Set to make her mark on the Origin arena, Jesse Southwell will make her debut tonight with only one goal in mind- to defeat Queensland.

Born in 2005, the Knghts star was only four months old when Andrew Johns produced one of the best comebacks in Origin history to defeat Queensland in 2005.

18 years on, Southwell is looking to prove herself on the State of Origin stage. On Thursday night, her debut will break the record for the youngest Women's Origin player overtaking her sister Hannah at 18 years and 109 days.

"I watch all his clips on Youtube, and even when we train together, I get lost with some of the things he does even now because he's like a magician," Southwell said to of Andrew Johns.

"The stuff he does is freakish, it's cool to watch, and I'm really thankful for the time he's spent with me to help me with my game."

Growing up in the era of Queensland dominance, she watched all of the Maroons' 11 of 12 series wins, fueling her dislike for the rival state.

"It was embarrassing going to school the next morning," Southwell says.

"That's the biggest thing I can remember, that eight-year streak, where we just kept losing."

"You never need motivation to play against anyone, you always want to beat them and beat them well but Origin is a whole other ball game."

Southwell will come up against her Knights teammate Tamika Upton on Thursday night. Upton has been pivotal to the Maroons' attack in previous Origin series and is expected to do the same this year.

"I think this will be the first time I'm playing against someone I'm this close with, it'll be very interesting."

"But a team's a team. You want to beat a team no matter who they're playing for or who you're playing with."

"I have no idea what's going to happen if 'Meeks' is out there and we clash... anything could be said!."