BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Kodi Nikorima of the Broncos makes a break during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on September 9, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

New Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold will be out to stamp his mark on the Broncos’ roster, and the first player to be given the flick could be halfback Kodi Nikorima.

According to The Courier-Mail, Nikorima has reportedly been shopped to the Warriors, after they let go of Shaun Johnson last week.

Johnson went on to sign with Cronulla, and are now on the lookout for a new halfback, with Nikorima now a realistic replacement.

Brisbane could replace the Kiwi with Parramatta No.7 Mitchell Moses, although sources have told The Courier-Mail that deal won’t be taking place.

The 44-year-old is getting comfortable in his new rule, and needs to assess his squad before making any rash decisions.

“I’ll have a good look at where we’re at from a squad point of view,” Seibold told The Courier-Mail.

“This has all happened really fast. Less than 12 hours ago I was in Sydney.

“First and foremost, I wanted to get in front of the staff. Secondly, but more importantly, get in front of the playing group.

“They’ve got clarity and certainty now. I’ll go from there.”

Warriors coach Stephen Kearney is a fan of Nikorima’s, who impressed during New Zealand’s recent Tests against England.

Nikorima and Anthony Milford will need to battle it out for the Broncos’ halfback position next season, and Seibold will give them that change over the coming weeks.

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“Both those players have shown glimpses of outstanding attacking football,” he added.

“I’ll get an opportunity over the coming weeks to look at the various weapons the individual players have got and try to come up with a game model that suits.

“There is certainly some attacking ability in those two guys.

“There is talent in the group, there’s no doubt about that. There is a young group here.

“In some ways there is an opportunity for young players to cement positions in the team. It looks as though there will be a lot of competition for spots amongst the group.

“As we progress I’ll get a good understanding of where the playing group is at, the weapons in the group and also the limiting factors.

“I need to assess that once I see the group work.”


  1. Seibold better not think about trying to steal Adam Reynolds or Cody Walker from the Rabbitohs. He has done enough damage as it is for his own selfish gain without thought of consequence to the club that gave him his big break or the players who put their faith and trust in him before he betrayed them all.

    Btw, I have a MASSIVE story I am sitting on (actually 3 MASSIVE stories in one that will blow your mind), but it is a LONG post, even for me, and I didn’t want to hijack a story before people had the chance to post a few more “on topic” comments.

    Teaser: Prepare to have your mind 🧠 blown 💣 💥 🤪 My source the “Angry Eagle” has been talking to a very prominent NRL coach and a former NRL coach and has an explosive revelation to share firstly about the Sharks and then also about the Roosters, Nick Politis and finally an insight from “inside the NRL” on how the game is ACTUALLY run. The truth, no BS! 💩

    NEW FLASH to follow, stay tuned!

    • Cody and Adam are both tied up for a long time. I would like Adam, but I can’t see it happening any time soon.

      • I fear what might be happening behind the scenes with Seibold “Slammin Sam”. You should be having the same fears about Bennett and their shared desire to gut their former clubs of the best available talent.

        It seems like a recipe for “mutally assured destruction”.

    • It’s a professional game mate so, as long as he is playing within the rules, Siebold is perfectly within his rights to “steal” Reynolds and/or Walker. Whether or not you are happy with how things went down, his sole responsibility now is to the Broncos and he will do what is best for them. Unfortunately the Rabbitohs are in his past and if he has to make decisions that will hurt them then he will.

      • IF recent “reports” are true, that Seibold (as I understand it) actually APPROACHED the Broncos back in April 2018 to declare his interest in returning to Brisbane but then the discussion was turned by the Broncos to thoughts of Seibold taking over from Bennett, what then? Following this, it was all agreed upon by May (round 10) that Seibold would take over from Bennett in 2019 but this was then kept quiet. Perhaps the Broncos saw an opportunity with Bellamy and jumped at it? Perhaps they genuinely pursued Bellamy as Bennett’s successor which would have left Seibold at least as an assistant coach to Bellamy once again, otherwise, it was just a smokescreen from the beginning.

        Throw “allegedly” and “reportedly” in a few times to the above if you like eels47 BUT… IF it IS true what then? What would you say to that eels47, at least as a “hypothetical exercise”?

        • It still doesn’t change the fact that, moving forward, his job is to act in the interests of the Broncos, even at the expense of the Rabbitohs.

          That said, if what you are “alleging” is in fact true, then it paints a poor picture of Siebold and his moral standards in my opinion, and you and other Rabbitohs supporters have every right to be angry about it.

        • Like so many other things in the game that there is so much talk surrounding but no one is prepared to go “on the record” for fear of reprisal so it will probably remain as heresay and never be proven. More’s the pity.

    • Jarome Luai (Panthers) is the answer bigmanu not Nikorima as I said once before…

      Reg Reagan November 29, 2018 at 10:40 pm
      …the Warriors should make a play for Jarome Luai (Panthers) if the Eels lock down Dylan Brown. Or make a play for him anyway as a future halves partner for Brown. He won’t get many opportunities behind Maloney and Cleary at the Panthers you would think. Also, he is of New Zealand descent through his mother so a change might have some appeal due to a family connection perhaps. It’s worth a shot at least now that there is plenty of cash left in the Warriors coffers after SJ’s departure.

      • Luai just re-signed for the Panthers & loves it there. Came all the way through the junior system.
        Will be the next 5/8th , with Cleary at half. May happen before Maloney is finished his 2 years.
        Also chose to play for Samoa. So I guess he loves Samoa more than NZ.
        That pair have the potential to be the best halves combination in the game. With Luai’s great speed.
        With May as the back up, who can also play other positions.

    • He could be a good fit with Green. Plus Nikorima is better than you think. He could be the ball runner he is at Brisbane because Milford had that role and he had to try organise and lead the team around the park. He now has some ability to do that but more importantly can play his natural running game. He’s only 24 and can improve plus he’s a cheap pick up. Dylan Brown I don’t think he will leave. I went to high school with him in NZ. He left a while back and the Warriors weren’t keen then. He has made some good friends in Aussie and represented Aussie schoolboys. Jerome Luai is a gun talent but he’s the future partner to Nathan Cleary after Maloney and he signed a big new extension.

      • About Jerome Luai, swa9amuff1n, if this off-season has taught us anything it is that NOTHING is for certain and contracts are no guarantee of anything.

        The Warriors should go after this kid instead of Nikorima IMHO.

      • Yeah I suppose but he literally only signed it not even 2 months ago and it’s already kind of confirmed James Maloney wants to finish his career in England and is only contracted to the end of next year, with the club coming out saying the long term plan is to from Luai as Clearys halves partner. It looks set in stone almost.

        • As set in stone as anything else these days. Don’t expect the Panthers to show the same integrity in return though. Pity then that you guys let Mason Lino isn’t it?

  2. The length of the following will require multiple posts…

    (Part 1)

    BIG NEWS!!!

    From the “Angry Eagle” (to be posting on ZT soon):

    A chance meeting with a friend resulted in the “Angry Eagle” sitting down for coffee with a current NRL coach, a former NRL coach and several high profile senior players for coffee. The result of this conversation was as follows…

    Reg: Sorry Sharks fans, you may want to skip this…

    – The Sharks are in massive trouble. There is a storm brewing but nothing will be announced just yet.
    – Shane Flanagan is GONE! He is a “dead man walking” and will not coach in 2019. It is doubtful he will coach again in the NRL.
    – The fine yet to be imposed on the Sharks for their recent salary cap breach is expected to be close to three times that imposed on Manly.
    – There are concerns over whether this could fatally harm the Sharks financially and force them to go under.
    – There is a strong possibility that the Sharks will be stripped of their 2016 premiership. (Reg: this would be sad but understandable)

    (to be continued)

  3. (Part 2)

    This is literally a RED pill BLUE pill choice from this point. If you want to believe that there is nothing wrong with the game and everything is fine then PLEASE take the BLUE pill and DON’T READ THIS! If you want to know the truth however and you are prepared for a paradigm shift in your thinking about HOW the game is run then take the RED pill and continue…

    “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.” – Morpheus – “The Matrix”

    Reg: Roosters fans may want to skip this at this point… Ah, stuff it! No, you NEED to read this and take the blinkers off.

    The “Angry Eagle” asked the prominent NRL coach a question directly regarding the alleged breaches of the salary cap by the Roosters.

    “Angry Eagle”: “If Manly and the Sharks have been busted for being are over the cap HOW can the Roosters not be and WHEN will THEY be investigated?”

    The prominent coach exchanged looks with the former NRL coach and they both laughed and the current NRL coach said the following…

    [“Angry Eagle”] THAT will NEVER happen. If there is ONE thing you can be sure of in the game it is that the Roosters will NEVER be investigated. Greenberg is a puppet and Nick Politis pulls the strings. That has ALWAYS been the way of things and EVERYONE inside the game KNOWS it.

    At this point the “several high profile senior players” in the group all laughed! The current NRL coach concluded..

    [“Angry Eagle”] Nick Politis runs the NRL and Greenberg is just the instrument he uses to control things behind the scenes. He can hardly do it publically himself.

    Well, there you have it ZT. THAT’s enough proof for me to strip the chooks of their 2013 and 2018 premierships and ALL minor premierships during this time. I will NEVER recognise ANY of the “over the cap” premierships the Roosters have won or will win from 2013 onwards. At 76 years old Politis cannot out run father time and his stranglehold over the game may not last much longer, but will the game survive him and if so for how long. Will Politis’s legacy be that his short-sighted vanity and thirst for purchased glory resulted in the death of the game itself? Time will tell.

    • @ Woody and all Roosters fans…

      I know I promised to drop this but this was passed on to me by a former longtime contributor to this site (who will shortly be returning). It was from a known trusted source inside the NRL who has direct “past experience” with people mentioned. This can’t be ignored but rest assured there will be no impact on your club. It will be business as usual, “lift rug and sweep”. But PLEASE don’t rub it in when your club CLEARLY has “the rub of the green” and every possible advantage already!

      • Reg, based on my brief chats with the “Angry Eagle” “offline” in the past, and on a few clues hidden in your posts, am I safe to assume I have a good idea who this current coach might be?

        • Shhhh! Besides, the “AE” travels for work “potentially” all over the country so “potentially” it could be anyone. But your assumption was correct it might reveal a damning previous association which would make this assertion all the more “interesting” and “believable” but still “potentially wrong”… “potentially speaking”. 😉

        • Tranquillity Base the Eagle has landed! The “Angry Eagle” is in the house! ZT “AngryEagle47” IS the “Angry Eagle”. Tip rats, be afraid! Be VERY afraid!

  4. (Part 3 – FINAL)

    The “Angry Eagle” then asked both coaches the following…

    “Angry Eagle”: If coaches meet each year to discuss changes in the rules WHY then is there no consensus or consistency, why do the rules keep changing each year and are often changed DURING the season?

    The current NRL coach answered: [“Angry Eagle”] the coaches DO meet each year but we discuss subjects around the game without any mention of the rules because we all know this is out of our control. We have NO say in the matter. The media keep reporting that we do and we are all tired of it. The “owners” of the game keep tweaking the rules of the game to make adjustments for it’s entertainment value. Remember this is now a billion dollar business. It’s a commercial enterprise.

    Reg: In other words, the game has moved from being a tribalistic competition and a genuine gladiatorial contest to something that more resembles the football equivalent of the WWE.

    So WHO ARE the “owners” of the game”? The NRL? Or does it go beyond this to the two broadcasters (FOX Sports/News Corp. and CH9) who together feed over $1 billion dollars into the NRL coffers and whose primary purpose is to entertain and produce content for commercial gain? No wonder there is no longer any loyalty in the game when corporations run the game and look at individuals as assets and commodities to be traded to help adjust their balance sheet with their sole interest being their commercial objectives instead of the good of the game itself. Clearly, the fallout of the Super League war is still impacting the game today and this is the final result. They have $ucKed out all that is good, pure and honest about the game and left only a husk, an empty shell that bears little resemblance to what the game once was, and it appears that there is little hope left that this can ever be reversed. There is an iceberg (not just a “Greenberg”) straight ahead and it is too late to abandon ship.

    • The game should be evolving to ensure it is as ‘entertaining’ as possible. As a fan I want to watch the most entertaining version of the sport and the NRL will get more money for their product if it’s more entertaining. The coaches have minimal input into rule changes as they (understandably) try to manipulate the rules for the good of their team, rather than for the good of the game.
      As for Greenberg being Politis’ puppet, this may well be true but Greenberg has only been in charge since (I think) 2016(?). The perception roosters have been rorting the system has been around since way before then (as evidence by your own complaints about 2013). I think it’s more likely that like the general public these coaches/players also perceive the roosters to be over the cap/rorting the system. (For the record I’m no roosters fan and not trying to defend them or even believe they are innocent but again some opposition coaches thinking their over the cap isn’t exactly evidence of a breach).
      As for the Sharks situation I await with interest for more information to come to light. Again I do question how an opposition coach would know the Sharks internal situation but it seems the most plausible. I assume the Flannagan is on his way out implies he is complicit in the Sharks alleged breaches?

      • You may have missed the “cynical implication” of just HOW the game is “tweaked” to make it more “entertaining” and that would be at the expense of it’s integrity and impartiality.

        Also, you can infer from this that IF true, Politis’s meddling did not start with Greenberg’s tenure but that he has had considerable influence behind the scenes for a VERY long time. Clearly having Kerry Packer sitting beside him in a private meeting with George Piggins only helps to emphasise this and why the Roosters were never in danger of being kicked out of the competition or forced to merge or relocate.

    • That is the biggest lot of Cr-ap that has ever left your finger tips. Reginald Reagan all this is another attempt by you to attack the Roosters and their salary Cap. You need counselling otherwise you will develop a mental health issue🤣😂😂🤣😀.

      When a person believes such gullible stories posted via an Angry Eagle as your source, proves why you believe all the outrageous amounts of money new Roosters players sign on for like your ridicoulous 1mil for Crichton etc and you believe every exaggerated story you read and take for gospel.

      Reggie mate. What will you do when nothing happens to Flannery and Cronulla like reported from the NRL that Cronulla are being quizzed over a 100k amount. Not an amount to strip them of their premiership in 2016. I will give your prize now Reg a few dozen internet eggs to spatter over you head and hide your embarrassment. 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

      Ps Reg You need to get over the fact the Roosters won their 2013 and 2018 premierships fair and square. Stop living in a fantasy that Nick Politis runs the show. Conspiracy theories are great entertainment for the mentally unstable. How can you believe such rot that the NRL are unable to detect and punish teams like the Roosters. If the Roosters like you said are cheating why didn’t they win competitions three in a row 2002-2004 and 2013-2015 after being minor premiers. 🔫😎👎👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

      • Don’t boil your egg Woody. I am simply passing on information from a current coach who knows the game the inner workings of the NRL and how the Roosters operate.

        Don’t shoot the messenger if you don’t like the message.

        Now breathe into a paper bag. You must have PLENTY lying around. 😂😂😂

    • NEVER, Rick with a silent “P”. pedro received a text from Cook’s brother confirming “it isn’t going to happen!” so you can save your bait. You don’t need to fish in a “cage match”. So come at me directly or slink away and hide little mouse.

      • Is Pedro another one of those “gospel sauce” of information❓❓❓😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😁You know the one’s that have you believe Crichton is the most elite group of players after 30 games and the Chooks signed him for 1MILLION Dollars🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂Look I read one of your sauce of gospel info and Cook is a gorrrna

        • I know you battery chickens are used to cages but you really shouldn’t be running around inside one during a cage match Woody. Talk about siphoning away the tension!

          And pedro was only a source about Cook not going to the Broncos.

  5. “Brisbane could replace the Kiwi with Parramatta No.7 Mitchell Moses, although sources have told The Courier-Mail that deal won’t be taking place.”

    Honestly, who writes this stuff? That could be the biggest waste of a paragraph I have ever seen. If it’s not happening then why speculate it just because you see that could theoretically be an option. Why don’t you try reporting on facts rather than just throwing in some rubbish opinion for the sake of it while also admitting it’s not an option.

    Why stop there? Why not say they could also bring Alf out of retirement?

  6. Just to clarify a couple of things Reg..
    I didn’t actually meet with current and former coaches and high profile players (do we have them in Canberra? 🤔)
    But i did see Ricky Stuart in the main street of Gungahlin a while back and he give me a nod ! 🤜🤛

      • Read below. This is a tr0ll. When I muck around I admit to it, when I stuff up I come clean and confess it. This is on the level according to my source who heard it first hand from someone who has been deeply involved in the NRL at all levels for a long time.

        They KNOW what they are talking about. Don’t put any faith in tr0lls.

        • TheAngryEagle 🦅 Any more far out tripping 📗📘📕📙stories to share with Reg Reagan😀😆😆🤣😂😂😂🤣😆😀

        • He was meant to be landing tonight so you can discuss this with him then over a chicken dinner. 😂😂😂

        • Well I have to question the wisdom of one of them to try to put me in a “mobility scooter” while at the same time hinting at opening “the vault of secrets”. Not a smart move you must agree wise billy boooiyeee?

        • To clarify, the mobility scooter was a dig at you geriatric coach. And I haven’t hinted at anything that asn’t already been aired publicly on this site……

      • @Nutzy, there are other eagles around apparently, legal ones and im distancing myself from this story. so yeah nah.
        I did not have coffee with them and i probably never will.

        • Why don’t you distance yourself from this site and the handle you stole tip rat. Go back to your tip and look for inspiration, new ideas and originality there instead. Or do I have to take out the trash?

        • Bring it on rooster boy I’ll chew you up and well digest your pathetic corpse and dispose of you only a human can

    • I think I know who you are but I definately know who you are NOT. You are NOT the “Angry Eagle” but a tr0ll who has misappropriated the handle I have spent so much time setting for them so thanks SO much for that you lonely stupid tip rat.

      Actually, I was on the phone talking to the REAL “Angry Eagle” who read your post out to me over the phone.

      Rest assured they will be online before too much longer and we will deal with you when ever you stick your “m0le rat” head up out of the dark little hole you hide in and we will play “splat the rat” every time we see it.

  7. Iw rote this in response to another topic of the NS Bears return…….But appears relevant here too….

    Super League….where people could watch Freddy Fittler and the Roosters play league in Japan. My god Super League smoked some heavy stuff in 1999. Though head of the NRL John Quayle wanted nearly all Sydney clubs to merge but knew he would be ousted if he rushed it. So he let Super League and Murdoch take the rap. Murdoch and Foxtel decided to bypass the NRL and Quayle and sign most of the Canberra Raiders, (Meninga, Stuart, Clyde), Bulldogs, Sharks, Panthers etc on $500-600Kk a year. It was sickening to watch them all line up for their cheques though I understand it as now being paid 3 times your current contract to do exactly the same job. That is where the game ceased to be for the people and greed and abuse of power took over and the war began. TV rights now rule all that Rugby League represents. NRL now ask “How will this decision affect TV rights” instead of building the game around what the people want. Even The Bunker is designed to take longer than necessary because all those reviews take time, extending the broadcast time, and tipping more advertising money toward the TV stations. I would love to see Norths return. But I would love to see the West Tigers revert back to the Fibro Magpies at Campbelltown and win the Amco Cup just as they did in 1977, the Balmain Tigers at Leichhardt and the Newtown Jets at Henson park…..sadly Norths return will never happen. I do miss the Bears.

  8. Iw rote this in response to another topic of the NS Bears return…….But appears relevant here too….

    Super League….where people could watch Freddy Fittler and the Roosters play league in Japan. My god Super League smoked some heavy stuff in 1999. Though head of the NRL John Quayle wanted nearly all Sydney clubs to merge but knew he would be ousted if he rushed it. That is where the game ceased to be for the people and greed and abuse of power took over and the war began. TV rights now rule all that Rugby League represents. NRL now ask “How will this decision affect TV rights” instead of building the game around what the people want. Even The Bunker is designed to take longer than necessary because all those reviews take time, extending the broadcast time, and tipping more advertising money toward the TV stations. I would love to see Norths return. But I would love to see the West Tigers revert back to the Fibro Magpies at Campbelltown and win the Amco Cup just as they did in 1977, the Balmain Tigers at Leichhardt and the Newtown Jets at Henson park…..sadly Norths return will never happen. I do miss the Bears.

  9. Why don’t the Broncos and Rabbitohs just swap jumpers for 2019. It would save everyone a lot of hassle.

      • holmsey? Even you couldn’t be silly enough to think that you could pull this ruse off, surely? I would be deeply disappointed if a certain retired superhero could stoop to that level so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

        Rick with a silent “P” might be feeling the pressure and getting desperate and feel the need to provide themselves with an escape option or a phantom tag team partner. But then they would be effectively violating the rules of the cage match which would effectively be ruled as “tapping out”.

        The REAL “Angry Eagle” promised me that they will be online later this afternoon or tonight so we will just have to wait and crack the “mystery piñata” until then.

        • Just going through my list. Someone who has been on this site for a long time I think given their in depth knowledge from long ago.

        • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😁😆😁😆😀😀😀🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😆😁🤣🤣😂😂😂😆😆😆😁😁😁

          Fairdinkum Reg Reagan-1971 sounds like you really have lost the plot posting all that Bullamakanka over three Parts. Look (whisper) just between you an me Reg I think if you give this number a call they will be able to fix you up, I say are you still there Reg❓❓❓❓❓ (Whisperstill) call Lifeline on 131114.🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓💪👴👍

          Think McFly befor you swan dive into Lake Gullibleism 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😀

      • TheAngryEagle 🦅 Any more far out tripping 📗📘📕📙stories to share with Reg Reagan😀😆😆🤣😂😂😂🤣😆😀

        • @woody
          Damien Cook to the Broncos
          Source : a soufths legend named Sammy Burgess.
          🍪🍪 👨‍🍳👨‍🍳 🐴🐴🐎🐎

        • Woody, please ignore the desperate attempts of this tr0ll to find a rock to cling to before he is removed like a stain from this site. Leave that to me and the “Angry Eagle”. @ TheFakeEagle, your timing couldn’t have been worse! You pulled this pathetic charade just as the REAL “angry Eagle” was about to land on your head.

          “I Pity the Fool.” – Mr T.

  10. Not the biggest fan of Nikorima but think he could work there. Green is a controlling half and Niko could show off his running game which he’s actually good at. Plus he’s only 24 and would be on cheap enough coin to dig and still get another good player with the money saved by removing Johnson.
    Nikorima ($400k)
    Kevin Proctor ($600k)
    Kevin Proctor would be awesome. Heard Titans want to sign Alex Glenn getting rid of Proctor frees up the money and if you don’t get Glenn still have James, Hipgrave, Cartwright among others. As for us going for Proctor he was awesome with Tohu Harris at Melbourne and we could use another good working and tackling forward now that Mannering is retired.

  11. It’s a simple concept. Talk footy light banter no need for the personal attacks yes I have contact with many different coaches players my line of work requires me to travel. I love RL and today I had an opportunity to sit with people and players I have never seen before who welcomed my enthusiasm for the game and respectfully answered the many questions I have not just about my club but the game in general. Don’t like what’s reported don’t read it want to reply make it logical and intelligent no need to be a tip rat
    I have been right 95% of the time I’ve posted or others have posted on my behalf yes I’ve stayed away and everyone here knows why but I’m not going anywhere this time

    • “It’s a simple concept. Talk footy light banter no need for the personal attacks”

      You just described the “Banter Train” mate. Although it gets us through the off-season much faster if we stoke up the engines with a heavier leaning towards banter! Welcome aboard! Toot! Toot! 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃

    • “I have been right 95% of the time”

      Actually, the figure is 95.2% correct on predictions made before reported on online media.

      – Benji Marshall to Broncos – YES
      – Keary to Roosters – YES
      – Madge will be axed – YES
      – Crichton to Roosters – YES
      – Farah to Souths – YES
      – Farah to Tigers – YES
      – Cronk an 80% chance of going to the Rabbitohs – NO
      – Anthony Griffin sacked before the end of the year – YES
      – Ivan Cleary to the Panthers – YES
      – Bellamy to stay at the Storm – YES
      – Roosters and Storm in the GF – YES
      – Trent Barrett to be locked out of Brookvale oval – YES
      – Des Hasler to coach – YES
      – “Crusher” Cleal to join Des at Manly – YES
      – Don Singe to join Des at Manly – YES
      – “snake” to join Des at Manly – YES
      – Wighton in trouble for assault – YES
      – Hayne in trouble for assault – YES
      – Hayne to be dumped by the Eels – YES
      – Bennett to be sacked before 2019 – YES
      – Seibold to go to the Broncos for 2019 – YES

      And I probably forgot some as well.

  12. What a joke!
    Some one above there saying about ‘Talking Light Footy Banter & No Personal Attacks’.
    Something this same person doesn’t prescribe to using themselves .
    Go & read the Walker story & then the comments after that story.
    Have a laugh at the lack of personal attacks , threats by the same person. NOT.

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