TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 24: Corey Norman of the Eels looks on during the round 24 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on August 24, 2018 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

According to Fox Sports, Parramatta’s Corey Norman is set to sign a three-year deal with St George Illawarra by the end of the week.

The 27-year-old will add some playmaking depth to the Dragons, who already boast the likes of Ben Hunt and Gareth Widdop.

It could potentially leave the future of fullback Matt Dufty in the air, as Norman could be used at fullback.

Parramatta players have resigned themselves to losing Corey Norman in the next few weeks.

Eels players believe that if the board and staff desire this move then there is little that they can do.

“It’s the way it is. It’s no player’s fault they’re all off contract at the same time,” Eels forward Nathan Brown told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s a business and that’s what happens in footy these days, especially lately when everything has been happening.”

“Corey is a freakish talent, but if that’s the way the Parramatta board and the coaches want to go, then that’s it, we can’t really control what happens with that stuff.”


    • No way, SJ is all style and no substance (so he’ll be perfect for Cronulla), Norman, whilst not exactly being an upstanding citizen, is a great playmaker. They need to keep him on the straight and narrow though, we don’t need another dugan.

    • After seeing the Dally M go to RTS this season I think it’s a flawed system only due to the fact he wasn’t the best player by a long shot. Due to votes missed by SOO

  1. I don’t disagree with your assessment of Norman. The key will be to keep him motivated. He also is one of those players who looks really good against inferior opposition, but struggles to aim up against the top teams. These things could be coaching things too though, and one thing he definitely needs is a good halves based coach to teach him some game management.

  2. leaves Parra with around 1.5 million in the cap to sign a marquee forward. Salmon or Brown can partner Moses this season. We should be using that 1.5 mill on getting TPJ & Koroisau

    • How’ve you come to that conclusion then? What about all the reports that the club didn’t have the money to keep Hayne (turned out to be a blessing in disguise, no doubt). Are you saying That Norman was on over a mil at the Eels? Somehow I doubt it, at least I certainly hope so… Koroisau I could see, but I can’t see the attraction of Parra at the moment for TPJ

    • I think your onto something here. Now that Saints have a replacement I think its bye bye Widdop. Its a shame though Widdop is such an excellent player. Perhaps its like Klemmer and Napa, When the Bulldogs were assured of a decent replacement then they let Klemmer go.πŸ’ͺπŸ“πŸ‘‰

  3. Surely this means Widdop gets released early. But if they can currently fit both players on the books they must have had quite abit of salary space. Once they let Widdop go that opens up almost another mill. Think they could desperately do with a winger or two now Nighgingale and MacDonald are gone. Daniel Tupou could be a target after the Roosters have signed B Moz and Ryan Hall. Tupou would start sets off strongly and is a good finisher in the courners.

    • Tupou isn’t going. We rate him higher than both of those wingers, and there’s no potential gain for the Roosters by letting him go. Tupou’s won two premierships with us, and has been relatively consistent over that period. I agree, he’d be great for the Saints, but I really couldn’t see it happening. If Saints have space, it should be to go after Robert Jennings, but even then I don’t think they need him.

      Saint’s Backline 2019:

      FB – Norman
      W – Dufty
      C – Aitken
      C – Lafai
      W – Pereira (Robert Jennings)
      5/8 – Widdop
      HB – Hunt

  4. Wrong one gone Parramatta!!!! Oh well,really hope it works out for Norman and Saints.Really can see mid season Parra fans whinging about letting him go.,Now what about lil Mitch.I really hope Parra still try and offload the sook.If Parra are planning on blooding Brown and Salmon i hope they do now.Moses isnt the type of half you want bringing in juniors.His game has way to many flaws and he doesnt have the maturity.If there is a Santa and Mitch goes also Parra should throw 2 mill at Cam Smith for 2yr.Let the kids play 6 and 7 and Smith 9 and Gutho at 1. Mahoney, Brown and Salmon would get 2yrs under the best to learn and as Smith slows down (taking more a coaching roll) Mahoney gets more time

        • ParraMatt, I can see your point, but overall, I disagree.
          I don’t think you’d find too many Parra supporters, or RL fans in general, that don’t rate Norman’s ability, but it’s clear, and has been for sometime, that he’s just not committed enough/determined enough/consistent enough. That may well be just a club level thing (doesn’t want to be at Parra), or it may be that he’s just too casual/carefree, but either way, he’s not good for Parra.
          If a change of club is what he needed to get him performing again then sobeit, and good luck to him and Dragons (and I mean that), but I still won’t regret letting him go, as per above.
          As for Moses, I’d like to keep him for 2019 and see how he goes given the chance to be the “senior half”. If it doesn’t work, then we don’t renew his contract, but I’d like to see him get that opportunity.

        • agreed ned, norman has undoubted natural ability but his lacksadaisical way of life and playing footy doesn’t give you any confidence from one day to the next.
          on his day he is a genuine match winner, but its his consistency and dedication that will always be questioned, that was the main reason he left the broncos.
          at 22 or 23, Moses has more upside and has shown that he can play but, again, its consistency that will determine whether he is in the top echelon of halves or just another also-ran. I for one prefer his desire and emotional involvement in the game compared to old dozy who just floats around.
          with norman likely gone, so too could the DH factor be on its way out – change in culture can only be of benefit.

        • Again the “3 wise eels” are in agreement. I also rate Norman’s ability, but his motivation doesn’t seem to be there at Parra, so a move might be best for both sides.

          Whilst Moses didn’t have a good year at all, he at least showed passion and desire on the field. He needs to keep it under control at times, but, like you billy, i prefer that to the “who cares” attitude that Norman displays at times.

          Give him 2019 to prove his worth, or let him go. Salmon and Brown as a duo are not there yet, Moses, at this stage, is better than both of them.

  5. Could be that he’s simply unhappy at Parra. It was his good form at Brisbane that caught the Eels eye. I think Dufty will fit in well on the wing. Widdop will play on in 2019 and agterwards, I hope

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