Former South Sydney Rabbitohs and Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has weighed in on the recent issue of players milking penalties, taking the unusual step of blaming the Bunker and calling for the video referee’s powers to be significantly scaled back.

Seibold made the call on SEN Mornings, saying that it was the fault of the Bunker, not the players, saying the remote video base exerts too much influence on the game.

“It’s hard to blame the players,” Seibold said.

“By allowing the Bunker to intervene by looking at things other than try scoring opportunities, it makes the game stop-and-start.

“Players know if they get hit around the head, there’ll be a penalty. If you can get an advantage in some way, shape or form, you will.

“In the off-season we need to look at the Bunker – how it legislates and adjudicates the game whilst the match is still ongoing.

“It was brought in to review tries only, now it’s intervening in general play, which I don’t like.”

Seibold also spoke on Trent Robinson’s post-game assertion that his side would never employ such tactics to try and reap a benefit from the Bunker, claiming it was likely the players were taking it upon themselves.

“I’d doubt very much if it's coached,” Seibold said.

“I’d doubt that there’d be a coach who would say to the group that they stay down for penalties.

“Players know if they get hit around the head – if there’s significant force, they know it’s a penalty and they know the Bunker will look at it.”


  1. Great point by Seibs….he is correct & look at the mess rugby is in…the TMO runs the game 7 viewers are turning off in droves.

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