during the round five NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Parramatta Eels at GIO Stadium on April 1, 2017 in Canberra, Australia.

Eels prop Siosaia Vave has met with Newcastle Knights, according to a report by The Newcastle Herald.

It understood that Vale and his partner were seen at the Knights headquarters yesterday and sat down with Knights coach Nathan Brown.

It is also being reported that the Knights have seven recruitment sports to fill for the 2019 season and it is currently unknown whether or not they have made an offer to Vave.

The 29-year old has made 107 NRL appearances, including stints for Cronulla, Melbourne, Manly and Parramatta.

Weight issues have been a big knock on Vave throughout his career, however, the Knights are in need of some bigger bodies.


    • If you get Tapau he will end up like Vave. He was an absolute gun before he left manly but his form slid when he pulled on the blue and gold. He couldn’t make 1st grade most of the season when parra were desperate for front rowers.

      • Really, (Vave) “an absolute gun”?
        I saw some offloads, reasonable metres, and average defensive effort, so I wouldn’t say he was “absolute gun” last year. That said, given his size I had hoped he could step up given the opportunity, but not to be.
        As for Taupau, he’s obviously in a totally different league to Vave, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his form drop a bit next year, compared to this year, which has been a standout for him, wherever he ends up.

        • Hoppa’s we over paid for, and let’s not forget he had a 2 year mission between Manly and Parra. But 2 years out of the game, at the most critical time had nothing to do with him not meeting his full potential, right, it was all Parra?

          Lussick, couldn’t catch, couldn’t hold a ball, and still couldn’t back at Manly.

          Sandow, no loose cannon there. He could be brilliant, and could be dud, but lacks discipline, consistency etc.

          Jennings? It’s fair to say we haven’t seen the same form from him at Parra as he was in at the Roosters, and we have overpaid based on that, but it’s not our worst.

          You dropped Gutho, and we picked him up cheap, and because he came to Parra he’s already played more finals footy than he would have at Manly, and probably has a better chance going forward, at least in the short/medium term.

    • @kev why do you think Marty would goto parra? You are the worst team and your bush coach hasn’t got a clue

      • alba81, that’s a pretty fair call, but it has to be balanced.
        We can’t run half a squad or rookies, and even if we did, and go through that short term pain, they end up on the market, at market prices, at the end of their first contract anyway.
        We do blood a lot of guys, just look at this year, but there are some people that just point out the ones we let go to other clubs that go on to do well. That’s always going to happen to us, as we produce so many talented juniors.
        But back to your comment, I can only agree, in that we have a track record of paying overs for senior players from other clubs, and we haven’t got that balance right.

  1. Watmough was on one leg at manly for 2 years before he signed with eels. You guys took the risk so NO- injuries had nothing to do with it. Why do you think manly didnt keep him. As for foran he had his mental breakdown after he started playing for eels. He was all good when he left manly. So again NO illness had nothing to do with it

    • Yes, we took the risk with Watmough and it obviously didn’t pay off, but that was because his body didn’t hold up, not because of the club.
      As for Foran, really? Did he contract a mental illness from being at Parra, is that what you’re saying?
      And what about Lewis Brown as an example? In form, international rep to megadud at Manly? No injuries, no mental illnesses, all Manly.

      • Eelsalmighty HAHAHAHAHA I’ve never seen someone defeat themselves so badly.

        Lewis brown fmd the guy was never good… NEVER he was bought as a utility and back up.
        The fact you brought him up just proves you got nothing. Everyone knows parra is the nrl player graveyard.

        Remember trex the parra dud who we turned into the most destructive backrower in the game? Players get better at manly and fail when they leave its proven.
        Parra pay overs and the expectations that come with that kills them like foran ba made him captain and he couldn’t handle the pressure that came with his price tag.. ba played him injured and he stuffed his shoulder leading to his drug problems and mental health issues… all Parramatta eels baby

        • As for Brown, I believe he played most of his first season at Manly in the starting lineup, most of his second season off the bench, and stuff all this year.
          The bench was part of his decline, not the intention.

          That said, Parra have bought a lot of over the hill players, and paid over way too many times etc. but that’s a different issue. We don’t necessarily turn players bad, but we have bought badly, way too many times.

        • Dont forget jamie lyon became the best centre in the world at manly. He ran away from the eels knowing he could never fullfill his true potential there. We also picked up david wolfman williams from the eels and he won a comp at manly and played for nsw and Australia as a result.

        • from the sounds of it, you would have still been in nappies when the trex deal was done.
          Trex had played a handful of games for Parra at the time the beagles came knocking with a big fat 200+k deal for unproven, lazy winger. Parra just weren’t going to pay overs for a player who played half a dozen games at the time….
          Ohh, that was when the beagles were trying to buy a comp wasn’t it????
          pot? kettle? black?

  2. From what I’ve read from Manly supporters here, Manly supporters know they can only win a premiership by buying it.
    Well, they could try setting up the ISP team at one of another areas founding juniors clubs , like Blacktown Workers. Maybe you can fill your team with Penrith & Parramatta juniors? A bit cheaper than just buying first graders.
    How about employing a coach that was at Penrith? Barrett, guess not? John Cartwright ? Well great Penrith junior & they do love Penrith.
    Not that Manly through & through person you were all going on about though. Like say, Des Hasler… Oh wait, another Penrith junior.

  3. Please take him I even drive him there the big fat vave he name should be wave because when in the water that what he makes

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