Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire (Image: NRL.com)

West Tigers coach Michael Maguire is likely to accept acontract extension in coming days while David Nofoaluma has been offered a three-year extension, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Maguire has been at the helm of the Tigers since 2018, although yet to break the Tigers finals drought, is set to accept a new contract deal that will give him and extra two years at the east-coast team.

Likely to be announced within the next day or two, Maguire's new contract will come with the promise of coach until the end of the 2023 season.

Nofoaluma has also been tabled an offer that will see him being one of the most paid outside backs in the game on a three-year year.

Nofoaluma is off-contract at the end of 2021 and is currently the club's all-time leading try-scoring winger.

The winger made 7 try assists, 118 tackle breaks and 17 line breaks in his right winged attacks this year and averaged a 67% tackle efficiency.

“Nobody bleeds black, white and gold the way David Nofoaluma does,” Wests Tigers chairman Lee Hagipantelis told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s not my role to foretell what his intentions or aspirations are, but knowing him as I do, I’d like to think he would love to see out his career at Wests Tigers.

“David is recognised as a very valuable component of the Wests Tigers family on and off the field. He knows that, he knows how we feel about him. Nothing would make me happier than seeing out his days at Wests Tigers.

“At the end of the day it comes down to contractual discussions and he’s represented by an agent, who will be doing the best for his client, while the club is doing best for itself. I think the club and the interests of David Nofoaluma can be reconciled."

In trade talks earlier in the year surrounding storm winger Josh Addo-Carr, the Tigers turned and admitted defeat after Melbourne tabled a trade between Addo-Carr and Nofoaluma, leaving them with no choice but to back away.

“That was an emphatic no,” Hagipantelis said.

“David represents the best of Wests Tigers on and off the paddock. We would be rightfully hung up from the gallows by our fans and members if we let someone like David Nofoaluma go voluntarily.”

Hagipantelis has an actively strong bond with the 27-year-old calling him a "quality lad" after Nofoaluma was the first people from Wests Tigers to visit his daughter after being diagnosed with leukaemia.

"He is a quality lad, I’ve had a lot to do with him over the years. In fact, if his surname was ‘Nofalopoulous’, he may have ended up my son-in-law,” Hagipantelis joked.

The 27 year old missed out on State of Origin selection, even after receiving the Dally M for winger of the year and the Kelly-Barnes Award for best player of the year at the Tigers.

“He was our best player in 2020, without doubt. His name deservedly was thrown around in representative circles because of the quality and consistency of his play.

“He has aspirations of far more success and that has eluded him to date, but I believe he thinks he can achieve that with Wests Tigers.”