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Manly have issued a club statement surrounding the future of Trent Barrett and coach Des Hasler.

The Sea Eagles have agreed terms with Barrett that he will not come into the club to work, but will still be paid out until his contract ends in mid-July.

The full statement can be read below.

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles wish to advise the latest news in relation to Trent Barrett.

Whilst the legal situation has not changed in relation to the resignation of Trent Barrett and his obligations during his notice period, late this afternoon lawyers for Trent Barrett put forward a proposal to the Manly Club that Trent would refrain from attending work during his notice period unless the Club requires him to do so.

The Club accepted that suggestion.

On the understanding that Trent abides by his obligations under his employment contract, he is entitled to and will be paid each month in accordance with his contract.


  1. So Manly are obviously hoping he finds another job, so they can stop paying him.
    Trent’s probably thinking, wow, I had no idea I’d accrued so much annual leave.
    I’m thinking, does anyone know if Manly have anymore of these positions available? I could do with a break, and around $1k a day, 7 days a week, sounds pretty good to me.

  2. manly have a new team song every game they play when they run out onto the park from the dressing sheads
    they should play THE BENNY HILL SONG , manly are the laughing stock of the NRL

    • “they should play THE BENNY HILL SONG,”

      screamingeagle would have made a fortune off you if he had copyrighted that phrase in reference to Manly because you use it ALL the time.

      Time to change the record and think of something original to say. There, THAT should keep you busy for the rest of the weekend. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • But in fairness, if was happening at Parra it would be tragic.
      At any other club, it would be on a scale from mildly amusing to funny.
      But at Manly, well that’s just downright hilarious.

      But off topic, yet potentially tragic news. I just an article stating Parra have advised Ma’u he won’t be offered a contract beyond 2019. According to the article, around half a dozen NRL clubs, plus several SL clubs have already expressed interest, and he could be released early.
      Now, IF true, that’s NOT funny. NOT funny at all.

  3. Manly, as much as I don’t want to help your club, you’ve given me a marketing idea too good to waste.
    You could send every Aussie a Manly membership, for free, and make them pay an “admin” fee to cancel it. Even if the admin fee was a $1 you’d make around $25mil.

        • But a result that the “Angry Eagle” predicted from the very beginning just the same πŸ¦‡πŸ‘¨.

          Put it this way, Manly have never had any success when coached by someone external to their culture and should never make that mistake again.

        • And who keeps deleting our posts? Its those rotten chooks i bet. Mychookmycar and panthers3 in disguise as a chook

  4. Im glad manly didnt handle this professionally and pay him out..
    we all get 6 more months of laughing at manly for having 2 head coaches on the books πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • In that case we can all continue laughing at penriff as you guys will have 2 head coaches for the next 4 years unless Gould sacks Cleary again and takes over the team 100% rather than the 99% he will be doing now.

        • Thanks for that bit of trivia scoop. But where you started does not define you or where you go or end up. But if you want to go down that path I suggest u do your research first. Sir Des was actually born in Gosford so if u did geography at school you would know that is a hell of a lot closer to manly than penriff. In addition Sir Des only played a dozen games with penriff over 2 years compared to over 250 games and 12 seasons at manly. Now please redefine where he really belongs?

        • @ thepainter

          A Manly boy that was the logical choice ahead of Barrett in the first place.

          If Manly had played their hand differently they could have drawn young Nathan Cleary to the club and then the Sea Eagles could have had a rep halves pairing.

          Too late now though.

  5. Despite what you are saying. If Gould wanted a new club to go to? Manly would be one of those begging him to come over to their club.
    Another would be the Tigers!

  6. ManWar78… Wikipedia only gets you so far. Hasler may have been born at Gosford. He still came up through the Penrith junior system. Through the juniors & lower grades. I believe he also played the teachers cup games in the Penrith district.
    So your 12 games , was only the first grade games he’d played for Penrith.
    Thats before Manly bought him. Which is what they are best known for. Just buying other clubs up & coming players & first graders.
    So you should look a little deeper than Wiki.
    Hasler was in fact a Penrith junior!
    By the way, Manly just loves Penrith. Are you going to try & call Manly’s ISP team Manly Juniors? They are Blacktown Workers. One of Penrith’s fiunding junior clubs. Virtually none of the players in that team in 2018 come from the Manly area either.
    Manly had to get Barrett from Penrith, who’d been working there as an assistant coach. Didn’t work for them right.
    So now they have a Penrith great in John Cartwright as assistant & Former Penrith Junior great Hasler as coach again. Did you know Cartwright & Hasler came right through the Penrith junior system just two years apart.
    By the way, why don’t Manly take their ISP side back over to their own area & produce their own juniors!

  7. East of Divide- a tad simplistic and riddled with irony. In the modern era, having teams heavily represented with local juniors is more the exception than the rule. It’s a professional game and players move around, clubs are always looking to bolster their rosters as well eg Penrith buying Maloney, Penrith buying James Segeyaro, Penrith buying Dean Whare (from Manly), and Penrith being run by Gould (Bulldogs/Souths). Yes, Penrith, Newcastle and Parramatta have the biggest nurseries to draw from, so over time they will lose more players than they gain and they can’t offer enough pathways to NRL (which is why Blacktown ditched Penrith and formed a relationship with Manly). Fact is since Penrith’s inception they’ve won 2 titles to Manly’s 8, produced less Australian representatives. Despite the nursery, the resources, half of Polynesia, and all the 5 year plans in the world, they keep coining up empty. Why? It’s called culture, and Penrith have none except an ingrained ability to choke when everything is up for grabs. Big words coming from someone supporting the team that came 15th? Maybe, but now we’re rid of Barrett and the stench of losing he dragged over from Penrith we will soon assume our god given right back at the top.

    • Yet Souths continue to have half a dozen local juniors each season, more if you also include NYC U20’s.

      It would be an idea mark to mark your posts with a few paragraphs in future. It’s easier on the eyes and bunnies have sensitive eyesight.

    • It may be simplistic. Still Manly does nothing for league & juniors in its own area , by having its ISP team in Blacktown & having that team full of Parramatta & Penrith juniors. Penrith & Parramatta at least try to develop their own juniors . That’s obviously more than Manly can now say.
      Blacktown Workers as a Club is bigger than Manly Leagues. They don’t need Manlys help. Penrith & Parramatta don’t either, when it comes to junior development. Manly thinks Penrith, Parramatta juniors are way better than those in Manly or the surrounding areas. Or they wouldn’t need to come out west.
      I remember when Manly called those out west Fibros. Do they now call them Saviors?
      Turbo Brothers may come from the Manly area. They are now the exception, not the rule. Actually, that’s even been so for a long time. That’s why the majority of Manly’s junior teams for a long time have sucked!
      Manly’s 8 premierships. Well tell Parramatta & Cronulla’s fans about a few of them. When referee Hartly was paid off to make sure Manly won. That’s why some of the Manly fans still carry the ‘ Manly Hates You Too ‘ signs. Other clubs fans haven’t forgotten either. In fact the majority of Manly’s premierships have been bought. If not by buying off the ref, than buying great players. Ask Wests fans about that.
      As for some players Penrith have bought. Sure they have. Still look overall since Penrith came into the competition. You’ll find it’s Manly who’ve bought way , way more players than Penrith ever did. Take a look at Penrith’s ISP team . A lot of local juniors there . Same for Jersey Flegg etc.
      Now Penrith have taken a place in the top 8 for a few years. They’ve earned those places , with mostly a lot of junior development. Sure , they may miss out sometimes? Maybe even next season?
      I’d rather be able to say as a club that they earned a place higher in the table through graft & development of juniors. Than to say there’s another 1 we bought boys!
      As for the mentioned Whare in Penrith’s team? Please take him back Manly ! He sucks! Oh that’s right , please take him back St.George! As that’s where he came from. See , Manly bought him as well! πŸ‘

      • Wow you really are a very bitter and twister creature. I think you should check in and see a qualified psychiatrist.

        • Holmseys only way of discussion and responding to an accurate description of why manly have always been the sc*m of the NRL.
          Doesnt have anything to add or cant deny the obvious and resorts to petty and juvenile personal attacks.

      • East of Divide- I feel your hate. Love it too. More, more! P.S better sack Cleary now, or weren’t you aware he’s a Manly boy?

      • Just for info – most of Manly’s Harold Matt’s team that won the comp this year are Souths juniors. All shipped in to training weekly on a bus.

        The majority play for the Maroubra Lions who also won the U16 Gold Combined comp.

        • πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

          Oh Woody, it must hurt you to hear the truth spoken by someone who is NOT a Rabbitohs supporter.

          You truly are a saint wazza for posting something that will cause Woody to choke on his false teeth! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. By the way ManWar78 & mark .
    See you had nothing further to say about Hasler. As he was a Penrith junior who came all the way through the Juniors up.
    As I said earlier, no Barrett . No worries! Now you have a Penrith junior as coach & another as assistant coach. Not just someone who was coaching at Penrith. Even better hey guys !
    Guess everyone can soon call Manly , Penrith / Parra 2’s. You know, with all Penrith/ Parra juniors through Blacktown Workers & an all Penrith coaching line up.

  9. True, that’s just 1 idiot though Parra/ Penrith 78.
    Parra/ Penrith 2’s are now onto their 3rd former Penrith coach , or Penrith junior as their coach. 2 at the same time.
    Penrith didn’t have to set up their ISP team over on the north side to have decent juniors either.
    My point was.. Parra / Penrith 2’s as I like to now call them. Just love Penrith & can’t get enough of Penrith .
    Another point was most of Parra/Penrith 2’s 8 premierships were bought by buying players , the ref or both. I thought I made all of points quite clear before? However, there’s 1 more time just for you. God Bless you.
    Did your Parra/Penrith 2’s release Kelly , so they can get Bryce Cartwright there? He’s just great & a Penrith junior. I’m sure given Parra/Penrith 2’s fondness for Penrith . If they ask The Gold Coast nicely & the Gold Coast need to release Bryce? They would be happy to do so.

    • Growing up playing in western sydney it was well known that if you didnt cut the mustard to get in a rep team in Parra or Penrith you could always have a crack in Balmain,Norths or Manly and most likely get in.A lot of 2nd or even lower divison boys were making there rep teams.I watched same thing happen when my son played,

  10. The poor Manly management don’t seem to have the emotional intelligence to be the bigger person and cut their loses.
    I know principle is at play here but sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and let go.
    I think they’d actually find a strength in losing the battle to win the war. If I was them, I’d be giving Hasler any tool required to have a successful season. If they did, it would make Barrett look like a poor coach and they would get their revenge.

  11. There really are some genius comments getting around this place these days…
    Lots of know everything keyboard coaches also

    • You’ve been lying low Bob. Have you also been recruited by Des back into the Manly fold. Your boy Barrett has let you down in a big way. Still, live and learn.

      So much work yet to be done there Bob but at least your boys look to have turned a corner.

      I was chatting with ManWar78 (above) about our favourite superheroes and, now that I think about it, you also remind me of Bruce Wayne without the cape and mask. πŸ¦‡πŸ‘¨

      Have you been watching plastic bags dancing in the breeze by any chance? Just between the two of us of course. πŸ˜‰

      • The caped crusader does appear here occasionally. He is a little less Adam West now, more Christian Bale/Ben Afflek, much crankier than he used to be.
        I would be interested to hear his take on the whole saga though.

        • You can never trust anyone who hides behind a mask mate. Much better to put your trust in people who hide behind keyboards! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Well , we’re expecting you to set us all straight Bob.
    Do ‘Doff My Cap’ to you as a player.
    Didn’t you hire the future of coaching on the north side, Barrett?
    Don’t get him run over by a bus, like the Ref you wanted run over . That’s a little harsh.

      • Bus/ Truck , who gives a crap. You understood the meaning of it.
        I’m the idiot , when you thought Hasler had played just 12 games at Penrith.
        So you should use Wikipedia less…
        Maybe you should come back on as 2041 or 1 of your many other aliases. They may have more knowledge of players histories.

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