The Sharks will block John Morris bid to be released by the club to reunite with brother Brett at the Sydney Rosters, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

It emerged on Monday night that the veteran centre wanted out of the Sharks to team up with Brett at the reigning back-to-back premiers.

Agent David Riolo confirmed Josh's bid to be granted a release from the last year of his deal.

"Yeah, Josh requested a release from the last year of his deal," Riolo told The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday night. "That request hasn't been granted at this stage."

Josh was also reportedly upset that he will likely be forced onto a wing this season with Jesse Ramien returning from Newcastle and Bronson Xerri likely to play the other centre position.

"Josh was disappointed the club signed someone above him," Riolo told News Corp.

"Nothing at all against Jesse but, as a senior player, it can be hard to take. But that’s life and Josh just got on with it although he was pretty filthy. We flagged it with the club back then.

"Again, it’s not Jesse. The club made the decision which they are entitled to do. He agonised for four days about approaching them. He likes John Morris and he loves the players.

Rioli said there was no financial incentive for Josh to join the Tricololours and that he simply wanted to play with his brother and under coach Trent Robinson.


  1. There were the couple of Nuggets supporters on here saying that the Nuggets wouldn’t be chasing another centre? At the same time , one was saying they’d buy the other brother Josh for the vacant centre position.
    It looks like I was spot on, saying they’d spend a lot of time seeking to poach another centre from anywhere else.. Import clubs don’t suddenly stop doing what they’ve always done.

  2. And so they should block his move, four weeks before the season starts and he wants to leave? Just like the Storm are not releasing Ado-Carr without getting something back, as the Titans are doing with Jai Arrow as well, first thing the Sharks should be saying to the Roosters is “who are you going to give up for Morris?” As for his reasons to want out, 1) he played in the same team as his brother only 18 months ago at the Bulldogs, if that was so important to them why did they both agree to go to different clubs and not stay together? 2) You play where the coach picks you, if the coach wants you to play in the front row then that’s where you play

  3. I agree Sammy there is too much power in the players hands at the moment. As much as I’d like to see Arrow at Souths this year I like how the clubs are digging in and not caving in at the moment. Why should a club weaken their roster just because a player thinks it will be a better move for them to go elsewhere contracts be damned. It’s good to see.

  4. Sammy, Morris wanted out when they signed Ramien last year.
    It’s not a matter as to who the Roosters want to give up, they don’t need to give anyone up, they are not the ones in trouble…. it’s the fact that Cronulla are over the cap and they need to get rid of players before R1 to comply … it’ll happen …. it’s who blinks first.

  5. Both the Morris brothers left the dogs after years of taking overs, when the dogs had their salary cap crisis, the brothers were offered a respectable wage from the doggies to stay. They both said they want to win a premiership so they took unders from the roosters and sharks. Josh picked the sharks because they had a good chance of winning a premiership, he had the opportunity to help the dogs out but chose to look after himself. I hope he’s forced to play on the wing for the sharks for whole season

  6. Rioli really has done Morris a disservice here and painted him as disloyal and childlike. A really pore attempt at spin if ever there was one. Lets face it, financial incentive would be the one and only motivator here. I’m sure little Joshy would be quite happy to sit on the wing and make less tackles and take more runs. Seems everybody but Roosters supporters here are on the same page (as usual).

    LOL “important clubs” – make sure you don’t fall of that really high pedestal you made for yourself EastoftheDivide.

  7. I get what you are saying toddy, but Josh had every right to look after himself and take more cash and potential success at the Sharks. These guys have short careers and should be looking after themselves and their families first. That said, I also am liking that teams are sticking to their guns here. I have no problem with players doing what is best for them, but if they want to break their contract and their team says no, then so be it.

    Lidcolme, loyalty is gone mate. Contracts should still hold weight, but loyalty and professional sport just don’t work well together. Yes, you still have some of it, but in general teams/coaches, and players are interested in themselves only.

  8. Eel47 josh did get offered a bigger contract at the dogs then what the sharks were offering in an old article He says he went to the sharks for the chance to win a premiership then another article talking about the sharks salary cap fine Morris says I’m not on any big money if I was to go it wouldn’t make a difference to the salary

  9. Fair enough toddy, argument still stands though. He thought at the end of his career he had a better chance at another premiership with the Sharks then the Bulldogs, no problem there.

    There was no talk of market value as it didn’t involve Souths or Roosters (or Broncos for that matter)

  10. A financial incentive would be the one and only motivator?

    Err, isn’t he angling to move to the current premiers ?

    Sounds like a better team, to me (though I doubt they will win this year)

  11. butters….
    I didn’t say ‘important’ clubs . I said ‘import’ clubs. You know, as in import & export. . There aren’t any clubs that import more players than the Nuggets. Although South’s & a couple of others may be trying hard to catch them?
    I know that a they don’t actually import a lot of players from overseas . As the word is actually meant . Still, I am just indicating that they buy a lot of players continually.
    I hope that clears things up for you?

  12. On a side note eels47 the parramatta nines squad looks hard to beat. Might be worth putting a few Dollars down

  13. You’re right EOD, Penrith’s lack of loyalty allowed us to bolster our squad with Sivo, Blake and RCG 😉 Thanks again for that….

  14. There’s nothing wrong with asking.
    You don’t ask you don’t get
    What he does is up to all parties concerned

    Long live the King

  15. You just never know with the 9s though do you toddy. Team does look good, but the game can get away pretty quickly.

  16. Well, I looked at Parramatta’s squad eels47. Wouldn’t It be something, if it was just the three players from elsewhere. Now that’s something to aim for for the future!
    There’s many more Panthers there than just three. Not to mention the tigers & everyone else.
    So you’ve underestimated the disloyalty.
    However, all the former Penrith players wanted to leave . Other than perhaps RCG to begin with? He just got annoyed that he wasn’t doing the job & was dropped for it.
    So don’t dare drop RCG for not playing well Parramatta. 👍
    I was just having a bit of a joke with you , with the original comment.

  17. But in fairness EOD, if a player has ever driven through Penrith their a “junior”, and for any other club if they weren’t born on the local oval, and never left, they’re not (that clubs junior). Half tongue in cheek.
    More seriously, yes Penrith have a good pre FG (for a lack of a better term) training/development program, especially for the backs, but maybe you (your club) needs to identify why they are wanting out at FG level recently, for no extra money/no longer term deals. I’ve said it before, and it’s just my opinion, but the club basically handed control to Nathan in order to keep him and that was a huge mistake. You’ve got a few more years of pain mate, because of that.

  18. I was having a joke too EOD, hence the 😉. To be honest I have no interest in further debate in the whole junior vs not thing with you anyway. Don’t take that as an attack or anything though, it’s just we have done it to death and obviously see it from different angles so what’s the point.

    I do look forward to some good footy talk with you during the season though. Nearly there….

  19. Eels47..
    They obviously have some problems & have had different problems for most of their existence. That’s the Panthers I mean. You wouldn’t get any argument about that. Not from any realist anyway. They’ve often gone from one catastrophe to another.
    It’s good that there’s been no real hiccups this off season.
    Why the club has done many things is a mystery? Griffin? Ivan? Letting Phil control to much? Not replacing ineffective players? Not keeping many players? The May thing. Figure those things out & you’re a genius!
    Still.. When I look at some players coming through right now. There’s a world of talent still there. If not in first grade yet. It’s still a time to look forward in optimism.
    Parramatta has really caught up in recent years. From way back when they were winning competitions , until now. It’s only the buying players & perhaps taking more notice of/ improving the other grades there now , that have improved things.
    What I originally said , had nothing to do with juniors. Everything to do with just buying players in from everywhere else. You’ve got to have a bit of a joke sometimes. Shouldn’t have to say ‘I’m joking’ each time. It’s only about football & football clubs.
    Also, supporters of any team have to try to look for any small positives in their clubs, to take pride in. So why look to belittle those small things? 👍😬

  20. I think the letting Gould have too much control was a double edged sword for Penrith. It started out great when he got things back in order in regard to development programs etc. The problem was that at the end it was untenable as he saw things differently to everyone else. Especially if the reports of Cleary demanding that Gould have no say over the football side when he came back are true.

    Parra have had many problems over the years, and you will find that the Parra supporters on here, including myself, have acknowledged that multiple times and have been highly critical of our club. The current administration have acknowledged that though and are making changes. We aren’t out spending massive overs on any player that comes available anymore, we are doing a much better job retaining players and we are building a nicely balanced team that will be very competitive.

  21. Sharks released Matt Prior to be salary cap compliant. Roosters want JMoz. Then a player swap is fair. How about returning Kyle Flanagan

  22. EastOfDivide is showing his lack of footy knowledge to everyone person on ZT.
    EOD is such a f—k Wit he
    February 11, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    “I didn’t say ‘important’ clubs . I said ‘import’ clubs. You know, as in import & export. . There aren’t any clubs that import more players than the Nuggets. Although South’s & a couple of others may be trying hard to catch them?”

    You are a born.idiot EastOfDivide. Everyone knows Soufths are the Transit.lounge.Champions. They have imported 12 players to Sydney Roosters 2 this off season whilst Soufths have sacked or moved on 12 players for a 24 player turnover.

    Time to start reading your own rottt clown.

  23. MarkNuggets..
    If you look at the history of your club, even the recent history. Cleary your favourite chickens only survive on buying players. Everyone knows it. Your French Dressed Chickens do not exist without buying in players . Whether they do it by buying Tedesco , Cronk , Keary , Flanagan . Or by poaching lots of central coast juniors. It’s all the same thing. The club spent most of last season buying halves. Now they’re desperately trying to find another centre to buy. Let’s see how many they’ve bought by mid next season.
    Seems you’re a bit touchy about the subject. Just throwing out expletives, shows how little intelligence you actually have at all. When all you have left is swearing.
    Saying about how many players Henny Penny have purchased before the start of one particular season, doesn’t prove anything.
    The proof is in the history going back many years. Your memory seems to be very limited. I guess it’s a case of long term memory loss? Or selective memory loss perhaps?
    So what else do you have ?

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