SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: George Burgess passes during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on September 5, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

South Sydney prop George Burgess has reached out to Broncos coach Anthony Seibold in a bid to potentially join Red Hill and relieve salary cap pressure on the Rabbitohs, per Channel Seven.

Additionally, Burgess’ wife Joanna has family on the Sunshine Coast which could make for a seamless transition.

However, the Broncos would have to offload a significant amount of salary to accommodate for Burgess.

The Bunnies recently locked away Burgess’ brother Tom until the end of 2023 despite the 26-year old being poached by Parramatta. But the club remains undecided on the future of George.

“We haven’t reached an agreement with George, we’re hanging on and waiting to see what happens, and we have salary-cap commitments,’’ South Sydey football manager Shane Richardson told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

“When George knocked back Parra the other day he said he wanted to stay on and play his best and see what happens.

“He believes he has a value in the market, and he certainly has, he will probably test that, but we’ll wait and see.’’



  1. No thanks. Brisbane’s forward back is young and have a big future. The money needs to be used to lock up TPJ, Fifita and Haas.

  2. Wont be happening at his price/experience. Agree with you tommy, some great young pups coming through but that stain Lodge should be punted instead of resigned

  3. Hopefully George will stay, why he would want to go to the Bronco’s is anyones guess, i doubt he has ever approached them he isn’t that stupid, just his mangement trying to get him the best deal, he’ll stay.

  4. Really? Why wouldn’t a player want to go to Brisbane, they have one of the best set-ups in the game.

  5. Maybe, but I doubt it.
    I’m assuming, but I think it would be a safe bet, that Parra would have offered him the top end of dollars and he knocked us back, so I doubt any potential Broncos “link” would be about upping his value.
    I can only assume there is something to a potential move.

  6. How do they, their set up better than Penrith? plus Souths are building their centre of excellence also, no need to go there, hopefully he will stay if not so be it.

  7. I dont like the Broncos at all but i agree with tommy knocker they do have a lot of quality yong forwards why lose them to sign a dud like Burgess all i need now is all the manly whiners to get on here and try and roast me about my comments may manly should sign him 🤣🤣🤣

  8. George loves Seibold for starters and George knows Bennett who the Broncos sacked definitely won’t deliver Souffths a premiership but he knows Seibold and the talent Brisbane have could win a comp.

    The latest rumour getting around town is it’s a two horse race between the well under the salary cap Roosters or his former coach’s team Brisbane.

  9. Dragon12383
    why don’t U like the Mighty Broncos, is it because of 92-93..
    Its pretty good a that records still good after all these years.

    and Burgess wants to come to the Broncos cause Bennett’s a joke and seiballs will get the best out of him, but yep not losing a young talent over him.

  10. AHAHAHAHAH parra noid penz0 you make me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my walking stick.

    “hopefully he will stay”

    Get it in your Mellon penz0 he wants out and approached Seibold.
    Brisbane can’t afford him unless they release players. So looks like he will be playing at your next best favourite team Easts.

  11. Seibold may be a very good young coach , but he hasn’t actually proven a lot yet. Let’s see how he goes second year in?

  12. He won’t be the last to leaves the SS Souffs Ship before the season kicks off and the Bennett lead ship sinks. Jennings and a second rower who played in the 2014 grand final are being shopped around.

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