SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 25: Referee Gerard Sutton (L) gives Dylan Napa (R) of the Roosters ten minutes in the sin bin as Jake Friend (C) of the Roosters watches on during the round 24 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Brisbane Broncos at Allianz Stadium on August 25, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Syndey prop Dylan Napa will miss the next three games, after the Roosters entered an Early Guilty Plea after he was hit with a Grade 3 Dangerous Contact charge for an incident involving Brisbane’s Andrew McCullough.

Napa led with his head in a tackle and connected with McCullough’s jaw, instantly knocking the hooker unconscious.

McCullough left the field on a stretcher, but didn’t suffer a broken jaw following the hit.

Napa will now miss the Roosters’ final round contest against the Eels, before also sitting out the club’s two finals.

The earliest Napa could return this season is for a preliminary final, while two straight losses in the finals could see Napa miss the remainder of the campaign.


  1. Ripped off, The first tackle he did that damaged Sims jaw was far more ferocious than this tackle yet he gets suspended. My Burgess brothers for the Rabbitoh’s could find them selves in a similar situation in the future as could ALL the other hitmen of footy. This is a ridiculous penalty for a clash of heads. We are now talking about every time a player gets a head clash that a full scale scrutiny from the ref and the match review committee will be used. Also we will be seeing a heap of players being thrown into the sinbin for head clashes as Napa was. It was not a professional foul and changed the coarse of the game while he was binned. This will happen now through out the semis and only gives the referees more power to orchestrate games to their own discretion. I’m not sticking up for a Roosters player, I’m sticking up for all players and all fans. This ruling if they are to be consistent will destroy League even more. Our game has gone to soft and now it is getting even more dainty. Greenberge needs to hang his bald head in Shame.

  2. Ah well, such is life. If the Roosters don’t do their annual semi choke in the preliminary final like in 2014, 2015 and 2017 then Napa will play in the grand final nice and fresh. The Roosters must be confident of a grand final birth if they did not seek a down grade. In the mean time the Roosters really should rest JWH for week 1 of the semis and throw in two big heavy weights in Frank-Paul Nuuausala and giant rookie prop Lindsay Collins against Parra. The Roosters cannot miss a top 4 birth now with their great for and against so Robo should use some wisdom here and rest any player with niggling injuries. 💪😎👍🐓

  3. I said on another thread he will get suspended. His technique is terrible – on occasion. Sometimes he can hit like a sledgehammer and legit, but occasionally, he drops his head and leads with it – probably more from fatigue than intent. He looked shattered when it happened, and was tackle gun-shy when he came back on. For me, he didn’t learn from the first time – that’s was the problem.

    • Spot on.
      I know it’s in slow motion, after the event, that you see exactly how he made the tackle, but in all honesty I’d be just as concerned for his welfare as the opposition players. His body and his arms are about as far from the tackle as humanly possible, and he can’t have much vision just prior.

      • As you said, his arms were by his side. Doesn’t that make it a shoulder charge. But then again, Gus is good with it, so end of story.

        • I know where you’re coming from, in that it does look more like a charge, although I’d call it a head charge, followed closely by his favoured left shoulder. It looks really strange, but technically have a look at his arms, and they are away from the body, as opposed to being in tight against the torso, and leading with the shoulder, so it’s certainly not a conventional type shoulder charge.

        • As for Gus being good with it.
          I know Gus has forgotten more about footy than most of us know, but he couldn’t ref a game to save his life. He’s so opinionated, stubborn, and old school that his comments (commentary wise, at least), can become farsical. The “I’m not saying”, before he repeats it hundreds of times, and bags the refs etc. wears very thin, in my opinion at least.
          I think it’s fair to say Gus is 1 of those guys that would offer a second opinion, but conditional on you asking him again.

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