BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 24: Coach Wayne Bennett of the Broncos talks at a press conference after the round 12 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on May 24, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

New South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett has handed a legal letter to the Brisbane Broncos, claiming his former club owe him $400,000 after sacking him early this month.

Bennett was paid out $385,000 by the club for his image rights this December, but the letter details how the six-time Brisbane premiership coach “reserves the right to enforce court proceedings.”

Brisbane CEO Paul White confirmed to The Courier-Mail the letter was delivered last Friday.

Not only will Bennett be potentially suing his former club, but given the Rabbitohs have agreed to pay 50% of any money the Broncos are forced to pay to Bennett in 2019, the legendary coach could also be taking money from his new employers.

However, following this report, Bennett told The Courier-Mail he wasn’t planning on suing the Broncos.

The bad break-up from Bennett and the Broncos comes after a long contract saga that saw Bennett and Anthony Seibold eventually switch head coaching roles.


  1. Broncos are more likely to sue him for early contact with opposition players.
    Maybe they could get the NRL to look at it and see if it is the same level of offence as Sharks and Tigers… Maybe this has been pointed out so he has changed his mind.
    Just be happy earning your retirement money and keep quiet before you get taken out early!

  2. Unfortunately, contrary to Wayne’s ‘its not about the money’ statement it quite obviously is. I understand that he didn’t get his way at the Broncos with them not extending him into the 2020 season so has a bone to pick with them but the reality is this is going to have a financial impact on the Bunnies, his current club. I have been slowly losing respect for Mr Bennett and this just tops it off. Good luck to the Rabbits, hope you don’t do anything to p$ss the old bugger off and have to face his wrath.

  3. The sooner the game see that back of this out of date parasite, the better everyone will be. I genuinely feel for Souths (Never though I would say that) but I think he will dig into and damage their culture like the cancer he is….

    Never have nor Never will have 1 ounce of respect or empathy for the dimwit….

    Just glad he re-nigged on his Roosters deal back around 2009/10

    • Yes laidleyroosterfan33, your team may just have dodged a bullet in 09/10! Mind you, he did take the Dragons to a premiership in 2010, but your team has won 2 since then without the master coach (or master myth from your perspective).😀😀😀

      • Yeah but he left is in a mess when he left – thanks for recommending the water boy on the way out Wayne. And then he left the Knights a dog’s breakfast as well. Can’t say he set the world on fire at the broncs when he got back there either. Wayne’s last hurrah for was 2010. His coaching has gone steeply downhill since then unfortunately as has his attitude towards just about everyone not Wayne Bennett. Probably the greatest coach ever but doing his legacy a massive disservice.

        • Bennetts stupid tactics to persist with Hunt kicking to the sidelines and wined down the clock cost the broncos that premiership instead of going after more points.

          Bennett half way through next season will more than likely be considering to sue Soufffths after they sack this cranky old out of date coach who only ever was given premierships on a platter with all those over the cap Brisbane teams he had. Billy blogs could of guided those teams home to premierships with those Brisbane full international teams.

        • I suggest you go and watch the game again you dullard. As Bennett himself has previously said, if you haven’t put yourself in a position to have put the game to bed by that stage, then you didn’t deserve to win. Trying to wind the clock down against a cowboys team that was on a roll was never going to work.

        • Exactly what I said. If Bennett was a super coach he would not of persisted with the stupid tactic of winding the clock down with grubbed kicks to the side line to force scrums by Hunt. Hunt was following Bennetts instructions and it backfired.

        • Hunt never executed the instructions properly, thats why they lost. He is a loser and now the loser dragoons have him as well. Hahaha drogoons will never win again with him and Norman there.

  4. Doesn’t Bennett have enough coin in the bank by now that he needs to screw the broncos for another 400k? I know he’ll say it’s the principle of the thing but wouldn’t it have just been easier on all involved if he just left. Talk about damaging your own reputation – especially in the town where you think he’d be held in the highest regard.

  5. Souths hierarchy must be getting concerned. Whilst Wayne’s body is in South Sydney, his mind is still in Brisbane!

  6. All this talk about Bennett is amusing, sure i would like him to get rid of this Bronco thing, but to put crap on him is wrong, how can you be a good coach one minute and suddenly a bad one, doesn’t make sense especially after guiding the poms to a win against he Kiwis Micheal Macquire.

    Coaching really doesn’t start till halfway through January so lets see what happens, Bennett will be under presure for sure, and maybe he didn’t have the cattle at the Bronco’s the last couple of years, so it will be interesting to see if Seibold can do any better, both coaches will need to get results, those people who are knocking Bennett are probably worried that he may further unlock the Rabbitohs potential.

    • Hey penso, I am not knocking his ability and would not be surprised if he jags a premiership with the Rabbits as I think they are a better fit as a team than Brisbane currently are. But I question this latest move as it will also affect the Bunnies from a financial perspective and it’s not like he is desperate for money. Just move on Wayne and focus all your energies on the Bunnies.

      • Penso, “how can you be a good coach one minute and suddenly a bad one”.
        I’m working on that exact theory, by continuing to back BA, so I certainly hope that’s the case.
        That said, there are numerous reasons in reality. Losing interest/passion, failing to adapt to change, lack of respect from the playing group etc etc.
        I’m not saying any of those things necessarily relate to Bennett, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t want him at Parra.
        As for him considering suing the Bronco’s, well I just hope he ends up wearing his, and the Bronco’s, legal bills. The way I see it, this isn’t about “right or wrong”, it’s about “a potentially easy buck”.

        • Good call mighty, agree 100%. He has already received a reported $380,000 from the Broncos and now wants another $400,000, plus the Rabbits are reportedly paying him $800,000 a year. He did not get his way at the Broncos, even though they offered him the ‘Phil Gould’ type role he wanted to keep coaching so now he is out to get what he can. As for your Eels, I would think they should give BA until round 10 to prove his worth and if Parra are not doing well then they have no option but to look at other coaching options.

    • Penzo wasn’t Seibold the current coach of the year?? Well in reality Robinson is the coach of the year but that’s another story.

      So how can Bennett be looked upon as a better coach that can further unlock Souffths potential??? Like a football great that plays on a season to long so to will Bennett be regarded as coaching on a few seasons past his best.

      The bottom line is Bennett key weapon was always his powerful defence. These days his teams leak far to many points to even be lucky to make the top eight.

      My prediction for this year is Brisbane 5th, Soufffths 10-8th with an 8th place being very unlikely.

      • Woody, why can’t you spell properly, it’s penso and Souths wanka, anyway , I don’t know, and you don’t either , if Bennett will be good for Souths, me thinking that Souths will buy into his coaching philosopy and will play accordingly , i believe that Souths will be a better team from his coaching, i would like him to get rid of his Bronco’s crap for sure , but that won’t distact from his level of coaching at Souths.

        I’m on record saying that Easts won’t be in the top 6 by seasons end, better teams have won the comp and could not back up , your team Woody will be sorted next year, your team and coach are not that good, speaking of your coach , wasn’t it not that long ago when your coach had Easts second last and that they were looking at replacing him.

        • Penzo you must be from Italy???. When we speak English it’s a capital I not i and you get mixed up with me for my. OK mayte

          Your wanka statement that The Rooster coach is no good proves your apprentiship is over. Your a tradesman wanka now. 4 minor Premierships and two premierships in 6 years has elevated Robo to master status.

          Unlike Burgess who got off Scott free for his antics Pearce was suspended when he did his Burgess thing and the Roosters season was over that particular year before it began with an eight game suspension with no halfback. Penzo the Italian wanka stallion. Ahahahah

        • Oh Penzzo the Roosters have never been looking to replace Robo ever they have always made certain he has been bottled up long term. Another one of the Reg disciples spreading false gospel. I must rename you Mohamed the false prophet. Merry Christmas Mo Penzzo

      • South will be too 8, it took 2 seasons for broncos to suffer from Bennett coaching, 2015 was done with a team prepared and assembled by Griffin, 2016 onwards was Bennett.
        If Seibold can unlock a decent defence to fill the edge holes then broncos should improve.
        Bennett is a money hungry old grump who is acting like a brat who didn’t get their way. All a big tantrum from the old goat.

  7. The real facts of this story are that Bennett was sacked by a club that didn’t want him. If you were Bennett, wouldn’t you want to get every dollar that you could? It doesn’t matter who said what and when, it’s got nothing to do with his letter of intention to sue.. I didn’t particularly want Bennett at Souths but Seibold got a better offer and wanted out so who was left?

    Let’s wait and see how the whole thing turns out.

    • “If you were Bennett, wouldn’t you want to get every dollar that you could?” NO. I can honestly say, NO.
      I might be a bit “old school”, even though I’m a lot younger than Bennett, but:
      Has Bennett earned (the remainder of) his 2019 salary? NO.
      Has he been financially disadvantaged by the termination of the contract? NO. Quite the opposite, as he is better off.
      So his only “case” would seem to be based on “but I might win (easy money)”.
      I could go deeper, and argue the “who breached first”, or “their breach was worse than mine” ect. but do I think Bennett should be paid anything at all? NO. Not 1 cent, and as far as I’m concerned he should hang his head in shame for even thinking about it.

      • I’m a bit ”old school” myself but I am sure that there is more going on behind the scenes than we know about. What promises were made changes from day to day. I don’t want Souths to pay anymore to Bennett, but as I said let’s wait and see how the whole thing turns out.

  8. You would think with all the money Clint is raking in, he would spend a few dollars and get his teeth fixed up!

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