, on his day is unstoppable and at the age of 21/22 he has the potential to be an all time great. Not only that but he’s won two premierships, was named Dally M centre of the year, played and won in SOO, played for the kangaroos and that’s just 3 years into his career. I think he could be a amazing fullback but for now is a centre.

    If I was the Panthers, Sharks or Cowboys I would be watching his situation and be readying a really go offer for him. I think if you give him a chance of success in a good team on decent coin he would take it over going to the Tigers. I think anywhere from 700-800k would be good enough.

    For the Panthers he could play fullback over Dylan Edwards who also needs a new contract. So instead of paying Edwards 450k a year you pay Mitchell maybe 750k. That’s a great move for the club, pay an extra 300k for a much better player.

    For the Sharks, you don’t have the cap space right now but if you can offload Moylan you can bring him in. Dugan could then move into his favoured potion at fullback, where he played well last year, and Mitchell into centre. Mitchell gets to learn to play fullback as like Val Holmes did them take over that role. Could also solve the Xerri issues and could solve the kicking issues. Moylan was rumoured to the Tigers but could also end up in the UK…

    Lastly the Cowboys. Mitchell would have to give up wanting to play fullback but apparently he likes the look of the cowboys, he could continue to be the goal kicker and would join a really strong team. He would be pair with backs like Holmes Fedlt and Masters, have Morgan and Drinkwater in the halves, McQuire, Taumalolo, Hess and McLean up front. That’s a strong side, think they would have to release a couple players (maybe Justin ONeil and Ben Hampton).

  4. Politis appears that paranoid and panic stricken about Latrell going to Souths he is resorting to anything pathetic to keep him away.
    Just shows you what a bitter, twisted, nasty individual he is in my opinion and typifies the culture he heads.
    No wonder their membership is diabolical and can only get worse.

  5. What if Latrell wants to go to Souths and comes out and makes it public?
    Is Politis prepared to accept the backlash that will follow?
    Not a good look for a club already struggling for appeal.

  6. Even the Storm should be looking at him. They have released Chambers and let Curtis Scott, Brodie Croft, Solomone Kata and Scott Drinkwater all leave. To top all of that Addo-Carr is looking for a way out and Vunivalu is leaving 2020, plus Cam Smith will retire soon.

    Surely they have something close to offer him a deal. He couldn’t play fullback but Mitchell and Hughes in the centre with Pappy and Munster that’s a lot of attacking threats to look out for. Plus he’s a good goal kicker. Addo-Carr and Mitchell are good mates, Bellamy is a great coach, would makes some sense

  7. Swa9amuff1n, interesting comments. By way of feedback:
    Panthers, yes, but I’d use him to replace Whare. Keep Edwards at FB, and offload Whare for pretty much anything they could get back on their cap, or just run out his (Whare’s) contract as a backup.
    Still on the Panthers, but I checked their player list on their website, to ensure they had the sort of coin I thought they did, and I think they still do, but they are displaying 29 players already. That surprised me given the names I could think of that they are losing/have lost vs the relatively few new players they have signed, so I’m assuming most are promotion of juniors (yes, I know EOD). and based on who you’ve lost vs who they’ve signed surely that must leave them with some serious coin. I’m interested in/open to any comments from Panthers supporters here, if I’ve missed something.
    The Sharks. Too hard/too messy with their cap for now. I can’t see that happening.
    Cowboys, yes, if they can fit him in, or maybe I should rephrase that to, find a way to fit him in. That would have to be the best fit, for him and club, and at a back down to earth $800k (ish) p.a away from the media, the lessons he would have learned, the environment etc etc. that makes so much sense to me.
    The Storm. No/not really. Yeah they could use/need him at centre but they probably don’t need to pay “top/experienced player rates” for a centre.

  8. Uncle Nick the Mobster is panicking
    So Lee Hagipantelis spoke to Roosters boss Nick Politis on the phone regarding the star fullback.
    So what!
    How can those two make any decisions on the future of Latrell as it is strange that Latrell Mitchell and his manager were left out of such negotiations?

    If Mitchell was going to the tigers, he would have signed by now!

  9. swa9 & Eels.
    Penrith have another excellent fullback coming through, by the name of Charlie Staines . He played some Canterbury Cup in 2019 & was Jersey Flegg player of the year.
    I believe he isn’t far from being the starting fullback in first grade, even though he’s young.
    They also have another good fullback in Aetkins . Who was out injured a fair part of 2019.
    So Mitchell at Penrith , would be a replacement for Whare, as you said Eels.

  10. The panthers can terminate Tyrone mays contract if they want after he’s guilty plea. With the signing of Zane tetevano on a cheap deal they can let Tamou go at the end of next year and a considerable amount of salary will be freed up. The only problem is whare has another 3 years left it’s gonna be a little hard to move him on. The only club I can think of that could use him is the tigers. They let marsters go so maybe that’s it. If the roosters pay a peice of he’s 2020 contract then it I’ll be quite easy for the panthers to Aquire Mitchell. Also young naden and Latrell have a bit in common. Both country farming fellas. Sometimes that helps people’s decision

  11. Can’t see him going to Penrith .
    If he did? Naden may be a good influence on him. As a former captain of his different junior teams & he seems to be a hard worker in the centres.

  12. swa9amuff1n

    Yeah, him going to the Storm does make some sense however buying a puffed up, self opinionated established star on big money is not Melbourne’s style. He would have to eat an awful lot of humble pie for Bellamy to even look at him and I don’t think Latrell has even heard of the word humble.

  13. Nick Politis was couteous to Wests managerment after they rang him. Latrell obviously needs behind the scene care that only the Roosters are aware of. Politis care and concerne for Mitchell Is looked upon by me as showing what a decent human being he is. In the World of Buisiness as League is these days. For a potential former employer to give some tips on what stratergies to implement for a young Latrell with mental health issues, just showd everybody that Nick Politis has a massive heart and a lot of soul.
    Who knows, Nick may still find a way to retain Latrell with a few players retiring next season. But either way Nick Politis is loved bu everyone who knows him. A true passion for Rugby League after growing up in a fantatical world of soccer,

  14. Not only the Cheat Politis is releasing fake news about Latrell, he is now releasing fake news that Broosters are “Way Down” on the Salary cap, and they are a club of saints and angels. It is like kettle calling the pot black!! What a cheat. 🤣🤣

  15. Now when Latrell Mitchell has another season to shine for the Roosters in 2020. And secures a nice five year extention those TPA’s might increase considerably for the Roosters by another100k plus.

    Latrell loves the Roosters and as reported during the week, shed a tear at the thought of not playing fir them in 2021. However my inside information is one of a few well known buisness identities in the Eastern Suburbs corner are more than willing to make sure he retires a Rooster.

  16. AlicksRetiman your attack on the Roosters is in vain. Your club Melbourne have been over the cap for two decades, albeit legally if later years. This has just been released on the internet. One more thing for Souths Supporters Like penso, TwentyOne, Chalky, 3Caps and the spaceman fan from Parkes better known as EastOfDivide.

    Melbourne – $809,998
    Brisbane – $349,852
    Penrith – $233,333
    Cronulla – $211,952
    South Sydney -$198,591
    Newcastle – $181,275
    Manly – $148,718
    Wests Tigers – $132,458
    St George Illawarra – $82,951
    Parramatta – $80,166
    Sydney Roosters – $68,966
    Canterbury – $59,680
    Canberra – $45,333
    Warriors – $27,591
    Gold Coast – $18,153
    North Queensland – $15,667

    Looks to me Rusty Crowe the transit lounge owner has Souths 5th on the ladder of being over the cap with extra income generated by TPA’s He has his work cut out to topple Melbourne.

    This is what you have been accusing the Roosters of but Penrith and Souths fans with three comps between them in almost 50 years are two of the biggest offenders. Not Sydney Roosters.

  17. Latrell Mitchell is staying at the Roosters. He is contracted for 2020 and has an entire season to impress those that matter to extend his contract long term.

    Nothing to see here. Move along and if you would like to see Latrell in action live next season, then indeed purchase a Roosters membership and three Origin tickets.

  18. @Mark.mywords …. looks like the Broosters have a paid lic.ker on this forum. Yea $2 an hour is good income for the une.mployed. 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Well well well, so soufs are far higher up the list of TPA bolstered clubs than Easts…and we’re the cap sombreros???
    As we know the base cap is VERY well policed but TPAs are a far more grey area ….seems like not everything is as it appears on the surface in player payments…surely rusty and his business cronies couldn’t have been slipping players extra $$$ to stay with soufs 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  20. Alex. With a name like AlicksRectonalman It is obvious who indeed …. looks like the Melbourne Storm have a paid lic.ker on this forum. Yea $2 an hour is good income for the une.mployed.

  21. @Markmywords, …… you need to negotiate a better deal with the Broosters, Ask them for 20-Cents more. After all, being a ‘Resident Lic.ker’ is a tough job! 🤣🤣🤣

  22. AlicksRectonalman is the only ‘Resident Lic.ker’ Around here. Now run away. And Remember Melbourne your beloved team, are on the similar par as Souths in the past two seasons…. Chokers.

  23. @Markmywords … you sound angry but its ok. A.rse lic.king is a very tough job – just chill and have a beer if you can afford it. 🤣🤣

  24. Well AlicksRectonalman you would know all about that, not me. Anyhow have a Winfield or in your case a discarded durrie butt from the gutter. And enjoy your 8 dollar cask of wine:)

  25. ……..NEWS FLASH……..

    From the Turner artice…Penso is indeed the BrisbaneBunny…..lets look at his two separate logins and notice the exact same words used in this story by the same penso the clown individual.

    pensoDecember 13, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    “F.. off…..Turner is a solid player and I wish he was still there, but he is not”

    brisbanebunnyDecember 15, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    “Turner is solid player who can cover a number of positions”

    The evidence is overwhelming that penso is still in love with his sacked hero Turner both as penso and as the BrisbaneBunny. Hahahaha. Your busted big time Shadow/penso/brizyrabbit!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha…Hahahaa!

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