MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 11: Cameron Smith of the Storm looks upfield during a Melbourne Storm NRL training session at Gosch's Paddock on September 11, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Melbourne Storm legend Cameron Smith has joined up with the team for his 18th pre-season, as he targets 400 games.

Smith had been hinting at retirement during the 2018 finals, but those rumours have been squashed with the 35-year-old’s return to training.

Smith has a chance to break more records in his storied career. He is 16 games away from being the first NRL player to play 400 games and he is also only 32 points behind Hazem El Masri for the most points in an NRL career.

Durability will be key if Smith is to continue to make history, but based on his career this won’t be an issue as he has featured in at least 20 games a year since his debut year of 2003.


  1. Guess that means Easffs coach Cooper Cronk will sign an extension, or two, to swipe the most games played off his dart board pinup.

    • Yeap he will do his best. I would say one more surgery and his wifey will put a stop to that. She wont want 30 years wheeling that bugger around or helping him get dressed!

  2. To all you knockers out there, it doesn’t matter which team you support and I certainly don’t support the Melbourne Storm, I still wish Cameron Smith the best of luck in achieving the milestone of 400 NRL games.

    • Me too, It is totally amazing these days that lots footballers can play beyond 35. For this generation of people to witness a player cracking 400 games is like watching man walk on the moon in 1969 or better still when man walks on Mars one day in the future Everyone should get behind this one off event🚀🌙.

  3. The more appropriate milestone is he’s closing in on 2000 milked penalties. When he hits 2000 he’ll get to wear the ref’s jersey and fully control the game as a gift from Greenberg

  4. I’m with you michaelb113 – the man is an absolute legend of the game. A player of his calibre doesn’t come along very often and here we have the privilege of watching him in action. Sure , we’ve seen some brilliant players from clubs across the board, a few absolute legends , but this guy is the all time legend.
    Whether you like him or not, take note of this great milestone he’s about to reach because we’ll probably never see the like of it again.
    Best wishes to you Cam Smith and congratulations on your brilliant career.

  5. The deal is done!
    Smith signed a two year extension today. I don’t think it’s about the money either, it’s more to do with record breaking achievement I recknon, not for the sake of records as such, but more a test of personal endurance and achievements. Good luck to him. If old Gal can make it to 38 then I guess Smith can. You’ve got to admire their determination.

    • Nah the ego wants the record. Awesome player, such a shame he’s one of the biggest grubs and cheats of all time.

  6. I don’t think he will last 2 years. He looked slow and tired in 2018. A bit selfish if you ask me. Isn’t there a gun young guy (kiwi I think) that is waiting in the wings?

    • Yes, Suechi, Brandon Smith, Kiwi hooker. He’s a pretty good player too.
      I think one year would probably have been enough but somehow I doubt he’s the kind of player who will go around one year too long. I’m thinking we might be hearing retirement at the end of this season……
      But you never know.

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