South Sydney Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell

The South Sydney players tested for coronavirus on Monday after reporting flu-like symptoms, including Latrell Mitchell, have been cleared.

Mitchell, along with Souths captain Adam Reynolds and prop Liam Knight, were sent for COVID-19 testing after undertaking a screening protocol in place for all clubs ahead of the NRL’s return date on May 28.

There was good news overnight, however, with the club releasing a statement that all players sent for testing came back negative.

“Results have shown that all players have been cleared of COVID-19 infection,” the club statement said. “The Rabbitohs are taking the NRL’s health protocols very seriously, hence why these three players were sent for testing today,” read the statement published on the club’s website.

Many members of the media were camped out at South’s facility for Mitchell, who last week was issued a $20,000 fine for a camping trip with 12 others, including Melbourne’s Josh Addo-Carr and Newcastle’s Tyronne Roberts-Davis, which breached social distancing laws.

South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett was contacted by The Sydney Morning Herald after Mitchell and other players were sent for tests.

“We are all following protocols. We all want to be back playing footy and we all understand what it is going to take – there wasn’t one complaint today,” Bennett told The Herald on Monday night.

“The doctor questioned them upon entering the training facility and our medical staff were there with doctors to undergo screening. They were asked all questions about whether they had a sore throat, runny nose or have been coughing.

“If they had one of those symptoms in the last 24 hours we sent them straight off to be tested for coronavirus. We should have the results back by tomorrow morning. If they are symptom free they’ll be fine and back in with everyone else. If they are positive, then they never entered our facility.”

Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson also sent a scare through his team after being tested for coronavirus on Monday. He also came back as negative.

Robinson seeked home treatment and did not greet the players on their first day at training after waking up with a sore throat Monday morning.

“You can’t go in there with 50 guys, you can’t risk anybody, so I stayed away,” Robinson said.

“I’ll be fine. There’s no temperature. And as you can hear there’s nothing wrong with me. It would have been easier for me not to say anything and go to work, but that’s not the point of it … that’s not the point if we want to get the game back on.”