GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 21: Jesse Ramien of the Knights breaks away from the defence during the round 6 NRL match between the Titans and the Knights at Cbus Super Stadium on April 21, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Just months after telling Jesse Ramien his future was away from Newcastle, the Knights are reportedly set to offer the centre a new four-year deal in the hope he returns to the club.

The Sydney Morning Herald understands the Knights will look to bring Ramien back following the departure of coach Nathan Brown.

Ramien was unhappy at the Knights with his contract at the time and the lack of football he was receiving out wide, although a new deal could present new hope for the 22-year-old.

“If Jesse wants to talk to us, we’d certainly be happy to discuss an upgrade and extension,” Newcastle chief executive Philip Gardner told the Herald.

“Certainly we were very disappointed Jesse went. Jesse is a fine young man and player. He had family in the region and that’s the reason he came to us in the first place.

“He was unhappy with where his contract sat and it was certainly my intention to renegotiate that with an upgrade and extension with us. If he wanted to come back and talk to us, we’d be very happy to talk to him.”

Ramien could be looking at a four-year deal from the Knights, and one that would be vastly improved to the one he was on this season, according to Gardner.

“We’d certainly have that discussion with Jesse,” Gardner said.

“We know he is talking to a lot of other clubs; a lot of clubs are interested in him. He’s a young man with a lot of talent. He certainly [craves] the right leadership, the right direction, the right support.

"If we can provide all of those things to him, we’d certainly talk to him about an extension.”

Ramien has knocked back offers from Cronulla and North Queensland, as his playing future remains unknown.


  1. interesting!! No to Cronulla, North Queensland. Although it’s understandable about Queensland. When his family’s on the Central Coast

  2. If he goes to the Nuggies , with their never ending cap? Penrith should immediately buy ‘ Billy Smith ‘. No reason for him to stay at Norths at all..
    I hope that annoys EdwinWoodTurned…

  3. There’s a few young NSW centres available atm Jesse Ramien, Curtis Scott and Euan Aiken. Here’s some predictions

    Curtis Scott should go to the Dragons.
    Jesse Ramien to the Bulldogs.
    Euan Aiken to the Sharks.

    From those moves the sharks then have to let Kurt Capewell leave.

    Regan Campbell-Gillard should also go the Bulldogs instead of Herman Ese’ese who should go to the Panthers.

    The Bulldogs then have good young backs with DWZ Meaney Ramien and stuff with some good forwards with RCG and Napa with second rowers Jackson and CHN.
    The panthers get more experience and get a top 8 spot next year after signing Koroisau and Ese’ese.
    The Drgaons move up the ladder but just miss the 8. Scott and Lomax form a great centre combo and the clubs looks on the rise after getting in a new coach.
    The Knights to let Ramien and Ese’ese leave look to make a big offer for Ryan Pappy to join but miss out to the Rabbits who let Alex Johnson walk to get him.
    Johnson moves on the the Cowboys

  4. Interesting swa9…
    There’s quite a few more , if you look at Canterbury Cup.
    Plus Dean Whare should become available. Someone, please buy him!
    Would you like him back in NZ? He does come from there originally. 👍

  5. If Ramien ends up back at knights that will just show what terrible state that club is in. Ramien should go to dogs in a developing team and would be a main focus in attack.
    Although I’d love him at manly, Ramien/suli centre combo would cause dramas

  6. Thanks for the offer but whare is ok where whare is.
    I would take either Ramien or esse esse off knights hands though.

  7. Yeah Dean Whare is from NZ but started playing league at Manly. As for taking him back no thanks. He already have Hiku Beale (injured) Herbert Pompey and Perham than can play centre. As for where he should go, I don’t think any clubs wants to pay him the big bucks so if he’s going cheap I think he would be great for Manly. I’d start him over Suli and think Whare and Walker would be a good combo for them. Plus Whare can cover fullback when Tubro is at origin. Otherwise I think he might head off to the super league

  8. Just a slight correction to your post swa9amuffin: Dean Whare actually came through the Dragons Toyota Cup side with Kane Linnett back in 2009 or 2010, with Linnett joining the Roosters a year or two later.

  9. It seems walker is being touted as our full time 5/8th.
    And nope I’d take suli over whare, suli like others in our team has improved out of site this year

  10. Surely after seeing Whare watch Mitchell jog by him several times, No one would buy him. True, that could happen to anyone I suppose. Though Whare’s supposed to be a good defensive player?
    If you’re going to get rid of a back Penrith? No better place to start. Someone that offers nothing in attack & isn’t stopping anyone much running at them.
    The Super League sounds good!

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