SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 14: David Klemmer of the Bulldogs and team mates look dejected after a Rabbitohs try during the round 18 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on July 14, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

David Klemmer could be forced out of the Bulldogs at the end of the season as the club struggles to get under the 2019 salary cap.

Klemmer recently said he would leave the Bulldogs only “if it was to help the club”, and it seems a team with ample salary cap space could be coming for him.

Newcastle Knights coach Nathan Brown said the club has salary cap money to spend and that they are looking to add at least two more players to their list.

They have already locked in Kalyn Ponga and Mitchell Pearcem but Brown is eager to get some more star power into the club.

“As it stands at the moment he (Klemmer) is signed for a further two seasons until the end of 2020 but … the Newcastle Knights are poised and ready to strike,” News Limited journalist James Hooper said on NRL 360.

“Their coach was in front of the cameras today saying that they’ve got an absolute war chest to spend and they’re looking for marquee players.

“They want a gun middle forward and David Klemmer is the man that they have identified.

“Now Nathan Brown I am told has actually spoken to Chris Anderson and Lynne Anderson about this and put it on them.

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“They laughed and said, ‘Absolutely no way’, in no uncertain terms but as we know in rugby league things can move in mysterious ways at times.”

The Bulldogs are currently sitting third last on the ladder and while fans are already unhappy with the club, losing Klemmer could tip them over.


  1. Screw the piss poor knights come to Manly klemmer you and big Marty will form the best front row combo in the game, afb off the bench. The knights will always be bad brown isnt a good coach all he has is ponga

    • Knights are higher on the ladder than manly, and have had way more significant injuries to key players…why would anyone want to play for a struggling team in front of 4000 fans when they could join a team on the rise in front of 20000 fans every week?

      • Cos Newcastle can’t/won’t win a comp. manly can . Plus Newcastle are probably the most boring team in the nrl . Yeah this year fans aren’t showing up but remember when Newcastle were getting the wooden spoon every year there were about 4 people in the entire stadium . This year we have been unlucky with injuries salary cap and heaps of other sh!t . In the next 5 years will be back on top building a team around the turbo brothers . Newcastle aren’t gonna have anything after Ponga leaves back to Queensland after this contract and Pearce will be retired

      • Are you on something???? Way more injuries to key players???? They only gave 2. Pearce and Ponga, Ponga missed 1 game and then Pearce… that’s made my day….

      • On the rise…. fine against everything Newcastle stands for by trying to buy a comp…
        All knights supporters said this year if knights don’t make the 8 it was a disappointing season, so since knights are no where near the 8, once again it’s a waste of a season, with brown at the helm knights will never make it….
        I mean who buys lillyman and heighgton????? Surely there are local juniors who would of been cheaper and way better then those goats

        • Bobfulton, stop drinking that sea water buddy, it sends you mad.
          The Knights are under the cap with a serious war chest to spend within their cap (they very nearly got penalised for being too far under this year), and Manly, well not so much.

          I agree Manly was hit harder by injuries than the Knights, but surely you have to see the Knights have blue sky in front of them, and Manly, well not so much.

          They have Brown and money, Manly has Barrett and an empty wallet.

          I know Parra has its issues, so I can wear the “pot to kettle” but there’s a potential light at the end of oir tunnel too.

        • Eelsalmighty
          Mate I never said they were over the cap or anything, and yep have lots to spend, but putting in there that they have brown as the coach and implying that is a good thing, we’ll i guess that shows your not paying proper attention…
          Brown is the worse coach in nrl by far… he said time is past for knights to just be competitive and try hard they need results, we’ll he has the team he wanted by now and he will a few seasons away from finals footy, and that’s only if they can sign a couple marquee players otherwise they won’t ever make finals with the current squad..
          Manly may be under the pump with salary, but that’s onlt for next year and then things are sweet and already have a great nucleus of a group to work with, we just need our fringe players to be better or get better ones.
          With trobobics, dce, taupau, afb, walker, Kelly, Thompson, sironen, api.
          We just have to build on that… so I’d think out of the 3 clubs you have mentioned that manly clearly had the brightest light at that tunnel and will be the first out of those teams to be playing finals again..

    • Yeah brown can’t coach for sh!t . I can’t for Ponga to go back to Queensland and watch Newcastle get the wooden spoon again and again

  2. i’s love to know with
    J Moz
    B Moz
    B Lee
    And soon to be
    Frawley Cleeland and possibly Martin (hopefully not) all gone
    How the dogs are still under cap pressure?

    • Back ended contracts. By moving these players on, if they are still contracted then the Dogs will still have to pay part their wage. Its a mess that your former coach and board created.

    • I agree. They keep saying back ended contracts but there is no one left to pay. The few that are left can’t be taking up the whole salary cap.

  3. Uncle Nick!!! Its Time to make a phone call🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. ok Foran unfortunately is on 1 mill
    Hoppa would be just under a mil
    the 500k we are paying Graham ends end of this season
    Eastwood and Morris were on 800k each B Moz is on at least 600k mbye was 900k Woods was up there on 800+. That at least free’s 3.5 mil we pay freight of Mbye and I think maybe a small amount of woods say all up 500k and 100k of B Lee leave’s roughly 2.8M

    What am I missing here with the team that’s left?

    • We were paying Kasiano to play with the Storm just for this year so he will be off the books too. I’m pretty sure more players will let go on top.

      • I don’t have the answer, and I’m scratching my head how you could be struggling still, but by way of a possible explanation, in addition to the few players you are still paying at other clubs and/or remaining back ended deals, I can only assume you’re down to losing a high paid player or two to pick up a few good players (not stars, but solid) instead of replacing those that you’ve already lost with min. wage rookies.

        That said, I feel for you guys, or more accurately I will start to after tonight’s game, because your former management must of done 1 hell of a job, and it looks like you’ve got more pain to come from it.

  5. I could be wrong here, but, wasn`t the cap introduced to stop clubs over spending and putting them selves in situations just like this. Surely someone at the NRL seen this coming when they registered the contracts!! I understand the previous management is at fault, but surely a light switched on with someone at the governing body!! Hmmm, maybe not I guess, feel so sorry for the fans, heads up people, stick solid

  6. Here we go again.. The Dogs laughed in Brown’s face when he asked about Klemmer in regards to us selling him. Brown even said Klemmer isn’t for sale when he was asked about it. Why don’t you get your own players from your supposed top notch junior nursery that is full to the brim of talent and not poach other stars?

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