When conversation ahead of the 2022 season has shifted to signings, the talk immediately goes to the likes of Adam Reynolds, Matt Burton, Kurt Capewell, Dane Gagai and Josh Addo-Carr.

While it’s true that they will be the names to set tongues wagging and have fans riding a wave of expectation at formerly struggling clubs heading into the new season, that doesn’t mean they are all their is to get excited about.

Every club has made off-season moves heading into the new season as they look to strengthen their squads, and with the exception of the Penrith Panthers, every club wants to have better performances and end results than they did in 2021.

Many of the bottom eight clubs from last year have recruited smartly, while others in the top eight have also made excellent signings.

It’s the players who aren’t mentioned in every news story who could yet make the biggest difference to their new clubs as the 2022 season commences.

There were plenty to pick from as well, with the likes of Nick Meaney, Bailey Simonsson, Nick Cotric, Matt Ikuvalu, Ethan Bullemor and Xavier Coates all missing the top five, despite their strong credentials for the season ahead.

Here are the top five underrated signings heading into 2022.

2. Paul Momirovski (Sydney Roosters from Penrith Panthers)

The Penrith Panthers have lost a good one in Paul Momirovski, while the Roosters have made an exceptional pickup.

On the Roosters side of the fence, they gain an experienced, NRL-level centre who will take the pressure off having to pick either Billy Smith or Joseph Suaalii all season.

On the Panthers side, they lose a player who was pivotal to their grand final push without ever being talked about as a genuine star. Every premiership-winning side needs players like Momirovski.

He might have hopped between four different clubs, but Momirovski put together his best NRL season in 2021 in the centres for Penrith. The right side defensive centre position has become one of the most important in the game, up against constant threats from attacking left edges.

Momirovski did a superb job time and time again, but also found himself attacking strongly, running for more than 100 metres per game with plenty of hard yards, as well as scoring six tries, laying on another seven and adding 63 tackle busts to the stat line.

Matt Burton might have got the raps on the other side of the field, but don't discredit how important Momirovski was.