PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - JULY 06: Jack Hetherington of the Panthers makes a break during the round 17 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the New Zealand Warriors at Panthers Stadium on July 6, 2018 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
Jack Hetherington has had a fantastic debut season on loan with the Warriors and it seems as if Michael Maguire has loved what he’s seen from the young bloke.
James Hooper reported on NRL 360 that the Tigers will be interested in chasing him for next year, as he still is under contract until 2021.
Hetherington’s enthusiasm has been infectious this year and seems like he would fit perfectly into a Wests Tigers forward pack that’s lacking a bit of jazz moving forward.
With the reported $700,000 contract over two years on the table for James Tamou to come and be a veteran presence on this roster, why not add another talented youngster that can benefit from the experience of others and hopefully blossom into an elite talent.


Currently, the Tigers pack lacks the ability to bend the line, but with the power and aggression in his game, Hetherington has no trouble doing so.
He is currently sitting atop the Warriors forward pack with nine metres per carry, tied with Tohu Harris – who is widely regarded as an elite edge back-rower.
Hetherington’s athleticism and motor give him the ability to inflict damaging runs, tied with the likes of Boyd Cordner, David Klemmer and above James Fisher-Harris and Jesse Brommich –  certainly impressive.


In a small sample size, Hetherington has proved himself a problem to tackle with 6 tackle-breaks in 7 games to go along with one line-break. He has brought a much-needed X factor to this Warriors side and I am confident that with more games under his belt, his stats will provide more proof to the eye test.
You can just see he is going to be a consistent pain for the opposition players to handle.
A replacement for Russell Packer with the same sort of physical intent on the pitch but with more upside in terms of career trajectory. This signing would be a phenomenal pick up for the Tigers.
It reeks of another case of stealing the likes of Doueihi and Luciano away from their respective former clubs and would be another wise move as Maguire looks to retool his roster.
Along with all the talk of Josh Addo-Carr and James Tamou recently, if Michael Maguire can steal Jack Hetherington out of the clutches of Ivan Cleary then I’m sure he’ll add some extra intensity to what now seems to be a toxic club rivalry next time these teams face off.
This will be a big decision for Jack as he’s more likely to get regular minutes moving to the Tigers and that may see his career flourish as a result individually.
Potentially a bittersweet signing as Tigers fans may disapprove of anything to do with Ivan, but his talent is unquestionable.
I’m sure he’d be welcomed in with open arms, and if not, his play will speak for itself. It will not take Tigers fans long to realise that Hetherington is the real deal.


  1. If he wants to finish 9th every year then by all means join the kittens.
    If he wants to play finals footy and be part of one of the best forward packs in the NRL, then come join Parra and take Evans bench spot.

  2. If he’s still under contract for 2021, why would Penrith release him to Wests or anyone else?
    They have let Tahmou & a heap of other players go already this season, plus the last few seasons. Then not paying $750,000 a season for Tahmou, must give them some more cap space .
    They’re going to need some props themselves. Without Tahmou, there’s also a props spot for the taking at Penrith. I’d imagine Penrith may like to re-sign Hetherington themselves.
    So he could stay as part of a better forward pack by staying at Penrith , than going to Wests ( or Parramatta ).

  3. Parra has a better forward than the Riff do.
    The Riffs forward pack only got the better of us because the ref wouldn’t call them offside even though they were never once back the ten in the entire game.
    Add to that the gift 6 again for no reason the Riff kept getting.
    With all that possession and help from the ref, a decent side would have put a lot more points on us.
    All good though.
    That lets us finish in fourth which is good as we won’t have to play the storm first up.
    We will easily account for the Riff in the first game of the finals 😁

  4. That all just sounds like white noise mreel.
    For a start, your eels wouldn’t even be competitive without buying Penrith players. Just have a look at your whole squad.
    You love the ‘Riff’ as you say ,so much that you wish your st.eels would buy yet another player from the club. As he’d make your st.eels better.
    So the st.eels & West’s have much in common. Both lots of supporters say they hate Penrith. Yet can’t do much, other than buy Penrith players. I’d say you actually ‘love’ the Panthers. As your clubs are stuffed without them! 👍
    You have a good imagination mreel…
    I just remember your st.eels forwards trying to run hard, then being picked up & dumped on their butts. Just as little Api did to Brown by himself. In the same game as your st.eels produced zero try scoring opportunities. It’s hard to get 6 again opportunities, when your forwards can’t hardly move without being smashed.
    The only reason your st.eels won the first time around , was due to an excellent ex-Panther Blake. Plus, the referee making up more & more excuses to give your st.eels repeated 6 agains . Until they finally scored. In a game that the Panthers Forwards again mostly dominated your st.eels forwards.
    At your home ground, where your st.eels have played a majority of their games this season. Lucky for them!
    RCG ran hard against Penrith & was smashed as well. Oh well , at least he’s trying this season. Guess he’ll get to the stage when he can’t be bothered at your st.eels as well? Where their chances of winning the premiership this year are zero! Chalk & Cheese the difference in coaching at the 2 clubs hey RCG? Which is which? Ha, Ha….
    You may say Penrith won’t win the premiership this year either? Maybe that’s correct? Who knows ? At least they don’t just try & buy one . That’s the st.eels way!

  5. Mreel.. Your beloved st.eels struggled to beat the storm , when the storm fielded a virtual second grade side.
    At least the ‘Riff’ defeated them when they had most of their best players in. When the Storm received 11-1 six again calls to assist them back into the game.
    Chalk & Cheese really!

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