Australia will be out to make a final statement ahead of the knockout stages at the Rugby League World Cup when they take on Italy in the final group stage game for the two teams.

Zero Tackle will cover the game live from 5:30am (AEDT) on Sunday morning.

The Kangaroos are already through to the quarter-finals and enter this clash as heavy favourites, while Italy can still qualify, but would need to pull off a miracle win and have other results go their way for and against wise.

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Match time Pre-game
Australia vs Italy




12 Tries 1
9/12 Conversions 1/1
0 Penalty goals 0
0 Field goals 0

(Murray Taulagi 2, Campbell Graham 2, James Tedesco, Latrell Mitchell, Isaah Yeo, Valentine Holmes, Liam Martin, Cameron Murray, Jeremiah Nanai, Lindsay Collins tries; Nathan Cleary 9 goals) D. ITALY 6 (Rinaldo Palumbo try; Jack Campagnolo goal).


7.13am (AEDT)
FULL TIME! Italy's tournament is over but they've won plenty of new fans with a refusal to compromise. The Kangaroos have been clinical and will be well-prepared for the finals.

7.11am (AEDT)
TRY! An interesting passage of play ends in a try to Lindsay Collins. Italy spread the ball wide before a one-on-one strip from Ben Hunt. The ball goes back in-field and the defence stretches. Few could stop the big man that close and he crosses with ease. Cleary converts as the siren sounds.

7.04am (AEDT)
TRY! Another straightforward four-pointer for the Roos as they pull the fatigued Italian defence from side to side, with Jeremiah Nanai crossing the line thanks to a short ball from Cherry-Evans. Cleary converts again.

6.57am (AEDT)
TRY! Campbell Graham continues the scoring after a lull, going straight through some appalling and fatigued defence to score. Cleary converts.

6.48am (AEDT) 
TRY! The Kangaroos go through the motions with a clearly designed play close to the line going through the hands of multiple forward before landing with Cam Murray. Cleary converts.

6.42am (AEDT)
TRY! A short kick-off pays off and Italy put themselves in excellent attacking position. Rinaldo Palumbo breaks through while chasing a grubber, scoring with the most relaxed of one-handed put-downs. Italy are on the board! Jack Campagnolo converts.

6.40am (AEDT)
TRY! Another Panther goes over, with Liam Martin being put through the line by Cleary and beating the defence to the line. Cleary converts.

6.35am (AEDT)
TRY! Isaah Yeo goes over between the posts after a line-break from Tedesco. He passes back inside for Cherry-Evans, who offloads to Yeo in support to open the scoring in the second half. Cleary converts.

6.30am (AEDT)
We're back underway and the Italians start strongly with a surging line-break but they can't convert it into points after some scrambling defence from Australia.

6.13am (AEDT)
That's half time and the Aussies have been dominant - though Italy haven't made it easy on themselves, creating a mountain of defensive work few teams could manage against a team like the Kangaroos.

6.12am (AEDT)
TRY! Taulagi gets his second in the final 30 seconds of the half thanks to a stunning assist from Mitchell, who draws two defenders before an excellent backhand offload for a simple four-pointer. The half-time siren sounds as Cleary lines up the kick. He misses from wide.

6.09am (AEDT)
TRY! Italy punished immediately, with Mitchell grabbing the ball on the edge before marching inside and monstering the weary defence. Cleary converts.

6.08am (AEDT)
Another fifth-tackle play doesn't pay and the Italians have put themselves under more pressure for little reason. It's fun to watch but they're not doing themselves any favours.

6.05am (AEDT)
Italy use their captain's challenge on a 50-50 play, possibly trying to get some respite after an exhausting first half hour.

5.58am (AEDT)
TRY! Campbell Graham soars through the air to collect an Italian line drop-out, beating two defenders to the high ball and another on his way to the line for a straightforward try. Cleary converts.

5.56am (AEDT)
Now it's Australia's turn to drop the ball coming out of possession, with Mitchell guilty of spilling the pill. The Australian defence is offering little opportunity for Italy so far.

5.54am (AEDT)
A high shot by Lindsay Collins alleviates the pressure on Italy and gets them out of their 20 metre for the first time in a while. Can they fight their way back into the contest?

5.52am (AEDT)
Italy cough up possession again but some improvisation by Cleary doesn't pay off, with his overhead pass flying over the sideline.

5.49am (AEDT)
TRY! The pressure of consecutive sets pays off, with Tedesco going over from a Cleary short ball with plenty of ease, scoring against the nation he's previously represented. Cleary finally converts one.

5.48am (AEDT)
The Kangaroos get a set restart on the line but Ben Hunt kicks it immediately. The Italians quickly give up possession again.

5.45am (AEDT)
Disaster for Italy with a drop-out by Jack Campagnolo going out without passing 10 metres, increasing the relentless pressure on the Italians. They once again hold the attack up over the line.

5.42am (AEDT)
TRY! A simple left side shift sees Cherry-Evans hold up the play before Latrell feeds it to Murray Taulagi for an easy four-pointer. Cleary's sideline attempt doesn't go the distance.

5.37am (AEDT)
TRY! Australia roll downfield and nearly go over through Latrell Mitchell but for some brave defence. The ball goes back left on the fifth tackle and a Cherry-Evans chip is caught beautifully by Valentine Holmes for an easy put-down. Cleary hits the post!

5.36am (AEDT)
Italy chance their arm on the fifth tackle to no avail, but now the Kangaroos have the ball in excellent field position.

5.31am (AEDT)
We're underway! Italy kick off in Australia's last game of the group stage.

5.20am (AEDT)
The teams are in!

AUSTRALIA: James Tedesco, Campbell Graham, Valentine Holmes, Latrell Mitchell, Murray Taulagi, Daly Cherry-Evans, Nathan Cleary, Lindsay Collins, Ben Hunt, Reuben Cotter, Liam Martin, Jeremiah Nanai, Cameron Murray. Interchange: Isaah Yeo, Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Matt Burton.

ITALY: Luke Polselli, Kyle PickeringDaniel Atkinson, Ethan Natoli, Jake Maizen, Jack Campagnolo, Radean Robinson, Alec Susino, Dean Parata, Anton Iaria, Luca Moretti, Brenden Santi, Nathan Brown. Interchange: Joe Tramontana, Rinaldo Palumbo, Jack Colovatti, Gioele Celerino.

4:45am (AEDT)
Hello and welcome to Zero Tackle for our live coverage of this clash between Australia and Italy at the Rugby League World Cup.

Kick-off is not too far away, and the final teams have been confirmed, so we will have them for you shortly ahead of the game getting underway.


  1. David, I thank you for your efforts in getting up early and typing like like a pro-typist. However, I think you could have probably stayed in bed without upsetting anyone.

    This game was never going to be anything more than a one-sided try-a-thon. It’s telling that the main topic of interest before the match was the composition of the Australia team – DCE and Cleary. No-one expressed any opinions on the outcome.

    Roll-on the quarter finals !
    Morale has improved so the floggings can now stop!

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