WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 13: Andrew Fafita of the Sharks and Paul Gallen of the Sharks look on after defeat during the round six NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Cronulla Sharks at WIN Stadium on April 13, 2018 in Wollongong, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

The Cronulla Sharks will face a nervous wait with Paul Gallen, Andrew Fifita, Wade Graham and Luke Lewis all injured in the loss to the St George Illawarra Dragons.

Gallen was the first forced from the field after injuring his knee in an awkward tackle.

Early reports suggest Gallen might have suffered a medial ligament strain which could see him sidelined anywhere from 2-10 weeks.

Fifita, on the other hand, could be facing a longer stint on the sidelines with fears he might have suffered an ACL injury.

An ACL injury would see Fifita miss the rest of the season.

To compound the injury crisis at Cronulla, star forwards Wade Graham and Luke Lewis also failed to finish the match.

Graham appeared to have a hamstring injury, while Lewis reportedly suffered a cork to his leg.

All four players will be sent for scans to ascertain the extent of the injuries.


  1. Cronulla gone for year i reckon even with out those injuries, i bet Arron Gray regrets going there, he was playing awesome for Souths last year, now he can’t even break into their backline, which i might say is ordinary, especially when they have the most overrated winger/fullback in the game in Val Holmes, long year for you Cronulla fans i feel.

    • I agree, even without these injuries, they’re shot ducks. Whoever is in charge of recruiting there needs to be sacked. I’m guessing they’re regretting not giving Maloney an upgrade instead of taking Moylan on and throwing money at Dugan for doing nothing. Someone needs to bite the bullet and drop one of their 3 fullbacks because if you’re relying on Hodkinson to be your 5/8 just so you can put Moylan at fullback then it’s going to be a long season for them (not that I’ll shed too many tears over that). I agree with your assessment of their backline was though, very average especially considering what they’re paying their 3 fullbacks. Better start booking mad Monday gummies.

  2. Is moylan made of glass? The only time he took on the line and got tackled was when the play broke down or saints put in a decent kick and he had no choice but to be tackled. Fair dinkum he ain’t fully injury recovered or he’s a skirt. But I suppose that’s how he’s played for 3 years.
    My other beef with game last night was the whole emphasis on play the ball correct. That fad ended pretty quick. Graham frizzel and a few other dragons. Same as last week also. If u can make the effort to air swing the leg you can at least contact the ball.

  3. Heard Fatty Vautin say Moylan was fast a couple of weeks ago. Just wondered when that was?
    At fullback he has done some good passes to play others into gaps, some good short runs when at Penrith. Never been fast though.
    Does not tackle , cover tackle well.
    Does not cover opposition kicks well & never has .
    Noticed when the St.George hooker made a break on the Cronulla left side, Moylan was still in centre field. Basic fullback work to follow the ball across the field. Then he got nowhere near the hooker to attempt any tackle.
    I wonder how long Cronulla will put up with that type of work from their fullback?

    • Agree. And he gave up on chasing him to the corner too. I actually think he was within 2m of each try dragons scored and did nothing. It was interesting too watch dragons game last night and souths game the other the other night with how the the full backs and halves backed up breaks. Souths shoulda put 50 on roosters but no one backing up line breaks. Dragons game there was always someone buzzing behind.

  4. Heard Fatty Vautin say Moylan was fast a couple of weeks ago. Just wondered when that was?
    Watched Moylan still standing in the centre of the field when the St.George hooker ran through on Cronulla’s left side. Basic fullback work to follow the ball across the field. To slow to then catch the hooker. Although he is pretty fast.
    Just wonder how long Cronulla will accept poor cover defence , poor kick defence from their fullback?

  5. Sorry for the repetition! Site said it didn’t accept first comment, then put it on here anyway? Oh well!

  6. Sharks are doing it tough at the moment. If Gal ends up being out for 10 weeks, he might consider it ‘time’.

  7. Good opportunity for them to get some new blood in the old and busted front row. Going to be a very long year for Sharks fans.

  8. Sterlo and Johns nailed when they said you can’t have two plodders like Townsend and Hodgkinson playing as 1/2 and 5/8, they are too similar. Moylan has to be 5/8 and Dugan or Holmes FB, and I’d pick Dugan, since he runs it a lot more and gets more involved as fb than centre. They’ll probably stick with Towsend as 1/2. But IMO Flanagan is the real problem, he ‘s got them playing a grubby, spoiling footy and has tried to squeeze Moylan’s round peg into their square hole rather than ask what do we do to get Moylan to play his natural game. Flanagan’s been there too long and they need to look for a fresh start next year.

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