MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 13: Brock Lamb of the Knights kicks the ball while warming up prior to the round six NRL match between the Melbourne Storm and the Newcastle Knights at AAMI Park on April 13, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images)

Newcastle Knights five-eighth Brock Lamb appears to be playing his last season with the club with reports the young playmaker is looking to join the Roosters.

Sources are saying that the deal is “virtually done” with Lamb set to join the powerhouse team as veteran Cooper Cronk’s understudy.

He is looking forward to playing and learning from Cronk according to friends.

“It’s a massive opportunity for him to potentially take over at the Roosters when Cronk retires if he works hard enough,” a source told the Newcastle Herald.

If it wasn’t for this move, the Maitland junior was set to be partnering with Connor Watson in the halves.

Lamb has been struggling for form and has played in the NSW Cup for most of the year.

Lamb’s manager Gavin Orr has stated that it was likely the 21 year old will leave at the end of the year.

“Personally, I can’t see him staying,” Orr said.

“At this stage, the Knights haven’t even made me a written offer for Brock.”

Roosters coach Trent Robinson has made inquiries about Lamb, as well as speaking with the play maker earlier in the week.


  1. With O’Sullivan leaving the Roosters to join the Broncos with an unbelievable opportunity to learn under the grand master halfback Cronk for one more year, he appears to have blown the best chance to lead a powerful club after the 2019 season. Adrian Lam’s son Lachlan will be following him to England and be coached by his father and with Connor Watson throwing his chance away to join Newcastle this year also, then it looks like the new apprentice Brock Lamb will be the Roosters halfback in 2020. 💪🐓👍

  2. Yeah look, the roosters at the moment have got a guy called Mitch Cornish who comes into the halves whenever Cronk or Keary is injured or rested. His contract runs out at the end of the year though, so I could see Brock coming into a similar role, even if he doesn’t take the reins when Coops is done. But, if he does prove to be good enough, what do the roosters have to lose by bringing him in? Especially with Sean O’Sullivan being monitored by the broncs

  3. How the hell are easts able to sign any player next year, they have Crichton, Morris and Hall, now they look like signing Pangai jnr , how the can they sign these players with the roster they already have?

    The NRL needs to open up players salaries and third party deals , otherwise supporters will leave the game due to an unfair advantage for some clubs, I know the Easts supporters will come out and say they manage the cap better than everyone else, but that is total crap, it just does not work out, there is something smelly here, and it needs transparency from the club , via the NRL, to explain how they are doing it.

    • I am usually one of those who defend the Rooster and Brisbane as better cap managers and I honestly think some clubs are superior than others in managing finances. BUT if the Roosters can afford to bring in Pangai Jnr, considering what he appears to be worth on the open market, without moving some seriously top shelf players on, something is rotten.

    • Penso Penso Penso Penso Penso. We are not about to give up our secrets just to prove our our innocence so everybody else can copy. Ahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You are hilarious Penso. By the way we have just signed Brock Lamb from Newcastle as a back up for two seasons. Mainly Because earlier today Brisbane signed Sean O’Sullivan. One goes another comes. Its not rocket science mate. Ahahahahahahah

    • i wouldnt be suprised if Napa were to go if they accumulated Tevita. i doubt that brock lamb will cost us that much, and that potentially could spell an end to Mitch Cornish’s time at the Roosters (NSW feeder club). Most of the roosters contracts would have third party deals, due to Nick’s high status, which isnt illegal. So stop complaining. They would have been caught out by now like Manly, sharks, eels and bulldogs in recent times.

      • adding to that the fact that o sullivan apparently has taken up a deal to go to the broncos next year. Roosters are just good and managing their salary cap.

    • Mate, I entirely get where ur coming from. And form an outside perspective it does look fishy, but you have to remember the players the roosters have seen depart in the last four years alone. SBW, Maloney, Pearce, RTS, SKD, Jennings and Ferguson are just some of the many names. And, that we have guys like Ryan Matterson, Joey Manu and Luke Keary on deals well below what they’re worth. We even resigned Latrell Mitchell pre-origin, which has spiked his value. All things considered, you can stretch your mind to considering it feasable

    • The Roosters were a million plus under the cap this year!
      Morris and Hall simply replace Fergo’s money.
      Crichton takes up the money under the cap.
      Lamb to replace SOS, Cornish and Lam.
      Savings form Nikorima, Cornish, Lam, SOS, Fergo, Dean Matterson, Pearce, Watson, Guerra, SKD.
      Simple stuff!

    • Penso Penso Penso Penso, I feel your hatred of the longest playing club in the history of ARL / NRL from up here in QLD.
      Stop dribbling and back up your facts! All clubs get audited by the same people.

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