PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 30: Sea Eagles players celebrate a try during the round 16 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Panthers Stadium on June 30, 2018 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Manly have confirmed their squad for the 2019 NRL season, while also confirming some new recruits.

Kane Elgey is the biggest name on the incomings list, with Brendan Elliot, Corey Waddell, Reuben Garrick and Sean Keppie all joining the Sea Eagles.

Manly have also promoted four youngsters to their full-time NRL squad, with Albert Hopoate, Semisi Kioa, Haumole Olakau’atu and Cade Cust all getting the nod to join the Top 29 squad.

Elgey and Elliott make the moves to Brookvale Oval from the Titans, while Waddell jumps across from the Panthers, and Garrick makes the move in search of his NRL debut after being on St George Illawarra’s roster this season.

Keppie comes across from the Eels, and is a former Australian schoolboy who has impressed at U20s level in recent years.

Keppie will sign a development contract along with Jade Anderson, Lachlan Croker, Luke Metcalf and Haumole Olakau’atu.

Top 29 squad

Daly Cherry-Evans, Cade Cust, Kane Elgey, Brendan Elliot, Manase Fainu, Addin Fonua-Blake, Tevita Funa, Reuben Garrick, Jack Gosiewski, Trent Hodkinson, Albert Hopoate, Brian Kelly, Semisi Kioa, Api Koroisau, Brad Parker, Taniela Paseka, Lloyd Perrett, Toafofoa Sipley, Curtis Sironen, Moses Suli, Kelepi Tanginoa, Jorge Taufua, Martin Taupau, Joel Thompson, Jake Trbojevic, Tom Trbojevic, Corey Waddell, Dylan Walker, Frank Winterstein

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Development players

Jade Anderson, Lachlan Croker, Sean Keppie, Luke Metcalf, Haumole Olakau’atu


  1. Oh, this should be good! Popcorn, check. Comfy chair and liquid refreshments, check and check. Go to it boys, I’m strapped in and ready for the show!

    • It’s looking like you prepped well, but rented a “chick flick”.
      On a different front, are you a magician by any chance, because I couldn’t help but notice you’re comment wasn’t there half an hour again, and now it’s top of the queue, front and centre?
      (Those of us in the insurance game pay attention to every little detail, when it works in our favour)

      • Me thinks a few of Reg’s “groupies” are making a habit of reporting his comments, regardless of what they say. A couple of reports and the comment goes down for moderation. Pretty childish really.

  2. Gosh Lachlan Croker has to go down as one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory, was supposed to be the next Laurie Daley and lead the Raiders to glory, and now can’t even crack the top 29 for Manly.

    Either way, can’t wait to see a Cherry-Evans/Elgey partnership next year. 2 inconsistent halves who can’t defend and are scared of running the ball.

    • Cherry has go running the ball – I’ll give him that , But neither of them are game managers.
      I think Des will have them fired up, Expectations of a top 8 might be a stretch but they wont be as bad as last year.

      • Think I might need to review my game tape on DCE. For some reason I view him as a Cronk-type player without the elite awareness one of those guys has to possess

        As for Des, he will get Manly swinging next year, figuratively and possibly literally as well. As Holmsey posted down below with his 17, the forward pack has potential to be top 4 in the year (which I personally have predicted for the last 2 years in a row, fool me). It’s up to them to get it going, and Dessie is a perfect candidate to get them in that situation.

        • That’s ok Sammy…
          I always put the kiss of death on someone and last year it was Parra.
          Apologies parra fans It was meeee

        • Slammin Sam I think you were a bit harsh on our halves. Daly is a strong runner of the footy and it’s his best aspect. Look at his terrific performance against Tonga, it involved him running the ball. I do agree he had an inconsistent 2018 but as shown in 2017 when the side is performing and the pack going forward he is arguably the best 7 in the game. And every half struggles when the pack isn’t going forward. DCE not being a game manager is also a myth, he stepped up this year especially in rep for QLD and Aus showing he does have the ability and is good at it. Elgey is 3 years into his career and his first year was excellent but he has been hampered and recovering from injuries since. Too early to judge his ability but he has potential.

        • Holmsey you’re probably spot on there. I think DCE definitley is a top 4 half on his day, but his day doesn’t come every week. As for Elgey, don’t expect the same contribution as his rookie season, but I can see him having a solid if not breakout year.

  3. I’m really happy with this squad. Depth is stronger, still not strong enough though but it’s a start. Great news to hear Koroisau, Kelly and Suli have all re signed! Big futures at the club. Some nice little depth signings but nothing ground breaking. Elliot isn’t the worst depth back. Can’t wait to see Elgey develop alongside Daly, hopefully building a strong combo. If we can keep this side fit and healthy I reckon we’ve got a good shot a finals. A couple of young blokes I’m looking forward too seeing are Albert Hopoate (Fast and agile fullback), Cust (Creative, elusive halfback) and Fainu who we saw a little of this year and her performed well.

    1 T Trbojevic
    2 Taufua
    3 Walker
    4 Kelly
    5 Suli
    6 Elgey
    7 Cherry-Evans
    8 Fonua-Blake
    9 Koroisau
    10 Taupau
    11 Thompson
    12 Sironen
    13 J Trbojevic

    14 Fainu
    15 Paseka
    16 Gosiewski
    17 Tanginoa

    Like I said not expecting miracles but if we don’t finish in the 8 or very close it will be a big let down. Can’t wait for 2019!

    • Welcome back Holmsey.
      Mate, I’m not taking the mickey, I’m honestly not trying to, but if you want some input into that side, there’s some average and/or I don’t think so in that side.
      For example, Suli. Is he still a winger, and how’s his relationship with Des?
      Elgey, maybe, but it’s a very big maybe.
      That’s not the strongest bench I’ve ever seen.

      • Thanks mate good to be back. I wouldn’t say our side is that average, a couple of unknowns but it’s a strong side. What de railed us this year was a tumultuous off field saga and a bucket load of injuries. The fact we only got to name our side with no changes once back to back this year was horendous. With a proper good coach at the helm and avoiding injuries I easily see us sliding into the 8 or very close. If we finish bottom 4 it won’t be due to the roster because it’s a very good roster and we massively underperformed this season.

        • A few things. I don’t see a bottom 4 side there at all, and this years side wasn’t bottom 4 either, but so much off field stuff and some injuries didn’t help. But I don’t think it is a top 8 side either. Elgey is the only real addition, and he is lacking confidence I think and I am not sure he is the right one to allow DCE to play his own game (like Green did). And there just isn’t enough on the bench I don’t think.

          Like I said, should improve on this year, just a couple of years off really cementing that op 8 side I think.I am sure Des will have them firing at least.

    • Oh NO! NOT the lists! I forgot about the lists. Then they ALL start doing it, and then they add the reserves and the whole 30 man squad and each one posts straight after the other. I get vertigo scrolling down these long lists mighty. It comes from those days working on “the old coat hanger” with the Hoges, and Hoges has never looked down since! 😂😂😂

    • so adding elegy who spend most of 2018 as reserve for ISC is going to take a team from 15th to top 8?
      As Darryl Kerrigan would say “tell him he’s dreamin”.
      It would be like me saying my eels will go from wooden spoon to top 4 with the addition of Paulo and Fergo – its unrealistic.

    • Holmsey mate, as much as I love your passion for your club, I feel like you may be getting a little ahead of yourself by saying anything but a top 8 finish will be a big let down. Not trying to have a dig here mate, but I did not recognise anyone from the bench you mentioned so I googled the players, they are all bloody rookies mate! they’ve only played 66 games between the 4 of them. I’m not doubting their ability, I’m sure they can play well and they’ve earn’t their spots, but there’s absolutely no way your bench can go toe to toe with other benches from most clubs.
      Also, I want to see Elgey succeed, and I hope he does, he wasn’t getting a run with the Titans so he did the best thing to go to Manly and try learn from DCE. But I wouldn’t want to rely on him. Injuries crueled his rookie years, now he’s more cold then hot, can’t tackle, and has a terrible kicking game.
      Be realistic Holmsey, I’m a Titans fan, we’ve got an alright squad and I’m not being biased here but in some aspects the Titans squad is better than Manly’s, but I highly doubt we’ll make the finals. Des is back, but he can only do so much, be realistic.

      • It is realistic mate, I don’t have to look down on my team to be realistic you can look at the good factors. It might not be realistic in your view because that’s your opinion and this is mine. Top 8 is a chance, and this same side of 2017 made the finals, dominated the comp for a period before dropping off. It showed how good this squad is and 2018 took away all that, not because players underperformed, most did well earning higher honours etc. But because we constantly had injuries to key players, off field drama and couldn’t get a 6 because our original developed 6 for the year did his ACL. And I coukd also argue Manlys squad overall brings more than the Titans in aspects also, depends on how you look at it. 2018 will be different in a big way, like I have stated continuously not expecting miracles but top 8 or thereabouts is very realistic. And don’t underestimate Des.

  4. It’s a year 1 of a rebuild side alright.
    By that, 2019 looks like it’s about the new coach sussing out what’s there, and probably making mass changes for the 2020 season.
    Bottom 8, probably bottom 4, but no spoon (and I don’t expect Parra to get it again either).

    • Bottom 4 is a bit far, this side is very similar to the side of 2017 which finished 6. I don’t bottom 4 will happen more like bottom of the top 8.

      • And very similar to the side that finished 15th.
        I’m not taking the p… because we had a side that finished 4th in 2017 which was very similar to a side that got the spoon in 2018.
        And I don’t blame the coach, in either case, entirely, so I don’t expect Des to perform a miracle.

  5. arnt manly around $330,000 OVER THE CAP ,YES THEY ARE ,manly still need 2 come back down 2 the salary cap 2 be 2019 season compliant so i ask why are they still buying players 2 me this dont make seance , still
    marty tapau is disgruntled & mail is he will help manly & ask for a release ,like they say WATCH THIS SPACE

  6. Des has the ability to develop unwanted players and coach them to play well above expectations. I see this attitude shift starting during the off season and Manly ready to roll in 2019. Barrett was too distracted by his outdoor furniture rather than building some mongrel. Sure, there will be some bumps and unexpected losses but players like Killer, The Stewart Bros, Matai and also Taufua would bleed maroon and white for Des. Crusher Cleal is also our Talent Scout the very same man responsible for bringing the most outstanding junior talent to Manly in decades. I expect this crop of players to change their mentality by playing for the club, coach and fans…not focused trying to secure an extension to a 1 year deal or standing out so other teams might pick them up mid season. Players like Curtis Sironen, Suli, Fonua-Blake, Tanginoa (just like George Rose) will develop well under Des.
    I also think Des will take The Trbojevic Bros. game to an even higher level…much like he did with the Stewart Bros.
    Des has a certain way…he expects results but also supports players off the field because life is not all just about playing football…or outdoor furniture from home.

  7. I think we might see a few of those top 29 players drop off and Foran might make his way back.

    even if he doesn’t, team should be

    J Turbo


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