Sonny Bill Williams' potential move to the Sydney Roosters could be impacted by his $10 million Toronto Wolfpack deal, reports 

Williams is keen on returning to the Roosters for the remainder of the season and will look to move back to Australia with his wife Alana and their four children.

Due to NRL rules, players are unable to have an NRL contract if they are already contracted elsewhere.

It provides a significant hurdle in any sort of deal happening, meaning that if Williams wants to sign with the the Roosters, he'd have to terminate his contract with monster two-year Wolfpack deal.

The Wolfpack pulled out of the Super League this year but want a return in 2021, and Williams may not step away from his deal at the club.

Because of the Wolfpack's decision to remove themselves from the Super League, a number of players were left without a team. And the NRL don't appear to be making any exceptions against the rules they've set.

Loan agreements can be made between NRL clubs, but no agreements of that sort are currently allowed to be made with clubs from the Super League.

Should the NRL not allow Williams' move to the league, Wolfpack owner David Argyle said he would terminate his current contract and formulate a new one come 2021.

"If Sonny wants to play NRL for the remainder of the season and come back to the Wolfpack, how it is done is semantics," Argyle told Channel Nine.

"Fundamentally, all we are doing is using loopholes that can be orchestrated or lawyerised to get around the intent."

Williams is still looking to get on a flight to Sydney with his family despite strict border restrictions in place.

He will have to undertake a two-week isolation period upon arrival.