GLADSTONE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 08: Daly Cherry-Evans reacts with Manly team mates during the round five NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Manly Sea Eagles at Marley Brown Oval on April 8, 2018 in Gladstone, Australia. (Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)

Manly captain Daly Cherry-Evans will walk out of the club if Neil Henry is appointed coach, according to reports.

Channel 7 last night reported the angst between Cherry-Evans and Henry would result in the Sea Eagles captain seeking a release from his contract if the former Gold Coast coach is appointed the man to replace Trent Barrett.

There is bad blood between Cherry-Evans and Henry after the halfback back flipped on his decision to join the Titans in 2015.

Henry refused to criticise Cherry-Evans publicly about his backflip but was believed to be hurt by the decision.

Cherry-Evans said at the time, the decision was the hardest in his life.

“I sat in my car and searched for his number and it was a really slow process. It was just really tough because I feel as though I was letting Neil down.

“The only reason that would have me let someone down is to benefit me and my family. I did feel extremely uncomfortable doing it but I knew it was best to hear it from me first and I really respect Neil and the way he handled the news.”

Henry is on a shortlist for the Sea Eagles job, along with John Cartwright, Jason Taylor and Des Hasler.

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Manly are set to announce a new coach in the coming week.


  1. I don’t understand why manly fans s linked to all the b grade coaches?

    Henry,Cartwright and Taylor they are all no better than Barrett.

  2. To not support manly to a manly supporter is unthinkable…
    But this mess is wrecking the club completely and very soon won’t be a club to support…
    As tooves said over night, I’m very scared this is destroying our club…
    Why oh why oh why can’t they give tooves his job back, that he should never have lost anyways…
    He wants to come back and help, no one else does. He bleeds for manly.. knows the place and how to use the lack of resources. Will get fans coming through the gate again and all the players will be happy… is a no brainer….
    Tooves as head coach.
    Des as head of football department
    Chad Randall and cartright as assistants and get in spud Carroll and beaver to be part time mentors/advisors/coaches
    See problem fixed…
    Oh and Scott pen to sell

    • I think everything you have said is 100% spot on except for the Des Hasler position. Putting him in a position to be able to control the salary cap could lead to another situation they found themselves in previously with the back ended contracts.
      Toovey, Spud and Beaver need to be there to get some of that culture back to what it was when they were at their most successful.

      • Yeah I would be worried about des, but he’s a really smart man and surely he has learnt.
        Maybe it could just become a rule of no back ended deals at manly to solve the problem.
        Chad Randell was a great defender and would add that manly mongrel also I thought..

  3. I’m not a Manly fan but I just don’t bloody understand it…… tooves bleeds,lives and breathes Manly….. give the man and all Manly fans wat they want FFS!!!!!

  4. The entire problem at Manly is Cherry-Evans, he has to much influence within the club. He is the instigator of numerous feuds over the years within the Manly club. He dictates to the hierarchy, threats of walking out. As he showed he would, by doing it at the Gold Coast before he even arrived.

    The bottom line is this spoiled little brat has obviously had his own way all his life and nothing has changed as an adult. If Manly are to succeed, then Manly must allow him to fall on his own sword with his harsh threats. They can never rebuild with Cherry-Evans running the show.

      • Hasler is the man to bring Cherry-Evans back down to planet Earth. Cherry-Evans will not be pulling the strings with Hasler’s temperament and knowledge of Rugby League. Cherry-Evans will be experiencing some uncomfortable times ahead, as he learns to adjust being transformed into becoming an attentive listener.

        • But just how do we bring YOU “back down to planet Earth” after you are on cloud nine following your beloved Roosters premiership purchase of 2018? DCE is a problem yes but he has NO control over the direction or decisions made by the club.

          Scott Penn is responsible for that and he is currently trying to buy the Sea Eagles the wooden spoon instead of following Nick Politis’s lead and buying them an NRL premiership. Bozo was brought in by Scott Penn to lead the Sea Eagles to another golden age but was clearly not up to the job appointing a rookie coach to act as a puppet that he could easily control. When the rot had already set in and Bozo’s lack of understanding of the current game was exposed since he last coached in 1999, not even this century, he quietly snuck out the back door and left the young apprentice to sort out the mess that Bozo had created.

          At the end of the day the responsibility for all this and all club decisions fall on Scott Penn who is clearly not up to the job. Lyall Gorman is doing the best he can but is clearly hamstrung by Penn who controls the purse strings and has the power to control the direction of the club. As Penn is the one fronting the media to answer for the clubs management decisions he is also the one that has to be held accountable.

          If the Penn’s had sold their controlling interest in the club in 2015 when Marwan Koukash (the billionaire former owner of the English SL’s Salford City Reds) was sniffing around the NRL looking to buy a franchise the Sea Eagles would be in a stronger financial position and the increased liquidity would have attracted better talent to the club and also resolved issues with outdated facilities.

          The sad truth is that Scott Penn is better qualified to run a successful health business than a successful NRL club. He should allow Lyall Gorman to do his job unhindered and appoint someone like Des Hasler as the general manager of football and stay out of the day to day running of the club instead of trying to micromanage the club to death.

  5. I’m one of those rare people who don’t hate Manly , so hopefully they ride this out and become a powerhouse club again.
    Sorry Eels supporters.

    • Why? Because Manly fell from a higher plateau than the Eels? Or do you think that 14 wooden spoons is something worthy of a celebration? So in your book coming 15th is worse than coming 16th when that team (the Eels) were tipped by many at the start of the year to finish in the top 4, is that right? There were no such high expectations of Manly if I remember correctly.

      By the same logic I can see how you would think that buying a premiership by being up to $4 mill over the salary cap and having the softest draw in the 2018 competition is worth celebrating even if there is no honour in it. Even with such a clear advantage the Roosters still finished on the same competition points as 3 other teams and just 2 points above the teams that came 5th to 8th. With THAT kind of advantage the Roosters should have been clear leaders for most of the year instead of doing a Steven Bradbury “last man standing” finish in the final round of the season and then only after the Storm rested 3 of their best players in their last game to give up the minor premiership.

      If any team is an embarrassment to the NRL it is the Roosters who consistently rort the salary cap and cheat their way to an undeserved premiership. They have done that TWICE now in the last 6 years! If Souths had not fallen 1 point short of the Storm in Melbourne in week 1 of the finals and had the benefit of a week off before the preliminary finals instead of playing two straight “GFs” against the Storm and the Dragons and taking the long way around the result would have been entirely different. It also would have helped South’s cause if they had been playing 17 vs 17 instead of only utilising 15 men in a 17 man game.

      • Oh please Reg Reagan, you are pathetic. You are the copy book classic example of a sore loser. The Roosters with a new fullback and a new half needed time to gel. They deserved the premiership against all the odds, players being suspended during the semis whilst opposition players avoided suspension like our flasher Burgess, crusher tackler Inglis and Melbourne’s Slater all time classic shoulder charge.

        Without Cooper Cronk’s hands on attack the Roosters deserved and earnt this years premiership. Souths Sydney had their chance and were not up to it this year. We choked against Sydney Roosters unbelievable defensive structure. The best attack in the League could not penetrate the Bondi Wall.

        We should of defeated Melbourne, if we were ever going to be premiers then we certainly should never of thrown that game away. Put simply for you Reg. We were not good enough, get over it.

        • “avoided suspension like our flasher Burgess”

          Fake News… already disproved. Sam was NOT involved and he is suing the Roosters employee who set the whole sting up.

          For a self-confessed “South Sydney” supporter you come across as VERY anti-Rabbitohs while frothing at the mouth with obsequious and effusive praise for the Roosters (Souths’ most bitter rival). I think I can see feathers sticking out from under your bunny suit. 😂😂😂😂😂

          “The best attack in the League” were absolutely stuffed after two successive games that were played with Grand Final-like intensity and in both games Souths played 15 men against 17 so naturally there was little petrol left in the tank and explains why the Rabbitohs looked flat.

          Nevertheless, the Roosters defence was exceptional despite the fact that on at least TWO occasions the chooks should have had a player in the bin for a professional foul, especially Radley who walked through the play the ball while the Roosters were defending on their line and were exposed on their defensive left edge.

          Had the Roosters been salary cap compliant and not received the softest draw in decades it would be far easier to accept. But they did NOT play by the same rules. It is such a pity that by finishing 1st (on count back) that the Roosters avoided a week 1 finals clash with the Rabbitohs who were on a roll and had a full tank of gas.

          In any case the Roosters premiership is a “Claytons trophy”. The trophy you get when you didn’t deserve a trophy.

        • Reg you really need to except the fact that our bitter enemy Easts deserved the premiership, won it fairly and we choked big time. You have to be kidding about the two grand final like performances by our opposition Reg Reagan, Souths and Melbourne had no such defensive aggression to be classified as a grand final, more like a club game of touch footy. Have you ever seen a grand final with 57 points scored within eighty minutes? So eliminate that stupid thought from your mind.

          As for the game against Saints, Souths simply did not turn up to play with all the drama surrounding our “Guilty Flasher” Burgess. Again why would he let team mates run amok on his personal facebook account? Guilty as sin and everyone knows it. If Burgess pursues the court system strategy to clear his name, then it will only leave him financially out of pocket. She has screen shots on his facebook. End of story. Saints played reasonable but our Rabbits could only conjure up one four pointer. We had a 8 day turn around whilst Saints only had a 6 day turn around. Put simply for you Reggie, Souths were extremely lucky even to meet the Roosters and all Souths could score was one try in 160 minutes of semi-final football, after the softish Melbourne game.

          Souths did not even come close to look like premiership material during the semis. The Bottom line is Souths had a five tries to five against Melbourne, when both those clubs came up against the eventual salary cap compliant premiers the Roosters, Neither side could score a try against them, the only try that Melbourne did score was set up by the Roosters via an intercept. Calling the Roosters cheats and over the cap only signifies to all, you are a sore loser. My beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs will not be as competitive next season as they were this season.

          Again your stupidity/ignorance is obvious to all with claims the Roosters had an easy draw. Penrith had the easiest draw playing just eight of this seasons semi finalists, whilst the top eight sides Easts, Melbourne, Cronulla and yes our Souths outfit all played 11 games against fellow top eight participants. So yet again Mr Reagan your folly has yet been exposed once more.

        • You know very little about the game Rooster in Rabbits clothing. Most of the profiles on this site are onto you and realise you are a tr0ll and an intellectual lightweight and they give your opinions little respect or consideration.

          Firstly, great defence and a low scoring game is not a recipe for a great GF but rather for a boring one! The worst I’ve seen (sorry Eels fans) was the low scoring goal kick fest in 1986 when the Eels beat the Bulldogs 4-2 with no tries being scored, just penalty goals.

          Going into the finals the Storm had the second best defensive record (just behind your Roosters) and Souths had the best attacking record. The game was a classic and better judges of the game than either you or I, former players (who have played the game and represented Australia and played SOO) agreed that the Rabbitohs vs Storm game was a classic and probably the best game of the 2018 final series.

          Many RL fans remember the 1989 GF between the Raiders and the Tigers as possibly the greatest of all time. The score ended at 19-14 to the Raiders and there were 5 tries in the game. Or would you call them 5 defensive lapses? You follow a team that beyond cheating the salary cap pride themselves in giving away a string of penalties close to their line to reset their defence. This is cheating, it is NOT good defence.

          On two separate occasions the Roosters should have had a player in the sin-bin for an intentional professional foul. But the refs did nothing. Why?

          “the drama surrounding our “Guilty Flasher” Burgess”

          Spoken like a TRUE and GENUINE Rabbitohs supporter. You clown, drop the front. We all KNOW you are a Roosters tr0ll. Again, you are a goose who can’t read. I have already answered this.

          Reg Reagan October 14, 2018 at 12:03 am
          Fake News… already disproved. Sam was NOT involved and he is suing the Roosters employee who set the whole sting up.

          As for your BS about the Roosters not having the easiest draw, I have posted this before but you seem a bit slow so I will post it again. There are numerous links but they cannot be posted together without being blocked so I will post them separately following this.

          Let’s see how you handle trying to argue in the face of evidence and facts.

        • How tough is your club’s 2018 draw?

          “The Roosters may have the most generous fixture list in 2018, while the Warriors will be tested against the best on the road to the finals according to analysis of next season’s NRL Telstra Premiership draw.”

          1. Warriors (234 points)
          2. Titans (226)
          =3. Sharks (218)
          =3. Bulldogs (218)
          =3. Wests Tigers (218)
          =6. Sea Eagles (216)
          =6. Knights (216)
          8. Cowboys (208)
          9. Rabbitohs (207)
          10. Broncos (205)
          11. Dragons (202)
          12. Eels (191)
          13. Panthers (190)
          14. Raiders (189)
          15. Storm (180)
          16. Roosters (170)

        • NRL draw: Roosters the big winners in 2018 fixtures

          At least Woody (aka Woodchook) could reason and argue with intelligence and a sense of humour. You are just an embarrassment to intellectual discussion and good-natured banter. Go and sit in the corner and don’t forget to wear your dunce cap you oxygen thief.

          And because you probably don’t get it, I’ll spell it out…

          oxygen thief = A person so useless on this planet that the mere fact of them breathing is a waste of oxygen.

  6. Soon DCE = Didn’t Choose Eagles

    Also why is DCE upset about Henry, Henry acted honourably and air his opinions publicly. Sounds like Henry should be the one saying I won’t coach Manly if DCE stays.

  7. Russcrower your spot on,I used to be a supporter of dce but now realise this guy is just a f**kwit.
    They should sign Henry just so dce leave,but l’ve a question who would sign him???
    no one

    • Wow, I thought RussCrower was too harsh, but on the right track.
      It does look like DCE is all but running the show a Manly, and his personality would have to get just about everyone offside.
      He might hint at walking, to get his way, and in his arogence actually think that’s his weapon, but let’s face it, he’s not going to walk from the deal he’s on, and I can only assume the majority of those that work at/support Manly, would be extatic if he did, given the deal he’s on.
      I think his real weapon is a combination of the deal he’s on, and his spoilt little 10 year old mentality. If he doesn’t get his way, he’ll sulk, and will be average at best on field, and probably annoying enough off field to damage/destroy morale.

    • Is that YOU holmsey? I bet that article quoting DCE saying that despite being paid $1.2 mill a season he never gave 100% was the final straw! 😂😂😂😂

      • @ Mightyeagle

        “They should sign Henry just so dce leave”

        THAT is exactly what I said to my Manly mate. It would free up enough cash to get TWO good young quality halves and solve a LOT of Manly’s problems and Henry is a decent coach and an improvement on Baz in any case.

  8. Well seems all irrelevant now. Seems des will sign on in next few days. Hopefully means a hole overhaul of everything and bring back the manly at manly….
    Would much prefer Toovey but des a clear second pick for coach. Just no back ended deals and all should work well. His will also keep taupau, dce, trobovics, Walker and api happy…
    Hopefully let’s manly play attacking footy though and not restrict them like he did at dogs.

  9. Don’t actually know where to begin with the disgrace manly has become. For a start, why in the name of Christ did they ar$ehole Toovey? As much as I couldn’t stand him he was a better coach than anything they’ve put forward or looked at since. As for DCE, that little germ is a cancer. Allowing him to dictate how the club is run will probably end the same way as it did at the tigers when they let those two muppets benji and Farah run the show. I’d like to say they should trade him away for another half but I’m enjoying watching the karma unfold.

      • But he is the Australian utility lol….
        I love how all these people know so much about dce…
        There isn’t one quote from him in this useless article and all because he flipped on Titans everyone says it’s always his fault…
        But yes your correct 1 mil for old butter fingers chokie McGee hunt

        • But if one was to have an actual serious debate on this, I’d take Hunt over DCE on a dollar for dollar basis anyday of the week. Yep, an easy comeback would be “that’s why Parra fails” etc, but I would.
          Hunt may be like Pearce, in that rep footy can be just that bit too daunting, or that just 1 seriously bad performance/negative media reporting in the big arena can last for months later at club level, but at the same time, DCE went through that too, and whilst he’s made it back to rep footy, and has performed well in a couple of games at that level again, he’s no JT, Cronk etc. Let’s face it he has only just made it back, and has had a couple of good games at rep level.
          Maybe DCE will get to a point where he owns a spot at rep level, and if he does it would have to be at 7 only, and I doubt Hunt will (in the starting 13 at least), but back to the original arguememt, and dollar for dollar at club level, I’d have Hunt any day.

        • We all know Bob that DCE is the Steven Bradbury and “last man standing” of Australian rep football and the token QLDer that Mal had to squeeze into the Australian side to appease the brainwashed “North Koreans” north of the NSW border.

          Thurston (retired), Cronk (retired from rep football), Ben Hunt (chocked on a big pay day), Nathan Cleary (close but still a little green), Adam Reynolds (too injury prone and inconsistent), Ash Taylor (more skill and leadership ability but buried under a pile of mediocrity at the Titans). All these players are better suited to the role of HB and team organiser than DCE (the most expensive “Cherry” the game has ever had to swallow!). Even Luke Keary could probably do a better job shifting back to his original position of HB.

          Not DCE’s fault though as he is being played to close to the middle at first receiver instead of playing out wide as a running 5/8.

        • @ mighty

          Sorry mate but you’ve come to the the wrong site if you are looking for “an actual serious debate”. Folks here argue on tribal passion and twisted logic that supports their single-minded and often indefensible positions.

          I think Monty Python have a department for serious debates or is that for arguments? If so then yes, you HAVE come to the right place for an argument. 😉

      • 1 mill plus for DCE, even funnier. Hunt might get the yips now and then but I don’t see him running his own club into the ground with a me first attitude.

        • 1 mil for a halfback that tried his best and only got manly to 15th, manly will be bottoms 4 for at least 5 years, let that sink in.

        • Hahaha Dessie isn’t going to get them out of the hole they’re in. He had similar (probably better) cattle at the dogs and look how that went. All he’ll do is back end a few donkeys on contracts that will screw the club even further and forget about developing juniors (which he’s famous for). Dessie’s solution has always been to buy established players, not develop them. How many established players want to go to manly these days with tight ar$es like the penns in charge. You guys are delusional if that’s your solution – he’s likely to make it worse.

    • WTF. Don’t the Roosters (aledgidly) pay unders for quality players?
      DCE has a long term contract, on mega coin, and is just returning to rep footy, although some would argue he has won an Origin, been captain of Australia, and will be representing Australia again as, no doubt, the first choice half that selectors chose the 5/8 to suit.

    • @LidcombeOval

      With a neck like a Giraffe he will never be a chicken, he looks more like a goose! 😂😂😂😂

    • Nah, they only poach decent players. I’d be careful of letting Brooks anywhere near a bondi cafe though, I mean why wouldn’t he get of the bus as well hahahaha.

  10. 100% FAKE NEWS!!

    A buddy of mine spoke to Lyall Gorman yesterday who told him that Manly have NEVER been interested in, or approached either Neil Henry or Jason Taylor. He also said that Madge did not turn down the Manly coaching offer but rather he was about to agree to the deal and then added one final caveat which Manly declined.

    In light of a recent article quoting Madge as wanting to keep his Kiwis coaching job as conditional upon him signing as an NRL club coach I would say that this was the reason that the Madge to Manly deal fell through. According to Gorman after this 11th hour additional demand Manly pulled the offer from the table, Madge did not walk away from the deal. I’m a big fan of Madge but I don’t like the idea of an NRL club coach with divided loyalties or agendas and a split focus so I think Manly made the right decision.

    Hasler will be a far better fit for the organisation in any case as he bleeds maroon and white and has Manly DNA to the bone and is a club legend. Barrett was always going to struggle pushing his barrow up hill at least Hasler should not have to face the same kind of obstacles.

  11. Reg if Madge wanted to keep his Kiwi job, then Manly has let a great opportunity slip through their fingers. A few tests at seasons end, is no distraction to Manly’s quest to become a top eight team once more. Perhaps Madge may have influenced a few Kiwi rep players to join forces with him at Manly. Bennett has been able to accommodate his English coaching role whilst over achieving this year with the Broncos. Until Saints exposed the Broncos defensive woes which has been evident for a few years since the 2016 season bagan.

    Hasler is definitely the correct choice for Manly, especially as a ex Manly premiership winning player and coach. Although if he did a DNA test, his pedigree is Panther. However his heart is Sea Eagle. Futher more, Cherry- Evans has stamped his approval of this signing, which therefore means, what ever Chery-Evans approves goes. The deal is as good as complete with Cherry- Evans seal stamp.

    • Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. You missed a great opportunity as well you fruit cake.

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