SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: Billy Smith of the Roosters is tackled during the round 25 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have identified exciting centre Billy Smith as Latrell Mitchell's replacement, according to The Daily Telegraph.

It comes after the publisher's earlier report that the back-to-back premiers pulled its $800,000 offer to Mitchell for 2020 following a meeting with coach Trent Robinson on Tuesday.

Smith has been part of the club's extended NRL squad for the past two seasons and has already reportedly begun forming an impressive combination with star fullback James Tedesco.

Instead of pursuing the free agent market, the Roosters have a rising replacement on a bargain basement price.

It also puts them in a good position to pursue big-name 2021 free agents, with Bronco David Fifta believed to be high on their wish list.

Smith, who made his NRL debut in the Roosters' round 23 win over the Dragons, was stoked to get his chance after overcoming a serious knee injury.

“It’s what dreams are made of. I’ve been thinking of that moment since I was a little boy,” he said of his debut.

“It’s been a pretty long 11 months for me with the ACL injury.

“Robbo’s got so much confidence in me and I really feel that. The boys have a lot of faith in my ability. It’s easy for me, I just play off the back of those boys.”


  1. Thats right pack your bags Mitchell, you rejected your team mates by knocking back the 2nd highest contract behind Tedesco in the Roosters club. Now Flyer Billy will be next superstar kid of the Roosters junior acadamy production line.

    Mitchell has played mind games with the Roosters hierarchy for far to long and now the Roosters look like losing Tetevano also because Mitchell wants to sit on the fence waiting for the highest bidder.

    Get rid of the .greedy.clown. NOW!

  2. Billy Smith is the next Mark Gasinier. Now he will play for his premiership bling next season and he loves the Roosters unlike the money grabber Mitchell.

    Crichton who knows what its like at Soufths and wanted out of the dump had a year to remember in 2019. With a NSW origin game, represented Australia in the U23s and won a premiership.

    Mitchell if Souths waste a million plus on him, will be heading to the dump Crichton could not get out of quick enough. I hope he goes their just to teach the .clown.a lesson

    I better retract on that statement. Sorry Latrell, Really I woud not wish that on his worst enemy.

  3. LOL … Latrell is a PROVEN Player … this other unknown whatever his name is, is a PAPER TIGER. LOL… Good luck to cheat club Broosters 😂 😂 😂

  4. Back2back2back
    It is TwitOne alias AlexRetiman prevously known as Steve.Syd who was better known as Stephanie the .soufth.clown.

  5. Sucked in shadow and twatty one….looks like latrell won’t be going to his “spiritual home” at soufs….according to your CEO, the vermin don’t want him either. Hahaha
    To alex riteoff….or whatever your name is….Billy Smith will kick ass in latrell’s former position, mark my words
    The MIGHTY Roosters for the trifecta in 2020 🐓🐓🐓

  6. Funny how Twitone and his merry burrow of soufts N1TW1TS, were all bragging how the money grabber Mitchell was going to Soufths the official home of Aboriginals…..WELL HE’S NOT .. Ahahahahahaha.

    As for the official spiritual home for Aboriginals, that tag belongs to Parramatta. Their Original Emblem pictured an Aboriginal with a spear standing on one leg.

    You bunch of .soufths.clowns.

  7. Looks like the only clubs with money to spare next year are the Tigers and the Cowboys. Both need a fullback.
    We now know who the family friend is thats been in his ear. The one and only Anthony the man Mundine.
    No wonder Mitchell has now got a big head. Mundine said Easts have shown Mitchell no loyalty because they said we dont want you. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    Did he not walk out of the Dragons mid season? And wasnt he the one in SBWs ear when he walked out on the dogs?
    If he goes to the Tigers Madge will show him the meaning of hard work. He has been nursed up until this point.
    If its the Cowboys training and playing in the heat will also be uncomfortable. Good riddance.

  8. Give it rest shadow….no one gives a crap about your ancient history stats….soufs have won 1 premiership in the last 48 years! That’s FORTY EIGHT YEARS for ONE premiership! Let that sink in shadow….how successful have your vermin been in the modern game? They are CHOKERS 😂🤣😂🤣😂 they wouldn’t have even won 2014 without Hollywood’s millions bailing them out of oblivion

  9. timmah
    November 7, 2019 at 10:55 am
    “Sucked in shadow and twatty one….looks like latrell won’t be going to his “spiritual home” at soufs….according to your CEO, the vermin don’t want him either. Hahaha”

    Isnt that what Souths CEO said about James Roberts?
    Latrell is coming to Souths you dopey Wombats.
    You think your membership sucks now?

  10. Twatty one— Yeah I’ve just cut and pasted your above comment to my notes so I can repost it to you when he signs elsewhere…..and prove once and for all what a jackass you truly are 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. Adamhoward
    November 6, 2019 at 6:17 pm
    “Now Flyer Billy will be next superstar kid of the Roosters junior acadamy production line.”

    Jeff Goldbloom is a Souths Junior like Butler if you care to check dopey but not much in the talent department I’m afraid to say and will follow no rep Radley as nothing more than a standard club level player.

  12. timtammy
    November 7, 2019 at 10:14 pm
    “Twatty one— Yeah I’ve just cut and pasted your above comment”

    Speaking of making an ass of myself…

    timtammy previous post….
    “Lattell loves Sydney and Sydney loves Latrell and will always remain a rooster”

  13. Latrell was always coming to his spiritual home Souths for $750k but would have tolerated staying with the rednecks for no less than 1m.
    Only way he could continue putting up with the latte sippers.

  14. Do your research numbnut TwitOne.
    Bily Smith was born and bred in the Sydney’s East played union and league, went to the same school as Crichton at Scotts College in Sydney’s East playing Union, played with Roosters feeder club Wyong Roos.

    Butcher as a 16yr old has been developed by the Roosters since 2015 and was captain of the Roosters 2016 NYC Premiership winning team.
    Butcher’s development continued under the sharp eyes of Sydney’s coaching team, winning an Nrl premiership and going onto play for Australia in the U23s in 2019

    Sorry TwitOne but he did all this under the watchful eyes of the coaching team that works the Rooster Junior Acadamy.

    Souths coaches did nothing to develop Billy Smith or Nat Butcher.

  15. Another attempt by BenHubcap to imply that the roosters have juniors.
    No no no , they poach grass roots juniors from other clubs and pit them in Jersey flag etc and label them local juniors.
    Jeff Bloomfield played junior league for Kensington but didnt show much.
    Nothing has changed.

  16. Billy Smith junior club Kensington Saints.
    Save your money for the 5c pokies at your club which pays for your teams wages whilst destroying families like yours unlike Souths who pay through our massive membership.
    Souths are opposed to gambling dens like yours which is part of our proud reputation.
    Explains the busiest cash converters in sydney across the road from Easts leagues club.
    No argument.

  17. BenHudson November 7, 2019 at 11:14 pm
    “Do your research numbnut TwitOne.”
    From the sombreros website.
    Billy Smith.
    Debut Club: Sydney Roosters
    Opposition: –
    Date: 24 August 2019
    Round: –
    Previous Club: –
    Junior Club: Kensington Saints.

    Now BennyWombat, google Kensington Saints and check which Juniors system they belong to.

  18. TwitOne so he played for Kensington Saints in under5s to under 8s, Souths had nothing to do with him, did George Piggins give him some inside tips? No. Kensington coached by JoeBlow said run and have fun.

    Wake up TwitOne. players are not developed by a club until they get into the rep teams of that district of the NRL teams.

    Greg Alexander played for the winning 1983 Patrician Brothers Fairfield. Does that make him a Parra junior. Billy Smith never played any rep teams for Souths. Get your hand off it numbnutz.

  19. BenHubcap
    November 8, 2019 at 10:46 am
    “TwitOne so he played for Kensington Saints in under5s to under 8s,”

    Nice try Hubcap. He was there till under 15’s and then poached like Butcher was.

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