SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 05: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs handles an AFL ball during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on December 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Having made his debut for the Melbourne Storm in 2005, Greg Inglis was one of the brightest young stars emerging in the game.

It wasn’t hard to see why.

The man known as GI excelled in numerous positions including fullback, centre and five-eighth. His time in Melbourne saw him earn Queensland and Australian representative jumpers as he contributed to two grand final victories whilst collecting the Golden Boot award.

GI has become a household name in rugby league, with children across the country imitating his iconic fend in their backyards. He is an icon of the origin arena, being one of the highest try scorers in origin history.

A real hero for the indigenous community, Inglis has represented the Indigenous All Stars on numerous occasions.

His success in the game hasn’t been short lived. GI has tasted further success with the South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2014 ending the club’s 43-year premiership drought. Having scored the final try of the game, Inglis made his presence known with his trademark “Goanna” celebration.

In recent times the South Sydney skipper has become somewhat a forgotten man in rugby league. Recurrent injuries and off-field issues hampered his ability to perform in 2017.

Once considered among rugby league’s elite fullbacks, there are now talks of Inglis being shifted to the centres to prolong his career. The questions surrounding his fitness grow louder as the season approaches.

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Where to now for GI? Should he stand down from representative duties and focus on his career at South Sydney? And will he be able to rediscover his devastating form, terrorising opposition defensive lines?

2018 is emerging as a big year for Greg Inglis. His impact on the field will go a long way in South Sydney’s premiership campaign.

With his leadership clearly missed last season, the Rabbitohs will be looking to have GI on the field for as long as possible.


  1. I know he had a year off, I would hardly say he is forgotten! Matt Scott was part of the team despite being injured most of the year also…
    I response to the “should he stand down from Rep duties?” comment. I think if he gets back and feels like Billy Slater then he should go around one more time, if he breaks down again then he should switch focus to the club/retire. He has nothing owing to any of us and will go out a legend either way. Best of luck to Greg from a Broncos fan.

  2. ACLs are a big injury to come back from, but if there is one player who can come back bigger and better from it is GI! I do believe we will see a devastating and destructive GI in 2018, right side centres better beware, this man will be on a mission!!!

  3. Forgotten man? I will never forget his 2014 season! Wow what a year that was for him. Sure he probably wont reach those heights again due to his body catching up with him but he will hardly be forgotten. Hes one of the most freakish talents to ever play league, he hasnt been forgotten he has been missed.

    • +1

      I think GI will remind everyone who he is this year. Particularly if he is moved to centre and his knee is not given a workout like it would if he was covering FB.

      • Normally it is just cut & paste from FOX sports. Word for word, picture for picture. See for yourself. If only ZT would allow us to write articles under our ZT profile names to preserve our anonymity. I am sure there would be a few of us lining up to have a crack.

        • I have dibs on a story about the “Roosters over the salary cap” and another about “the myth of Bennett and his impending retirement at the end of 2018”. Bahahahahahahahahaha

        • Talking about Dibs… South Sydney Till I Die_1970 Have you noticed on the back of Inglis’s hamstring he has one big Dib for everyone to see. Matter of fact I believe it is a Tomm Bowler.🌕✔

        • You’ve lost YOUR marbles Foghorn Leghorn. Speaking of unsightly attachments, you really need to see a vet about your tick and stay away from those battery cages you are liable to end up with an infected beak which will only leads to more fowl mouth tirades.

        • By the way Foghorn Leghorn, it must take a considerable effort to peck out “South Sydney Till I Die_1970” on a keyboard, please feel free to call me SSTID (but don’t forget the “I” or “suffer the piñatas fate you shall”).

        • Zero Tackle January 17, 2018 at 9:03 pm
          @SSTID_1970 Yes, if you’re not willing to put an actual name to it.

        • @ Zero Tackle

          Cheers, until we are ALL on a first name basis my ZT profile name will do fine to identify me (which is the point), there are a select few who are already on a first name basis here but when you are a magnet for tr0lls you can’t be too careful.

        • @ WoodChook

          WoodChook January 17, 2018 at 9:14 pm
          Zero Tackle January 17, 2018 at 9:03 pm
          @SSTID_1970 Yes, if you’re not willing to put an actual name to it.

          WoodChook are you a chook or a Mockingbird? You don’t need to parrot things back to me. Zero Tackle was just responding to an earlier query, no need for confusion. Like I said “SSTID” is fine and easier to type if you prefer. Many profiles get shortened (clipped or truncated) on here for simplicity… eelsalmighty (mighty), pedro the saint (pedro), tommyknocker (tommy), crowy3301 (crowy), rabbitwithdudzon (Rabbits!), MW47 (“the angry eagle”)… well OK, the last one isn’t a good example of a truncated profile name I grant you but “the angry eagle” refused to be clipped and to be fair “there wasn’t much there to begin with”. 😉

        • “Wabbits until I kick the Bucket”

          Indeed! Keep that up and I will shorten WoodChook to “WC” which will cause you to FLUSH with embarrassment and run to the loo!

        • I must admit I hadn’t thought about writing an article as such, but there have been numerous occasions where I thought I could write a novel in response to something, and didn’t, so I’d be open to doing an article on it instead, and using your ZT tag makes sense, as that’s how we know each other anyway.

          We could even play “guess the author” (kidding of course):
          DCE to hooker
          The Daly (only 1 “L”, Cherry Evans) M’s
          13 SPOONS

        • 13 SPOONS, yes a perfect nom de plume for you mighty! Bahahahahahahahaha

          “We could even play “guess the author”… using your ZT tag makes sense, as that’s how we know each other anyway.”

          Precisely. I am happy to be identified by how I am known here for my posts and any article as well. As a “tr0ll magnet” I am not giving more than that away and only share my true identity outside of this site with those on here who I trust.

  4. There you go SSTID you have a green light, i’m expecting something special, don’t disappoint.

    Also nice words Holmsey well said, Souths do need him, but one thing i believe Souths team have learned from last year is to play without him and not rely on him so much, this I believe will relieve pressure on him possibly the same with Hayne at Parra who no longer need to rely on him, who knows how his body will go, for Souths sake i hope he stays fit.

    • And I’m expecting something long (kidding of course, but in fairness, “many a true word in spoken in jest”).

      • I wouldn’t want you to think I was overcompensating for something mighty. I am expecting one from you as well giving a mathematical proof that the Roosters are unquestionably and without doubt under the salary cap, and remember Cordner still has not been re-signed and the Roosters fans are still “hopeful” of signing Crichton for 2018 IF Souths sign RTS. Although I don’t know why. If they can be over the cap why can’t we? Maybe Souths can get a “Jarryd Hayne special” and have RTS sign for half his current contract value! 😉

        • I’ll undoubtably do some articles as issues I feel passionately enough about arise, and as you have dibs on the “Rooster’s cap.”, I’ll be more than happy to “check” your maths.

          As for Hayne, if you want him at the same price we signed him for, and if it was up to me, and it’s obviously not, he’d be all yours (or anyone else’s). I’m still on the fence here, and if he wasn’t at Parra this year it would be a tad easier to decide on our line up. If you can do the same with the price you’re wanting to pay for RTS, then that would be a fair deal as far as I’m concerned.

        • “as you have dibs on the “Rooster’s cap.”, I’ll be more than happy to “check” your maths.”

          Oh I miscalculated there already didn’t I? No, you are the one with a head for figures as I have a cheeky streak and a head for impish humour and creating controversy. I happily yield the subject of the Roosters salary cap in particular and the salary cap and TPA’s in general (the whole mess, the whole ball of wax) to you mighty. May your efforts live up to your nickname. 😉

          I will see if the muse moves me this weekend, unless the Sorbitol strikes first! LOL

        • sstid – you could write a lengthy thesis on why its a good idea to keep the burger boys and tie all souffs cap in them causing angst when it comes to future signings 😉

        • @ Zero Tackle

          PLEASE change the “Report comment” system to include a fail safe “Are you sure?” option.

          I’m all thumbs and hit report by mistake. Holding the phone and crossing a street seemed to have been too much for my fat thumbs to handle.

          Sorry billy. I will post a reply when I get home.

          January 18, 2018 at 5:01 pm

        • billy I will write a story on Tom and Jerry… (George) IF you first write a story (with scientific proof) explaining HOW the “Hayne Plane” will ever get off the ground now he has spent the entire off-season eating Macca’s and KFC. Deal?

          Did I miss something? Perhaps the Eels have stolen the referees sponsor KFC and Hayne has been immersed in improving relations between the sponsor and the club? I look forward to your story with anticipation. Mine will be on something unrelated altogether. IF Zero Tackle have any intention of ever letting it see the light of day. But I will save that until the weekend at least. Too busy now.

        • “I am expecting one from you as well giving a mathematical proof that the Roosters are unquestionably and without doubt under the salary cap”

          Done, you’ll just need to send your list of every player’s salary within the Rooster’s 2018 squad. The NRL has it, and signed off on it being under the cap, and I assume you have it, as you seem adamant that they are over (way over even), but I don’t (have a copy).

          And for the record I’m not arguing they are under the cap. but rather how they could conceivably be under the cap. There’s a big difference.

          That said, I like the idea of doing an article/s on TPA’s and the cap more broadly.

        • “you’ll just need to send your list of every player’s salary within the Rooster’s 2018 squad”

          Ah, precisely! And THAT is why there needs to be greater transparency for the sake of the integrity of the salary cap and the NRL as a whole.

          “The NRL has it, and signed off on it being under the cap”

          But WHO watches the NRL? Perhaps the only way we would ever know the TRUTH is if Edward Snowden or Julian Assange take a leak, and publish it! I still think that the NRL has an agenda and as long as there is no oversight and no transparency into the salary cap and TPA system and there is a push to expand the game and reduce the number of Sydney clubs, suspicions will always be rife.

        • I don’t think we’re polls apart, and could even be on very similar pages re the whole “overall” package scenario, but if we stick to the salary cap (alone), it’s all but inconceivable to me that the NRL can’t aggregate the salaries, of any club, to determine exactly where they are at any point in time, and therefore I’m extremely confident the Roosters are under the salary cap, based on the value of approved contracts.

          Now if a club is running two separate sets of books re player contracts then that’s a separate issue, but that’s the dumbest way to rort the system, and I’m sure clubs have moved on from that.

          The clubs are doing it through TPA’s. In all honesty, and it’s my personal opinion, and I can’t prove anything / back it up with any facts etc, but I’m positive (100% convinced) that every club manipulates TPA’s, and the NRL knows it. That said, I’m not being negative towards the NRL on the issue, because you can’t stop it under the current system. Again, my opinion, but SSTID you know what I do for a living, and I’m 100% confident they can’t / won’t ever stop that exploitation under the current system.

          Change the system, or expect a “hierarchy” in club’s performances over a medium / long term period.

  5. I hope GI has a huge year – I’m not a Souths fan or a QLDer – but anyone who has a forced year off and comes back strong will be great story for the game.

  6. I would back him to come out firing After missing the year last year he will be amped really to rock and role. Good luck this year big fella 👍🏽

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