SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Bulldogs coach Des Hasler speaks to the media after the round four NRL match between the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Lottoland on March 25, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Former Manly coach Des Hasler is reportedly ready to make a return to Brookvale Oval to replace the outgoing Trent Barrett.

According to reports from Channel 9, Hasler’s management are in advanced negotiations with the Sea Eagles, which could see him return to the position he left back in 2011.

Hasler has fond memories of the Sea Eagles, taking them to premiership success in both 2008 and 2011.

While nothing is official as yet, Channel 9 understand Hasler has already begun sorting out his backroom staff for the 2019 season.

With Michael McGuire and Jason Taylor both knocking back the Sea Eagles, it left John Cartwright and Neil Henry in the running, although the Sea Eagles look to have settled on Hasler as their next coach.

Hasler has an overall win rate in the NRL at 58.2%, and reached another two grand finals with the Bulldogs during his tenure at the club from 2012-2017.


    • Des Hasler as football manager and Geoff Toovey as head coach would work better IMO. Hasler can still have input into the direction of Manly but struggled as a coach at the Dogs after 2014.

      After the Dogs finished 5th, 7th and 11th in successive seasons Hasler was going backwards fast as a coach. The Dogs had NO attack and little organisation as Hasler continued to play players like Moses Mbye and Josh Reynolds out of position. Mbye has since shown he is a FB and NOT a HB or 5/8 and Reynolds has always been more suited to hooker. Both were moved to the halves out of desperation to to fill a gap which was a poor coaching move by Des.

      On the other hand Tooves record in his last 3 years at Manly was 4th, 2nd (and equal competition points as the minor premiers) and 9th respectively. Manly’s result in 2015 (9th) had more to do with the fallout from the DCE dummy spit saga and the result this had on the senior playing staff (Lyons, Foran, Matai, King, Watmough and both Stewart’s) than it had to do with Toovey’s coaching. Unfortunately, Toovey was made the scapegoat to appease DCE and keep him at the club.

      Don’t get me wrong, Hasler at Manly would be a big step in the right direction for the Sea Eagles but Toovey’s record pre the DCE prima donna year (2015) was well ahead of Des and Tooves would bring back the passion most desperately needed by a vanilla version of the once infamous Manly Sea Eagles. Just my opinion, I would be interested in the thoughts of other Manly fans though.

      • Ideally to me it is des head of football department and tooves as coach. That’s what I’ve been calling for for months…
        Need to get others like spud Carroll, beaver, even chad Randall around he place. Bring the manly back to manly..
        I agree with comments about des playing dogs players out of position.
        But we don’t have that we have a clear 1,7,9
        Hopefully the other things fall into place. But as coaching goes des is a big step up from other names mentioned.
        Manly does like to attack with the team we have so hopefully that doesn’t change and that des can get that defensive steel back into them.
        Mainly I hope taupau, trobovics, AFB, walker and Api and even dce are happy with this appointment. They are a great core group to build a easily top 8 teamaround..

        • So we agree then. Btw, by “bringing the Manly back to Manly” and including spud Carroll (along with Apisai Koroisau, Dylan Walker, Addin Fonua-Blake and Jack Gosiewski) you are just adding more cardinal and myrtle to your maroon and white mix. Just an observation but I get your point. I would also add Cliff Lyons as skills and halves coach and everyone wants to see more beaver! 😉

        • Yeah we agree, except about the Rabbitohs stuff.
          Spud Carroll is manly, ask him and he’ll tell you he is manly through and through… and he wants to help…
          And the other guys well they are just players, I’m meaning manly from the top down to build no to the players, not just manly juniors forever..
          Cliffy is always around the club still and just being around is his main attribute.
          If des does come back, because he knows the place and the systems, it nearly means all manlys dramas just go. He can handle all the behind the scenes stuff no worries, just need to strengthen the squad.
          We have a very good 1-13 and even 14-17 not terrible but after that there’s nothing..
          Need atleast 3/4 backs, if Lachlan Croker stays as backup half we are set there as also we have Cade cyst and metcalfe.
          Need some props and 1 more backrower. Also need a backup hooker, would of been awesome to get Jamie buhrer back…
          Paseka, perrett, sipley. These blokes are only back up props. We need some more impact like Blake Lawrie from dragons or Corey Jensen from cowboys. Tanginoa goes good so glad he resigned…

  1. At least Des won’t be whinging about the so called poor facilities and will just get on with the job unlike some other sooks.

    We need some Manly DNA back in the joint. What a massive failure it was replacing a local hero in toovey and bringing in an outsider yet again and especially a rookie outsider. Those responsible for that decision should be ashamed of themselves. I.e. penn and bozo. Cartwright and Henry should not even see the light of day.

    • You hit the nail on the head there ManWar78. The blame for the current Manly debacle and their fall from their former glory lies squarely at the feet of Penn and Bozo. Both of these guys did a Nero and burnt the joint to the ground. Now you guys need to build from scratch.

      IMO DCE has not been a stabilising influence on the club, in fact, quite the opposite. If recent reports about the comments from DCE are true then the clown needs to be gagged. As captain he should never say anything to contradict or undermine the club that he represents which to date I have never heard Jake T. do.

      About the “poor facilities” excuse, my Manly mate has said that this never affected the success of either Hasler or Toovey in recent years and a lack of facilities does not translate into a lack of coaching direction, communication and organisation in defence and a decent game plan. It is a smoke screen coaches can hide behind for failure, it’s seems from what I heard (relayed from Gorman) the club’s current facilities were not the sticking point for the Madge deal falling through and neither was it mentioned, rather it was Madge’s insistence on keeping the Kiwi coaching gig.

      • Yeah and phil gould is also responsible for hoodwinking bozo into believing barrett could coach. Probably his master plan to destroy the club. Shame on senile old bozo for falling for it.

  2. This is the exact moment the fortunes for the Sea Eagles turn.
    Gould pumped up Barretts tyres but he proved to be a pretender. He handed in his notice 6 months ago and started a whiteant campaign to undermine the club by whingeing about the amenities at the club, etc.
    Hasler won premiership out of those same amenities.
    Welcome home Des.

    • Would you really want that? I mean seriously? IMO Foran is damaged goods and will never be the same player he was when he reached his playing peak at Manly. That ship has sailed IMO. His efforts while at the Dogs and the Warriors were sub-NRL standard and he seemed lost and uninspired. I don’t think that even Des could breath life into an NRL career that has flatlined. Just my opinion but Manly would be far better served by going after a young HB or 5/8. What ever happened to Cade Cust? That kid looked like a leader and someone capable of leading a team around the field.

      • Good points but I disagree on your effort thoughts. That was the only thing going for him. He put in 100%. It was just he couldn’t get his rhythm happening and injuries of course.

        • @ andyj

          DCE is a running 5/8 not an organisational HB with a solid kicking game. In truth IMO DCE goes missing in games when things get tough and Manly are up against it. He only shines when they are on a roll and have the ascendancy in a game. Neither are attributes desirable for a captain or a HB leading a team around the field and executing a game plan at first receiver under pressure. The fact that he has proven he is all too eager to speak out against the club when it suits him should disqualify him as team captain in any case.

          I would try Elgey at HB and let him try running the team at first receiver and allow DCE to return to playing as a running 5/8 and play on both sides of the field at second receiver like Keary does with Cronk. Hodkinson experience can help develop the young halves at Manly and he is OK as a back up but I think he has knee problems and his game has slowed down in any case so he is too slow to do the job. Feel free to disagree though.

      • Yeah mate like when st merge announced ‘mary’ as head coach LOL the guys not fit to tie dessies shoelaces… 3 years we will be back to being a premiership heavyweight.

        • Yeah…. probably not. You losers will be lucky to get out of the bottom four for the next decade. You seem to forget, Dessie the ‘legend’ had the Stuart brothers, Watmough, Foran(when he wasn’t retarded) Menzies, and a host of other good players. You don’t have that now and won’t for like…. ever. Enjoy the basement 54.

        • Oh dragon,
          Don’t be upset atleast hunt can’t choke in big games for dragons, with your coach and team there won’t be any big games for him to choke in…
          You forget now the trobovics cover the Stewart’s.
          Beaver was playing off the bench by this time, yes choc and Foran very hard to replace.
          But taupau, walker , Api more then cover it…
          See manly will improve once des comes In and there isn’t drama, manly has he team to play finals and will improve.
          Whereas dragons overachieved this year big time and will not improve at all with there team.
          Oh and don’t get me started on widdops hair…

        • Get used to the bottom 4 booby, do you think eldgey is going to help get you out of the bottom 4? Haha

          You called me an idiot when I told you that Barrett wouldn’t be there next year, what happened booby?

        • Haha, don’t make us all laugh bozo, you muppets bringing Dessie back is like the donkeys bringing Bennett back. Trying to re-live the glory days while forgetting that coaches also have a used by date. Reeks of desperation. You got one thing right though, manly have to improve – that’s because they couldn’t be any worse than they were last season. You can carry on like a muppet all you want and throw shade but the reality of it is my team will be in the finals next year with a good shot at the title, whilst yours will have another season of complete and utter irrelevance and be out of contention by round 6. Enjoy those back ended contracts Dessie will throw average players on. Should keep you in the basement where you belong for the next decade or so.

        • Yo bragon,
          I can garuntee. Dragons are not in finals next year. Very average roster and even more average coach.
          Manly have the roster just need to sort out some dramas.
          Getting des back is going back to the future, but apart from Toovey e is the best available coach, so it’s irrelevant he’s been manly coach before..
          But hey just keep throwing out random dribble to try and hind the fact, dragons have a dreadful coach, a halfback on a mil a season, who’s wife even comes out publicly and says he should be hooker not a halfback ( great for his confidence) lol…
          A pack of think there pretty boys, and a 5/8th who thinks he’s Justin biebers twin… but yep that’s a great platform to success. I promise you manly win a premiership before dragons again and I promise you dragons win a spoon before manly ever do

        • Hahaha, princess you’re now in the same retard category as your girlfriend 54. Average roster? 2/3s of our pack played origin this year and ones that didn’t played tests for NZ and the brits. And your fascination with Widdop’s hair doesn’t take into account he makes DCE look like the chump he is both as a player and captain. I’ll hold you to your somewhat fanciful prediction and when the drags make the finals next year and your laughingstock don’t, we’ll all be waiting on your admission of how dumb and delusional you are (although I’m sure as a manly fan it will be the refs/Trent Barrett/David Gallops fault). You promise manly will win a premiership? Apart from the fact that’s not going to happen anytime soon (like probably in your lifetime) it’s not really within your power to “promise” is it? Manly fans lol, the epitome of delusional- especially now they have their “saviour” back. I look forgot a long season of laughter and rubbing it in next year.

        • There it is bragon showing his usual lack of intelligence and resorts to calling people names, because hey say things about his precious little lizards…
          Rep pack ha ha Vaughan proved he is a club player as he was non existent in origin. James graham is 33 while still tries hard his hit ups and meters were way way down. Pretty boys jdb and Tariq sims rather get there gear off then actually having a go..
          Feel sorry for Tyson Frizell who actually can play and has to carry those mugs every week.
          Dragons letting Ah Mau go just shows how good a coach Mary is, as behind frizell was clearly there best forward this year..
          But I did notice you clearly forgot to bring up the Ben hunt comment. Truth is hard to take hey??? It’s ok you have another 4 years of having him there chewing up that salary cap, under he knowing fact he can’t lead anyone to a premiership as a halfback..
          Say want you want bout dce but he has done it twice..

        • Dce has only won 1 premiership you little fool booby. I gaurantee you that your stain of a club will be bottom 4 next year.

        • Yes I worded that wrong, won one and Clive Churchill ina loosing team.
          I love how you very clearly unintelligent meat heads just come out with name calling like the little school girls you are and never actually have any fact on anything just run your stupid childish little mouths off, but it’s ok cause it still stands of manly will win a comp before dragons and dragons will win a spoon before manly

        • Bottom 4 princess hahaha bottom 4 is where manly will reside for the foreseeable future. Don’t know who gibbers more, bozo or 54. All your points are rubbish little fella. Want to know how I know that? Just have a look at last years ladder with the dragons position (not to mention their performance in the finals – you know, those finals you were out of contention for in week 6) as opposed to the she eagles. Cold hard facts little boy. Not much you can argue with there without sounding like the mentally challenged individual you are. Enjoy the cellar buddy.

        • I remember the good old days when the Sea Eagles and Eels fans used to fight over stray chips. Ah, good times. Good times. However it looks like there’s been a changing of the guard or perhaps the Eels fans don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention given their current status?

          The Dragons had a good season and were unlucky against a red hot Rabbitohs side even though they appeared to be in control for 60 mins of the game. On the other hand the Sea Eagles were also unlucky… they had Trent Barrett! Sadly Baz didn’t know the first thing about Manly when he arrived on the insular peninsula. In retrospect it appears he also didn’t know a thing about coaching! Nice one Bozo! 😂😂😂😂

          Things will only get better with either Hasler or Toovey in charge as they both understand the culture and are accepted by the club and it’s fans.

          As you were boys, I’ve got my popcorn and a comfy chair and unlike the Khabib vs McGregor debacle at least I can laugh at this. 👍

        • And little bobby you didnt word it wrong you are just dumb you call me unintelligent but you can’t even spell lose hahaha it’s not “loose” or “loosing”. And don’t say it was auto correct because you do it all the time.

        • Redv here it is my favourite of all the comebacks. The spell check…
          I love it. Especially when you tell me I do it all the time, I’m honoured you pay me that type of attention. Oh wait no I’m not your a nerdy dragons keyboard supporter..

        • Haha you call people “unintelligent” but you can’t spell a 4 letter word, you were definitely a crack baby.

        • No correction that’s not my favourite.
          When they then try and justify the spell checking by repeating the same thing, this is gold…
          Word of advice, leave your computer today, even just for 1 hour, go outside breathe fresh air, play like a normal 14 year old girl does.. but just leave the computer and spell checker alone for a bit, life can be fun, it’s not all about school and keyboards

        • Hahaha booby remember when you claimed to be the bob Fulton who played for manly that’s how delusional you are

        • Oh V you got me, I actually thought I was the manly legend bob Fulton.. thanks for pointing out to me I wasn’t… lol.. dude you need to stop writing your embarrassing yourself

      • That’s right dce didn’t play finals, also dce’s Wife hasn’t had to come out and defend him for people picking on him, or had to publicly come out and say, your not a halfback you should play hooker… ha ha ha ha easily the funniest thing all year. Bet that sits well in the hunt household at the dinner table

      • It don’t matter I hunts wife invented footy. Calling him out on how bad he is, is just plain hilarious. Not one thing you say or name call is going to change that one princess

      • That’s just a saying and he’s no relevance to this..
        Because what I said about his wife is fact it’s true and there is no denying it. But hey maybe if you pull your blanket all the way over your head it will all go away

      • Ah Bob what do you mean “I hunts wife”? Are these the type of secrets you harbour? Is this why you go on so much about young Ben? It’s ok, it’s legal these days and Ian Roberts is getting on in years.

      • When did she call him out for how bad He is? All she said was she think he should be playing 9. You stupid illiterate crack baby. So yes don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Your “loosing” your mind hahaha

      • Redgagger90 get off the crack up at 5 in the morning.. that ice will kill you buddy lay off it.

      • Redv90
        You realise how much of a fool your making of yourself right?? All your name calling?? Me is a feeling one wouldn’t be quite so chirpy when he/she is out on the real world and not behind it’s keyboard..
        Whatever way you look at it, his wife said he should play 9 not 7. Must do wonders for the blokes confidence hey publicly stating that.. but hey you think that’s ok that’s fine. So meathead. Don’t let he truth stand in the way of a good story ya inbred moroon

      • I feel sorry for you booby because if you can’t spell a 4 letter word, you probably work for a guy like me hahaha

        And you were wrong about what’s hunts wife said no matter what way you look at it.

      • Redv
        I’d probably read your first sentence and then learn how to use grammar if you plan on continuing on with the misspelt word.
        Because that sentence just makes you look stupider then usual, people who can’t spell work for you. Ha ha nice one.
        Can only imagine where you work

      • Ooohh. Bridezilla dragqueen thinks name calling is debating. Maybe you should join parliament where all the di(k heads go to mass debate.

      • you CANT call people stupid if you can’t spell a 4 letter word haha you are legally disabled. Can’t wait to see manly “loose” to the dragons next year haha

      • Hey stupid red v.
        Since you seem to believe I’m so stupid, all because of my auto correcting in my phone, why don’t you search up a IQ test and we’ll both take one. Why don’t we also wager on highest score. I already know my average of iq tests as they all come back differerelt, but I bet you can’t even count to the number.. but hey if you can sort something out you let me know. We can catch up and take it together

  3. Some of you seem to be forgetting the absolute state he left the dogs in. Manly have salary cap issues at the moment, so that’s another reason if he’s appointed to go after back-ended deals. This could really backfire

    • Ye but who else is there? This is the one the fans want and hes the best choice hes a top line coach. Im sure the back ended deals wont be a factor this time.. surely lol

    • Have to agree P3.
      Clubs do stupid things when their desperate… like cheating for 5 years and manly have finally been caught.
      Now they’re living in the past signing the guy that dumped them in 2011. Maybe he knew about the cheating too.

      • Hahaha. Did you see that everyone. Mychookmycar just answered himself as panthers3.
        He has multiple logins.
        Loser hahaha

        • 👍

          Yeah, what a doofus! Funny how some tr0lls are so in need of attention and affirmation that they are even prepared to provide it for themselves. Bahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • I’ll tell you what is a myth Panthers3, Phil Gould’s “5 year plan”. The original “5 year plan” ended in 2016!

      Gus Gould admits five year plan is running five years late

      @ TheChookMobile

      “Clubs do stupid things when their desperate… like cheating” the salary cap like the Roosters from 2013 – 2015 and in 2018? Glass houses “Chicken Under Glass”. Bahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

      • Well you are a fool for listening to the media. The Panthers have made three consecutive final appearances, hopefully, next year we go all the way.

        • No, a fool is someone who changes their profile name EVERY season by adding a number to match the current year.

          Isn’t that right Panthers14/Panthers15/Panthers16/Panthers17/Panthers18/Panthers19…

        • Really Kitty cat? You could hardly admit otherwise. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. 😉

          I have a loooong memory. Unfortunately it gets shorter after every beer but I still have a LONG way to go yet! Cheers! 🍺🍺🍺🍺

  4. P.S.
    Thanks to the manly players for losing to the KIWIS
    DCE is crap at this level and turbo is a liability in defence. They need to stick to club footy where they look good in an ordinary team.

    • And Latrell Mitchell had a massive look and dropped the ball cold with open space and plenty of support so what’s your point? Australia’s forwards didn’t lay down a platform and Sharon Woods should be playing in the NRLW competition. Beyond that the Kiwis thoroughly deserved their win and a late upset, though on the cards, would have been a travesty. Kudos to Madge for being able to turn the sinking Kiwi test side around so quickly.

      Given that by your assessment Manly’s rep players are performing so poorly, perhaps Manly should buy their international rep players instead of developing their own just like the Roosters? The Roosters imported Luke Keary and Angus Crichton from Souths, James Tedesco from the Tigers and Cooper Cronk from the Storm. What a fine example of junior development!

      At least 2 of the 4 Manly rep players that played tonight were Manly juniors developed by their system compared to the 0 from 7 Roosters juniors on show tonight. Money can’t buy that kind of talent… oh, I guess it can!

      Note: Boyd Cordner, Latrell Mitchell and Joseph Manu were all recruited to the Roosters in their late teens and were not produced by the Roosters junior system.

      • Lol.
        Keary was knocked out of the game early and still offered more than DCE.
        Mark my words. With the giraffe as our halfback we will continue to lose. His kicking game is sub standard and his defence is non existent.
        A average kiwi side beat us by 2. Tonga will destroy us.
        The only chance we have is to bring in a specialist center in place of Toboagaverage, replace DCE with a semi competent halfback and also drop Sharon and McGuire as they are hopeless.
        It might also help to bring in a coach who can actually coach a team instead of a bloke who has built his reputation riding on the coattails of 3 future immortals.

        • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          Cheers! This one’s on me screaming. 🍺🍺🍺🍺

          What happened Kev? I remember you used to be able to engage in banter without lighting fires to burn the joint down. So what happened? A bad case of sepsis from a splinter from one of your many wooden spoons leading to swelling of the brain? Sounds like you need a tap on the head to release the excess fluid. 😂😂😂😂

          Don’t worry Kev I’m still a fan… of sorts. Things will get better for the Eels when they dump their current halves pairing and their coach.

        • Cmon fellas leave him alone,
          You heard him, replace dce with Moses.
          Replace turbo with Micheal Jennings, and McGuire with Alvaro.. cmon that’ll improve your team lol

        • Hahahaha @Reg reagan you just murdered the bloke hahaha poor Bev…. swelling of the brain 🙂

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