Brisbane and South Sydney may be open to a player swap next season, with Corey Allen and Jamayne Isaako the names mentioned.

Allen left the Broncos and headed to Souths because Wayne Bennett wasn't a fan of him according to WWOS, although with Bennett now the coach of the Rabbitohs, it looks as though Allen could head back to Red Hill to get more playing time.

If Allen does head back to the Broncos, reports believe Bennett could bring Isaako to the Bunnies, with the swap a like-for-like one position wise.

Isaako was the 2018 Dally M Rookie of the Year, and has played 39 games for the Broncos across his young career.

Allen made his debut for the Bunnies in round one this season, and has played 13 games.


  1. I think South’s win with that swap. Isaako has some errors in him when things are going wrong. At his best though, he’s great.
    Allen has been alright. Not as good as all the hype indicated before he went there though. Maybe he’ll improve more?

  2. Could be good, but I think Allan is going to get better with time. He hasn’t done to bad for his rookie season.

  3. Russ must be sick or something so I will say it for him. His beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs Transit Lounge Rabbitohs are at it again, even before next seasons transit lounge window has begun.

    Does this club ever give up on buying? I thought 30 June is officially the end of buying but this ridiculous club have already got two or three for next season already🤣😁🤣

  4. Thanks Chalky. I have been reading comments on here for a couple of years reading the pretty good stories and comments, getting a good old chuckle. Thought I might put my two bobs worth in also.👍

  5. Silly HarryButthead get with the program.
    June 30 was cut off for this year.
    This deal is for next year.
    Getting tired constantly correcting your shortcomings and lack of NRL knowledge.
    Move along now.

  6. Edwoodwoodwood1 stop EMBARRASSING us roosters.
    We just bought 3 halves for next year and I hear we are looking for a new coach once Cronk retires.
    Also I believe we are hoping to sign Ryan Hall’s brother who is 2 years older than him but tries hard.

  7. Have to say Issako will be a great addition to Souths.
    Was Daley M rookie of the year last year but has lost interest this year.
    Hope he’s as good as Ryan Hall.
    Another big potential player who wants to reunite with Bennett.
    Congratulations Souths

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