SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: Martin Taupau of the Sea Eagles looks dejected after losing the round 24 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on August 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

After just becoming the 2018 premiers, the Sydney Roosters already have their sights set on the 2019 season, aiming to go all out to lure in an international star.

The Bondi team is reported to be tabling a massive deal for Manly prop Marty Taupau to bring him to the tricolours for next season and beyond.

Taupau is still currently contracted to the Sea Eagles for next season, but it seems he is desperately trying to get out of it.

The Roosters have tried distancing themselves from the rumours but its well known they’ve been keen on the prop throughout the season.

Now that the year is over and the premiership has been won, the Chooks will be open to negotiations with the Kiwi Internationals management to acquire his signature.

If the Roosters can come up with the right deal for Taupau, we could be seeing him in red, white and blue next season, and given they just won the title, it’ll be a nice incentive for Taupau to consider.

It’s understood by Wide World of Sports the Roosters could offload premiership hero Dylan Napa in order to get their hands on Taupau.

Napa has been a weapon for the Roosters over the years, but the club believe Taupau could give them more of the fire power they are after.


  1. Can somebody please tell me how much Napa is on? (not what you think he’s worth, but what he’s actually on.)

  2. If he joins it will mean they will have to offload one or more players. If they don’t then consider me officially one of those who believe the sombrero rumours. I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt until now.

    • ZT has Napa’s contract at $700k apparently. Thats steep, but my Dragons should have a go at getting him. I think he’s a pretty good player and might develop into somebody who’s worth at least that much. God knows the Dragons need a bit more size up front.
      Maybe Manly would consider a 1-1 swap?

      • This is the 2nd contract he has wanted out of when things don’t go his way , so i would be in no hurry to sign him.

    • The Rorters can have him. He is lazy and only plays good for half the time. Manly could use the $800k more productively.

      But they will certainly have to shed at least a couple of top class players to make room in this black hole of a cap they have. Esp now they have premiership winning players they will all want upgraded contracts.

      • you’re joking right? if he was ‘lazy and only plays good for half the time’, why would Roosters want him?
        One of the best props in the game.

  3. Wow what a forward pack they’ll boast! I honestly think they should release Butcher aswell, kid is talented and would be a good player off the bench somewhere else, maybe even a starter. Maybe even Souths should try and get him back.

    8. Waerea-Hargreaves
    10. Taupau
    11. Cordner
    12. Crichton
    13. Radley

    14. Aubusson
    15. Tetevano
    16. Collins
    17. Taukeiaho

    • Off topic WTN , but here is how i think we will line up next season.

      1. Mybe
      2. Thompson
      5. Nofaloma
      6. Marshall ( c )
      11. Lawrence
      12. McQueen
      13. Taylor

      14. Reynolds
      15. Liddle
      16. Matterson

      • Why would McQueen start, when he hardly got a game last season? And why carry Liddle when Farah can play 80 and also carry Reynolds. I do like the team but would start Matterson over McQueen. And have Reynolds, Eisnethuth, Twal and with McQueen, Chee-Kam or Aloaia for the last bench spot

        • Killing it or not, one thing we won’t be doing is falling in a heap around origin period unlike a certain other merged club which you can pretty much set your watch by.

        • That’s because you had no players in origin. Because your team/club would struggle to stay afloat in the nsw cup. Little fella don’t try and argue with adults, you’re going to fail every time. Especially when you support a bucket of puss like the tigers.

        • I understand where the pain and feelings of insignificance come from lidcombe, if I sucked that much I would smoke copious amounts of meth and make bad decisions and post dumb comments as well. We feel for you brother.

        • LoL@dragons supporters
          St merge the ultimate CHOKERS in the comp
          Lil benny hunt runs on the last gets tackled on half way LOL 1.4 million was it? Hes no Dce is he goys?

        • The state your club is in and you’re having a dig at other teams? Hahahaha. Don’t worry princess, with a bit of hard work you may get back to the finals by oh, around 2029.

        • I mean it shouldn’t take too long to get back in the winners circle 54, you only need a new coach, new owners (who aren’t tight ar$es), a new home ground, new sponsor, new captain. Have I missed anything? Oh yeah, new playing roster wouldn’t hurt. Other than that, you’re good to go. Hahaha, manly supporters, forever in denial.

        • 54 enjoy the bottom 4 for at least the next 5 years. Are you that dumb that you do t know manly is a merged team also? Typical soccer kid.

        • You were too soft to grow up playing league, so why claim to be a fan. You are and always will be a soccer kid. I used to like picking on the soccer kids haha

      • Pretty good team but yeah I wouldn’t name McQueen or have two utility’s on the bench. Also was there ever a need for the smart comments?

        1. Mbye
        2. Thompson
        3. Fonua
        4. Marsters
        5. Nofoaluma
        6. Marshall
        7. Brooks
        8. Packer
        9. Farah
        10. Matulino
        11. Lawrence
        12. Matterson
        13. Taylor

        14. Reynolds
        15. Twal
        16. Aloiai
        17. Chee-Kam

        • I like the look of this team but where is Eisenhuth?? Arguably one of the top players since coming into the side imo. The bench is a bit light for big men so needs another prop. Eisenhuth and Twal have added some real starch and meters to that pack.

  4. Considering taupau is still contracted to manly for another couple years and has NOT been given permission to talk to others.m, this is either a made up story or roosters are breaking very clear and obvious rules. Taupau is on 800k at manly and wouldn’t be leaving for any less and roosters simply can’t affird to get him.

      • He still isn’t aloud to talk to or he approached, whether it’s for free…
        Like usual roosters rorting the system and eat away with it. Dirt club

        • Blahahaha funny coming from a Manly supporter! dirt club whatever..very jealous you are…how was Manly s season again…second to last!

  5. If this deal went through it would all but sure up the Roosters being over the cap with the best forward pack and best backline. If like the report suggest Napa leaves I’d love to see a swap to resolve the Peachey drama. Have Napa go to Titans and Peachey and Cartwright to Manly. Would give the Titans a huge pack with heaps of depth

    8. Napa
    9. Peats
    10. Wallace
    11. James
    12. Proctor
    13. Arrow

    14. Rein
    15. Boyd
    16. Latu
    17. Hipgrave

    8. Fonua-Blake
    9. Koroisau
    10. Trbojevic
    11. Sironen
    12. Thompson
    13. Peachey

    14. Cartwright
    15. Perrett
    16. Gosiewski
    17. Tanginoa

    • Manly are trying to get rid of Perrett (or already have). He won’t be there next season. Paseka will be the other bench prop or Sipley if he gets brought up from ISP. I don’t like Peachey in the middle either. He would most likely play 5/8 or I’d like him at center as ours cant tackle….but its moot as I don’t see him coming to Manly. Carty would most likely play lock (although he can’t tackle) if Jake was forced back to prop

  6. If they release napa and take on taupau I dont think it changes their cap position by much. They’re still over the cap. Go Roo$ter$!

      • You men never caught rorting the cap.
        Clear as day they are.
        They don’t even try to hide the fact they are cheating as they know gutless Greenburg won’t go after them as he would lose his kickbacks from uncle Nick.

    • My observation of the Roosters cap appears legitimate. 12 players departing and only three signed with Morris 300-350k, Hall 300-350k and Crichton 600-650k

      Blake Ferguson (Parramatta Eels), Grant Garvey (released), Dean Matterson (released), Ryan Matterson (Wests Tigers), Paul Momirovski (Wests Tigers), Frank-Paul Nu’uausala (retired), Sean O’Sullivan (Brisbane Broncos), Chris Smith (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Eloni Vunakece (retired)
      Kurt Baptiste, Brock Gray, Reece Robinson

      Napa is wanted by Robinson at the Roosters, Napa will not be leaving. If Taupau leaves Manly to go to a successful club to avoid further turmoil and heartache, he will make the choice with a salary sacrifice. Perhaps Easts are a temting option for him but at a cost to himself. Although the Roosters do seem to have freed up a substantial amount of money with the amount of talent that has departed.

      • LOL – why is it so easy for Roosters supporters and media to leave out Cronk and Tedesco from their tallies. Just a couple of mil there. I heard from the press Crichton was recruited on $850k just last week. For the record, your tally is $1,275k in new additions. And maybe Taupau….
        pfft – the Roosters are an incredibly run club and everybody else are apparently morons and incapable of running a club (including Brisbane, Storm, Panthers, etc who have all had to shed real and considerable player values due to contract escalations). Apparently the Roosters don’t have players whose contracts go up in value.

        Fergusson was supposedly on a ridiculously small contract (like $200k). Robinson was recruited and cut in the same period. Same for Baptiste. The rest would be short change. Nobody has ever tried to justify it with a proper bridge. They can’t cause it don’t add up and is horribly lop sided.

        Roo$ter$ supporters can keep throwing up that we’re all jealous. Correct, we are. But how does that legitimize this miraculous recruitment drive running on 3 years now where its just ++++++.

      • WOW – Rabbiton fan knows a lot of the chickens – what a tool u r !!!!!
        lol – and just for the record apart from Fergo – all those guys u mention would have a combined total of 500K… too funny

      • Not another argument that uses the whole they are releasing 12 players but have only signed 3? Of the players leaving Fergo is the only one on decent coin, which was still only about $500k wasn’t it? The other 11 players still need to be replaced, and as they were at the lower end of the top squad, they haven’t actually freed up much space have they? Crichton is taking Fergo’s money, and the some, already. If they can sign Tapau and keep Napa some serious questions need to be asked by the NRL. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories about the Roosters being above the cap because of Nick’s influence and the NRL being afraid to investigate him, but a team with Cronk, Tedesco, Crichton, Cordner, Mitchell ec already surely cannot add Tapau without offloading someone important.

        • Let us calculate the equation.

          Players purchased Morris 300-350k, Hall 300-350k and Crichton 600-650k= 1.35mil…..Players departed Blake Ferguson 550k, Grant Garvey 100k, Dean Matterson, Ryan Matterson 300k, Paul Momirovski 100k, Frank-Paul Nu’uausala 350k, Sean O’Sullivan 100k, Chris Smith 100k, Eloni Vunakece 100k
          Kurt Baptiste 250k, Brock Gray100k , Reece Robinson 200k = 2.25 mil

          2.25mil-1.35 mil = 900k

          900k plus the reported 400k they were still under this season spells 1.3 million to spend on the open market.

          Conclusion it all adds up in my books. If the Roosters want another two forwards of international status, then they have the income available.

    • sounds like you have sand in your schmoo because your club was dumb enough to back end all their contracts and now you got no decent players aside from the ones taking up the majority of your salary cap that turned out to be not much chop anyway (aside from the Trbojevic boys).

  7. Trade Taupau for Napa with cash Manly’s way. They should use that to buy Cartwright and get his uncle to run at him 100 times a day at training.

    8. Napa
    9. Korosiau
    10. AFB
    11. Sironen
    12. Cartwright
    13. J Turbo

    • Um no… Joel Thompson was one of our better players.
      If Cartwright was to come to manly would have to be playing 5/8th but can’t see him coming anyways

        • Cartwright cmon man we have enough duds as is. Marty wont leave this has to be rubbish how can the team that won the comp buy the best prop in the game and also have Crichton incoming? I mean they just bought there 2nd premiership this decade and now look to go back to back lol no wonder the nrl is dying.. or maybe its already on life support. Its great watching empty stadiums maybe the nrl should let the players decide games and cut out the clear cut rorting and bias against certain teams. Different teams have different rules. 2013 gf best example of this. Roosters most penalized side in 2013 only concede 2 penalties in a gf. Shane lil rooster hayne living it up in his beach house. Compliments from that snake politpiss

        • Oh I don’t want Cartwright to come, just hear the rumours, and I’d rather play Thompson and sironen as backrow.
          I feel when Cartwright has his great season it was 5/8 th and with dce tonrun the team and kick I feel that would be his position. But I’d rather elgey anyways, he may not be a great defender but he showed last 6/8 weeks this year he can play and with a full pre season with manly may just improve a little bit more.
          I don’t think taupau leaves either.
          But if he wants out he needs to be let go so manly can start with no distractions this year.
          The 330k salary cap we loose isn’t affecting anything as most clubs play that much under the cap anyways, so he doesn’t need to leave for salary cap reasons

  8. @ Fiftyfour_nil_lol@parra

    i think you may see that Cronk will retire after the year settles down – possibly a medical retirement which will help the Roosters. This means they will have an extra 900k sitting around – enough for Marty.

  9. We all know that the Roosters use the ‘ Third Party Deals ‘ crap to cover for massive over spending on the cap.
    If they signed Taupau, they’d claim he’s getting paid $500,000 a season, with another $400,000 a season in Third Party Payments . Just like all their other star players.
    With a premiership win, they should have to off load players. With everyone wanting pay increases. They won’t .. It will be a raise in the Third Party Payments all round.
    Said it before… If the NRL actually cared about making things even for all, limit the Third Party Deals. Make them 1 million max, for all clubs to spend.
    Let’s see how good a side the Roosters could field then?

  10. If Taupau wants to leave let him walk. But only if we can be compensated finacially. Surely the people running our club know how to do this.. Oh wait they probably don’t.

    • Yep let him go if he wants, swap for Napa plus would free 200/300k in salary.
      But no they won’t do or know how to do that. Shows with them now saying they are making Barrett stay on until July as coach.
      Absolute joke Scott penn. sell the club and leave…
      Manly need a fresh start next year without stupid distractions. Having Barrett there as head coach for few months would be the biggest distraction of all

  11. Just a question about the next Roosters halfback. Who will it be? They used Cronk to get a Premiership win. That’s done. So where to after next year?
    Young Lam at half? Not usually their way of doing things. So which Star halfback comes on the market after next season?
    Missed Cleary, who was never going their. Brooks perhaps?
    Any suggestions?

      • Well Cronk for my point of view is gone, he isn’t coming back next season. The injury he has is too hard for him to come back. Sooooooo in a way if he retires that free’s up the salary cap of the roosters where they then have the capacity to pay out Taupau.

        Really struggling to think who would play halfback but hopefully over the off season they will sort something out, hopefully not Lamb!

  12. Well Cronk for my point of view is gone, he isn’t coming back next season. The injury he has is too hard for him to come back. Sooooooo in a way if he retires that free’s up the salary cap of the roosters where they then have the capacity to pay out Taupau.

    Really struggling to think who would play halfback but hopefully over the off season they will sort something out, hopefully not Lamb!

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