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Sea Eagles statement suggests club will appeal salary cap sanctions

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have released the following Statement in relation to the NRL Salary Cap Determination today.

Our Club Chairman, Scott Penn and CEO, Lyall Gorman, received the NRL’s Breach Notice Determination this morning.

The Determination runs to more than 115 pages, is extremely detailed, and will take some time to analyse.

At this stage, our Club believes that there are strong grounds to appeal, based on the material presented today.

The Club is awaiting preliminary legal advice and will respond in more detail once that advice has been received.

However, our Club makes the following points:

  • We believe that our Club has co-operated proactively with the NRL through the course of its investigation
  • As previously stated, our Club does not agree with some of the central allegations made by the NRL
  • Our Club maintains it has not paid players any additional amounts above its annual salary cap declaration
  • Our Club has already commenced corporate governance reforms and will continue to make changes to ensure that our Club is fully compliant with all relevant policies and guidelines issued by the NRL.
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Club Chairman Scott Penn said:

“We’re working hard to ensure that the long and proud reputation of the Sea Eagles is upheld. We’re concerned at the impact that this investigation has had on our players, supporters, sponsors and staff.

“We will now consider our options in relation to appealing the NRL’s decision.”


  1. Ah the Donald Trump approach to being caught red-handed, deny deny deny, and go on the attack. Maybe they can sue the NRL for fake news.

    • I dont think Manly is flat out denying the accusations they are just wanting to clear up a few of the allegations. The club obviously has enough evidence to go to court over the allegations otherwise they wouldnt bother.

  2. Go sic em Manly. Don’t take this crap lying down. Greenberg and his NRL are always trying to knock us down. But we just keep getting up.

  3. Hey Mr Penn if:

    “Our Club has already commenced corporate governance reforms and will continue to make changes to ensure that our Club is fully compliant with all relevant policies and guidelines issued by the NRL.”

    Then that statement suggests you were not compliant….

    Accept you cheated, have cheated for 5 years and the chief architect was your cement truck driver

  4. A “Clayton’s” denial (the denial you have when you’re not having a denial).
    Point 1. Might as well be in PDF format on all legal responses, and complete rubbish.
    Point 2. “our Club does not agree with some of the central allegations made by the NRL”. So you are agreeing with some now and/or you think they may have trouble proving some.
    Point 3. “our Club maintains it has not paid players any additional amounts above its annual salary cap”. Nice, but I haven’t seen anything stating the NRL was accusing the club of it. The allegations I’ve seen relate to the club arranging payments to players from external parties.
    Point 4. Good idea.

  5. I just want it all gone. Remove everyone involved for good, so Manly and the NRL cant start again. Dont care what it takes. To be fair the punishment is fine in my opinion as all players and others involved are now gone. Get over it and take the punishment lets move back to the footy.

    • I agree.
      I won’t take the mickey, as I know how it feels, and because Manly gave us what for last week.
      I assume Manly’s response is more about trying to save some face than actually taking it to court, but time will tell.
      What has surprised from this, assuming it’s true, is that according to an article I was just reading Manly will only have enough room left in their cap this year to bring in 2 (close to) min. wage players to make up their squad, after only losing 330k from your cap.
      The way I read all of this is the NRL is offering Manly a practical solution, as they did with Parra, to clean it up as quickly as possible, for everyone’s sake, whilst still sending a strong message. If Manly fight it, and I don’t think they will, then I hope the NRL hit back hard, for effectively bringing the game into (much further) disrepute.

      • I don’t think the fight is needed, they cheated and now should serve the punishment which is not to bad consider what it could have been. I know it wasn’t the current roster or coaches doing and they weren’t involved which is disappointing for them but just cop in on the chin, use it as motivation. We’ve got plenty of good young guns who we should keep investing in eg. Trbojevic family, Koroisau, Hastings (Get this man a starting spot in our halves, he is too good a player not to). Don’t worry about trying to sign stars we can make some.

        • I hope they are thinking along the same lines as you mate. I would think the last thing the club needs is to drag it on further. As i said on the other article, i think the fine is about right, but the cap punishment this year and next and the punishment for those involved seemed a bit light. Also, if it drags on will the NRL continue to stall on registering any contracts until it is finalised, that will take a massive toll on Baz and his plans going forward. Take it on the chin and move on.

        • Agreed mate, this group is innocent but just move on and let it be.
          The one thing that always gets me thinking is manly actually invited the nrl in, not other way around, I really think this is the doing of 1 or 2 people tops so it is really hard to take

  6. if manly have problems it just goes to show you just how good nick politis””s truly is in hiding their decades of continuous corruption of over the cap fraud ?? the rorters are truly so far over the cap in essence why dont the NRL go after the rorters this year??the nrl knew the rorters rorted the salary cap in 2013 but turned a blind eye as usual, blind freddy knows they are rorting the system again in 2018 but the NRL once again turn a blind eye to politis”s rorters…


  7. Manly has always been crooked. From the time they had the mafia on their side. Having the likes of Hartley paid off to win them premierships. Why should now be any different?

  8. manly the cheats of the NRL , believe that where is bob fulton the architect they should play for 0 points that why eveyone
    loves 2 hate them

  9. Inside reports suggest Manly will have to shed these players to continue to be cap compliant… Lussick, Tapau, Walker, Brown and Sironen… Unlucky .

  10. I don’t want to bag Manly because I don’t know all of the details, but they have made the same move as the Broncos when Andrew Gee left the building and could not be interviewed. I wonder if Fulton and Gee are mates.

  11. Well, Well, Well, anybody with a scrap of common sense, knows the Crooks are fiddling the books.
    Now we know that there is something Fowl in the Hen House. One of the individuals behind the Manly Salary cap rort, is in
    charge at the Roosters. Neil Bare. Shock Horror, Uncle Nick better employ another former, Rooster player to go over the books just to make sure. Maybe Fletch?

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