SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - MARCH 10: James Tedesco of the Roosters looks dejected after defeat during the round one NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on March 10, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

After a highly publicised move to the Roosters on a big money, James Tedesco was under extreme pressure to perform in Round 1 against his old team the Wests Tigers.

The Wests Tigers caused the upset of the round beating the highly fancied big spending Roosters. No one, not even the Tigers most faithful fans (me included) gave Ivan Cleary’s men a chance to beat the Roosters, not with the addition of Cooper Cronk and Teddy.

It was to all Tigers fans a delight to see Tedesco drop the ball with the line open to bomb a try early in the game. He was booed and cursed by Tigers fans at every touch. This may have put Tedesco off his game. Never before had he experienced being the villain.

With a new spine of Tedesco, Cornish, Cronk and Friend the Roosters looked clunky in attack. The Tigers spirited defence not allowing the Roosters the opportunities to break the Tigers line.

The return of Luke Keary at five-eighth might be the link that Tedesco and the Roosters need to be an attacking threat against the Bulldogs in round 2.

The Roosters will need to be at their best against the Bulldogs this weekend. The Bulldogs although beaten by Melbourne in round 1 showed glimpses that they to have the potential to be a Premiership threat.

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Tedesco is a superstar of the game. What we saw against the Tigers was a once off. He will be at his very best against the Bulldogs. Strangely, it was the Bulldogs Tedesco rejected to play for the Roosters. So again expect Tedesco to be the villain to Dogs fans.

The Roosters went into the Tigers game without pressure. It was a game they were expected to win. Against Canterbury, the heat is definitely on both Tedesco as an individual and the Roosters as a team.

Can the Premiership favourite turn their fortunes around against a very good outfit in the Bulldogs? If Tedesco and his team can’t match the Bulldogs new “Dogs of War” pack, fingers will start to be pointed at the million dollar men Tedesco and Cronk.

Both Tedesco and Cronk are good players however sometimes chemistry doesn’t work no matter how good they are. Over the years the Roosters have put together the best players and the team haven’t gelled to win a Premiership.

Many good judges have suggested the Roosters do not have a forward pack that can win a Premiership. There are rumblings that Dylan Napa is unhappy, so all is not well in the Roosters camp. Could that be a reason for such a bad first outing against the Tigers?

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Coach Trent Robinson and assistant coach and former Tigers coach Jason Taylor looked extremely frustrated at the coaches coach on Saturday. The powers that be at the Roosters will not accept failure at the club in 2018 given the money invested and players moved on to accommodate the new signings.

Are the Roosters the real deal in 2018?

How will Tedesco and Cronk perform this week?


  1. The heat is on but you gave him every excuse possible for playing bad. Hes one of the more overrated players the game has ever seen, hes a flash in the pan who will turn it up once a month and then fall into his shell again. Never played finals, went missing in the State of Origin decider and was one of Italys worst in the world cup

  2. if the dogs played like last week they will give the salary cap cheats the roosters a scare , if the dogs slow the play ball & the big men in klemmer & woods do what russell packer did 2 hargraves its game on

    • I like that statement onloan. But you got it immensely wrong when describing the salary cap cheats. That was the Berries mate. Remember they got the spoon in 2002 as a prize for cheating the cap.

  3. Overrated player who had gone to an overrated team.
    People think he’s good cause he busts tackles, well who wouldn’t when you back away from defenders all the time and loose ground and refuse to EVER pass he ball to anyone

    • crowy you will never learn. I can see you have set yourself up for egg to be splattered all over your face. In case you think people will forget your silly use of words. I shall be on call to remind you many times through out this season to deliver those eggs towards your melon. 🐓

      • You arm yourself with those eggs,
        But at the same time, you crack one on your head every time Tedesco runs backwards as he palms players away, or creates an overlap but forgets to pass, amd you thrown an egg everytime he actually passes in that said overlap…

        • Here come the EGGS Crowey3301 and plenty of them. Your best mate Tedesco just had a blinder for the Chooks tonight against the Berries.

          😁Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, 🤣

        • I didn’t see all the game, but he was more involved for sure, question is what was he so bad last week?? And why doesn’t he have that effort all the time???
          Also bulldogs were really bad in defence, I could of run a muck

        • The reason the Berries defence looked bad was because Tedesco was carving them up with his running game. Every player every week cant always produce an A PLUS game, however even in a poor effort last week Tedesco still positioned himself to score a try that would of sealed the match had the pass stuck. Even Thurston drops balls on occasions.

        • That’s not the case, bulldogs defence was slow and lazy, forwards were walking around the ruck area, he just took advantage of that.
          We’ll end of the year let’s tally his good games and bad and see if he worth that 2.7 mil a season he is on

        • Crowey get over it, the Chooks don’t pay him or anyone that sort of ridiculous money per season. How did you come up with 2.7mil? More like 850k per year. Dean Pay was the defensive coach at the Roosters when they won the 2002 grand final. There weren’t to many Bulldog players walking around the ruck mate. If there was, then they will be playing reserve grade next week. Tedesco was signed as an X factor player for good reason. He showed that reason in this game.

        • Firstly it’s Crowy…
          So drop the E….
          850k lol he is ona mil just in the cap, through in the rest that takes it to 2.7mil
          And dude, watch again, dogs were very lazy and I have heard they have already been ripped for it….
          Like I say I’m glad your happy with Tedesco, but just remember this happiness when he has his shockers, see at the end of the year how happy you are…
          See how he goes and the roosters when they play someone decent, Tigers then dogs, prob the 2 most favoured wooden spoon teams to start the year

        • Not sure about that crowee mate. Tigers just might be a surprise packet. They have defeated the pre season premiership favorites and now they knocked off the premiers in the very same fashion. Not the style of spoon candidates to me. Your dreaming if you think Tedesco is the highest paid player in the world.

        • Ah but I said favourite for the spoon at the start of the year, even with someone with your lack of knowledge knows tigers, dogs, Titans were spoon favourites AT START of the year

        • Crowee I’m very sorry mate, you deserve a few more EGGS. Just quoting your earlier statement, note with the word PROB indicating your knowledge was yet another guess. “Tigers then dogs, prob the 2 most favoured wooden spoon teams to start the year”
          🥚Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat, Splat, splat🥚
          Gold Coast and the Tigers were early season favorites for the Spoon.

          So Crowee if you would like to learn anything else about Rugby League feel free to respond to the facts I write.😎

  4. Both Tedesco and Cronk will be found out in a team that tries to buy spirit, i would hate to be a Easts supporter, they receive no respect from any supporter in rugby league, i doubt that Easts have any supporters from other clubs who would make them their second team, piss poor really, but they do deserve it.

    • Penso, do real fans have second teams? That’s like saying I’m married with 6 kids but I have a lover on the side. I know any team that plays Souths and Brisbane Rugby League followers go for the team playing against them, however that is not following a second team.

      Typical SOUFFS fan.

      • Your seriously an idiot woodduck , your part of the reason good people have left this site, they are sick of putting up with brain dead people like you

        • Ok Tmart why the insults? If you attack the Roosters, I will defend them. Time you leave the site Penso and join your sooky mates. By the way Penso Tedesco and Cronk played great games tonight. is that enough for you to eat your words or must I continue to remind you every week how wrong you are about those two great players who signed on with the Chooks instead of SOUFFS.🎱🎯🤣

        • Penzo NEWSFLASH. Souffs can not score in the second half and got run down by the chocolate soldiers. If they had Cronk and Tedesco may be, just may be they might of won by 60.😎

    • Penso!!!!! I say Penso!!!!!! don’t do it mate. Don’t jump offa the Sydney Roosters Harbour Bridge. You have only lost two games of footy. Don’t end it this way. Look if you hang around a few more years you just might be able to pick up a few Rooster players to bolster your potential spoon outfit. Fairfax, Eric Ferguson, Hegerty, Cusack, Fletcher, Ayliffe, Logan, Crocker, Mark Minichiello, Marty Gurr, Ken Wright, Robert Laurie, Salvatori etc.etc.etc just to name a portion. Yes we have been a feeder club to Souffs over the years for a long time, even if you buy our players when they are old and near the end of the road. But unfortunately Newcastle has got the jump on you blokes now and are draining your talent of spent force players.

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