NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 28: Shaun Lane of the Parramatta Eels runs the ball during the round 7 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and Parramatta Eels at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 28, 2019 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

Star Eels forward Shaun Lane is considering a move away from the club after failing to agree to terms on a new deal.

According to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald, Lane will hold meetings with rival clubs over the next fortnight.

He is out of the contract at the end of this year and reportedly wants to have his future finalised before round one.

The 25-year old proved to be a great pickup for Parra after crossing from Manly last season.

However, Lane feels the Eels haven't prioritised him despite coming off a career-best campaign.

“I really enjoy playing under BA [coach Brad Arthur] and I believe this playing group can be really successful,” Lane told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything about my contract since late October.”

The ex-Bulldog, Warrior and Sea Eagle believes he has another level he can get to, with Origin in his sights this year.

“Personally, I feel my best footy is in front of me and I am focused on putting my name in Origin conversations when selection talks comes around this year, so I don’t want any contract distractions."

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  1. Another stellar piece of garbage from Adrian Proszenko.

    He is just sad that his best mate who leaked info to him can never be a part of the club again.

    Lane won’t be going anywhere and will soon sign a lengthy extension.

    Another made up story on a slow news day.
    Nothing to see here.

  2. Shaun Lane from what I see seems really close with all the boys at Parra and doesn’t want to leave at all. Think he happily resigns, not for huge money but happy money.

    Lane and Matterson are going to have great years this year

  3. Shaun, another Souths Junior I heard wants to link up with his best mate Alex Johnston at Souths.
    Travelled overseas together during off season.

  4. I wonder if Shaun is still doing that hilarious prank, where he pretends he’s only got crushed up Panadol in a baggy😂😂

  5. He might be good mates with Alex Johnson but I’m not sure how long Johnson has left at Souffs either.
    There might be a JAC for AJ swap in which case would Lane want to go to Melbourne. Kenny and Laney would be a good combo in the second row department

  6. Parra are paying overs for a few players no wonder they have nothing left for Lane. Good pick up for around the $400,000

  7. How to do player managers who have players off contract at END OF THE SEASON, negotiate these days? Through their “credible” journo mates.
    We saw it with gutho and a few others last year.
    Also all the press and personal stuff coming out of lane seems to indicate he loves it there and loves the boys..why leave?
    Maybe just put your a$$ into gear play well, for the first 3-4 months and a contract will come that everyone is happy with. 50 days before the first game and the manager is already agitating. pleasssseeee
    Well with souffs AJ rumoured to be off knights, he wont be going to souffs to link with AJ – AJ wont be there apparently.
    just put this story in the trash where it belongs.

  8. As sharkytowin thinks they are an expert, how about you tell us who Parra are paying overs for and what we have left in the cap.

  9. Becoming bit of a joke Souths , no salary cap
    The new roosters , mitchel , there trying to get
    Josh addo Carr, arrow, & now Shawn lane
    What was Sam Burges on 4 mil as he is the only player gone & his brother George of corse good old
    Bennett should retire @ 75 go on your pension Wayne you still won’t win a comp with Souths
    Souths the pride of the league I don’t think so

  10. What do Parra expect?…. bought Matterson on overs knowing he was walking away from the Tigers.

    Only fitting that Parra have a player walk away to chase more money from someone else.

    What goes around….

  11. 21, are you sure Lane is a Souths junior? My young bloke reckons he remembers Lane playing for Cronulla-Caringbah in the Cronulla juniors and that he went to Endeavour Sports High. Not saying you’re wrong- who a player is a junior of is a pretty nebulous concept these days.

  12. Ferguson’s junior club was in Wellington , N.S.W.
    Evans is from Balmain , Leichhardt his junior club.
    Jennings is a Penrith junior & a first grader there for a long time before being released .
    Matterson’s junior club is Greenacre , which makes him a Bulldogs junior. At least he played for Parramatta through Wentworthville , before being bought to go elsewhere.
    So what was your point BrennanChickenWood? That the Nuggets bought them all at some stage? That’s pretty much the same with all players that go through there. As the actual amounts they were paid at the Nuggets , would have been hidden behind a wall of independent corporate sponsorships.
    As for New Zealander Brown. He has no connection with your beloved Nuggets at all. Did you just throw him in for the heck of it?
    The Nuggets would want to buy him also. If they hadn’t already bought Queenslander Ben Walker. Even then; with the halves buying spree , they’d still love to buy him.

  13. Lane needs to take current offer as there’s a few very good young forwards sitting on bench just wait for an opportunity. That can’t be said about Reed parra need to sign him for long term deal ASAP as there’s no depth.

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