SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 06: Bronson Xerri of the Sharks is tackled during the round four NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Cronulla Sharks at ANZ Stadium on April 06, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty Images)

Cronulla centre Bronson Xerri still is hoping for a move away from the Sharks, although it looks like it won’t be at the Roosters with close friend Kyle Flanagan.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a third party has reportedly offered the Roosters Xerri’s services for next season, although Sydney aren’t thrilled about the idea.

With Latrell Mitchell set to depart before the start of next season, the Roosters do have an open spot on left centre, although they seem to be keen on either Billy Smith or Brett Morris to replace Mitchell.

Xerri’s disappointment reportedly stems from the recent signing of Jesse Ramien, with the former Newcastle outside back on more money that Xerri.

The 19-year-old played 22 games in his debut season with the Sharks in 2019.


  1. Come to Saints young man!!

    You can play either side as both Lafai & Aitkin must surely be on their way out soon

  2. Can’t say I really blame the lad.

    Sometimes clubs don’t play fair with players they already have especially emerging ones such as Xerri and focus their fire power on buy ins. This situation is almost the opposite of what Mitchell is doing where the club appear to be playing fair but the player isn’t.

  3. Can’t blame the kid.

    Sharks should swap Xerri for Mitchell and release Moylan to the Tigers.

    Sharks get a good goal kicker and have really good attacking edges. Wade Graham and Latrell Mitchell on one side and Briton Nikora and Jesse Ramien on the other side. Roosters get a cheap replacement for Mitchell and Tigers get a good fullback/five-eight

  4. Sharks get what they deserve if they do end up losing Xerri. They pandered to Ramien, rolled out the red carpet and gave him a nice little $$$ rise. Can’t blame Xerri for being dirty here if he is missing out

  5. Yep ok, if he wants out then move him on. Dont let door hit you on way out. If he had a brain, he would realise that he would be starting centre alongside ramien & his deal would have been upgraded accordingly dependant on form.
    It appears the current mitchell circus has created a storm in terms of players W-hore-ing themselves out looking for the highest bidder.

  6. I have heard it on extremely good authority that Latrell Mitchell is not going anywhere. He is staying put at the Sydney Premiers where he is contracted for 2020.

    The media reported that Latrell will play reserve grade for Norths. But it is only media propaganda. You can bet this is 100% accurate. Mitchell wi be a Rooster next season. 100%

  7. Cheers boys, I wish I was on any teams recruiting staff. Would be on some good dollars and paid to watch people play the best game in the world hahahaha

    Sharks really need to improve at goal kicker cause Johnson is really really average at it. Mitchell is not only great at scoring tries but is probably in the top 10 kickers in the league plus the Roosters, Bulldogs and Tigers don’t want him anymore. Cronulla offers Mitchell a chance at winning games (something the titans won’t offer) and staying in Sydney.

    Xerri is a big loss and is sad that it’s because of the Ramien thing and all that but best thing to do is move on quickly. In having edges of Mitchell Ramien Graham and Nikora your still really young and very very talented. Nikora and Johnson looked a good partnership give that edge Ramien and Katoa, then on the other edge have Townsend with Graham Mitchell and Josh Morris. Having Morris there will help Mitchell on defence a lot.

  8. Sharks already have salary cap issue yet you want them to sign someone on a higher contract.
    Plus the sharks already have enough centres
    Morris Dugan Ramien
    The sharks need a middle forward

  9. Mitchell is staying at the Roosters,
    swa9amuff1n Mitchells goal kicking went way off the rails in the last 5 or 6 weeks of the comp and his accuracy fell for the season way bellow good kickers of 80% plus. Mitchell finished with only 75% accuracy. Had he practiced a bit more rather than listen to his managers, then Mitchell would have broken the Roosters club record held by Ivan Cleary of 284 points in a season. Mitchell finished with 273.

  10. Hope he comes to Melbourne. We have lost Chambers, Scott, Addo-Carr wants to got back to Sydney An Vunivalu is on the way out next Season. We could Potentially sign Jack Bird, Zac Lomax, An Bronson Xerri an still have money in hand

  11. Yes if he didn’t listen to his managers he would’ve broken that record and yes he did fall away with his kicking but fact is he is still a good kicker. If he didn’t fall away towards the end of the season Mitchell wouldn’t have finish 75% it would’ve been more like 79%. Thing is also he’s still 22 and can improve.

    Sharks do have a cap issues you’re right
    I’m saying let Xerri go (because he wants too) and let Moylan go (because he’s not needed) and bring in Mitchell.

    Latrell Mitchell because he’s had so many offers withdraw your only competition is the titans and wallabies (if that’s serious). I’d say you could lure him to the sharks for about 800k which is actually 100k less that what Moylan is already on.

    They way you entice Mitchell to join you over them is easy. Sharks will win more games than the titans so you say you have a chance to win a premiership here. Plus you get to stay in Sydney. Plus you say that we might not want you to start in fullback right away but we will give you an opportunity at it. Josh Dugan can start at fullback (which makes Duges happy) and you say if you work on becoming a fullback and play well you can be have it. Sharks did the same thing to Val Holmes when he wanted to be fullback, so do the same with Mitchell.

    So…… end of the day. Sharks get cap relief by letting two leave and one join. Mitchell is happy because he gets to challenge for a premiership in Sydney and he gets the chance to become a fullback. Dugan is happy cause he gets to start at fullback. The sharks also address goal kicking issues and between Johnson and Mitchell they should both improve.

  12. The problem with that swa9 is who would take on Moylan full contract he’s on 900k the sharks would have to chip in about 300k for any team to be interested with that being the case it actually makes Latrell contract worth 1.1 million plus the sharks would need to get another player to fill the roster

  13. Twentyone has Mitchell already “signed in a done deal” along with Arrow, Fifita, Ado-Carr and……. all in a done deal, pending a clearance by the NRL on Sam Burgess four year shoulder injury, not being found out…. that it is a brand new injury this season.

  14. Xerri also needs to realise that this is ONLY his 1st year in the top grade, & YES, he had a great year. BUT…. In Ramiens 1st great year in the top grade at the Sharks 2018, he was on the cusp of Origin selection, Sharks know & remember his potential. Hence the right of higher worth. Now after hearing of Xerris intentions, id be looking at moving him on ASAP. No-one wants a greedy player, who doesnt want to be at a club. Well i wouldnt anyway!!

  15. I bet poor ole Johnny Morris is pi$$ed as. He coached xerri all through juniors, as xerri came through Sharks elite pathway program & then hands him his debut this year.

  16. Sharks also need a middle forward with Gallen retired and Prior gone.

    Hame Sele is uncontracted
    Herman Ese’ese would be alright

  17. Adamhoward
    December 2, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    “I have heard it on extremely good authority that Latrell Mitchell is not going anywhere. He is staying put at the Sydney Premiers where he is contracted for 2020.

    The media reported that Latrell will play reserve grade for Norths. But it is only media propaganda. You can bet this is 100% accurate. Mitchell wi be a Rooster next season. 100%”

    AdamHubcap get off the long necks you stupid, clueless fool.

  18. Yeah I’m hearing that parramatta have held talks with him two days ago…. they are very keen to get a hold of him.
    Also parramatta are very close to signing Brock Lamb.

    1: C Gutherson
    2: M Sivo
    3: B Xerri
    4: W Blake
    5: B Ferguson
    6: D Brown
    7: M Moses
    8: R Campbell
    9: R Mahoney
    10: Jr Paulo
    11: S Lane
    12: R Matterson
    13: N Brown

    14: R Stone
    15: M Nuikore
    16: O Kaufusi
    17: K Evans


    1: W Smith
    2: H Dunster
    3: E Parry
    4: B Takarangi
    5: G Jennings
    6: J Salmon
    7: B Lamb
    8: D Hollis ( monster ) 200cm 120kg
    9: R Davies
    10: D Alvaro
    11: A Davey
    12: D Gower
    13: P Terepo

    14: S Hughes
    15: S Utoikimanu
    16: ?
    17: ?

    Eels looking good for 2020
    Still think they need another back up hooker, and another 2nd rower and outside back in depth
    I would sign T Fuinamao from Penrith who can play 2nd row and centre, and sign Nu Brown to play back up hooker

  19. I don’t get what Xerri’s problem is with other players getting more money than him. He’s a rookie and more than likely signed a contract that was for longer than a season. If you don’t like the terms of the contract, don’t sign in the first place.

  20. Parramatta have re-signed Michael Jennings. They wouldn’t have bothered doing that, if Xerri was going there.
    On the other hand. Penrith should get any money together that they can find. To get Xerri to Penrith. At least they’d then have a couple of good centres.

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