SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 17: Adam Doueihi of the Rabbitohs attempts a conversion during the NRL trial match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Wigan at ANZ Stadium on February 17, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have emerged as frontrunners to sign Rabbitohs star Adam Doueihi, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The report states that the reigning back-to-back premiers are currently in negotiations with the 21-year old, who is expected to receive a leave of absence from the Souths in the coming days.

Doueihi was put on the outer at the Bunnies after they acquired Latrell Mitchell and re-signed Cody Walker. He was given permission by coach Wayne Bennett to explore his options elsewhere.

The utility had previously been linked to the Wests Tigers to re-up with former coach Michael Maguire, but the two parties could not come to an agreement on a contract.

Melbourne were also thought to be in the mix to sign him.

If signed by the Tricolours, Doueihi would likely be the backup to James Tedesco in the No. 1 jersey.


  1. “Sydney club emerges as frontrunner for Roosters star”
    So you’ve already conceded that the Roosters have got him?

  2. What’s the point of him going to the Nuggets, if he wants to play fullback? Isn’t he then in exactly the same position as he is at South’s?

  3. Seriously this is all feeling like scripted reality tv show. What’s next we find out Crowe and Politis are lovers and can’t go public with their forbidden love as it will tear their houses apart ?

  4. Great, we lose Latrell Mitchell AND Billy Smith in one off season, and get dud Doueihi.
    What a waste of money uncle Nick!

  5. seems like a big win for the roosters. Both Doueihi and Flanagan show why teams like roosters and the other top teams for the most part stay on top. Good low risk high reward signings that come with no off field distractions and potential to at least be a top quality nrl level player.

    I also disagree with the last paragraph he is most likely to be starting in the vacant left centre spot as it is a position he has played before and performed quite well in.

  6. The Great Northern Rooster January 30, 2020 at 10:10 am
    “Great, we lose Latrell Mitchell AND Billy Smith in one off season, and get dud Doueihi.
    What a waste of money uncle Nick!”
    Well, if he makes reps one day at least you’ll be proud watching him sing the anthem.

  7. … don’t know much about Adam other than he’s young, can kick a goal and doesn’t have attitude.
    Souffs will have to pay the overs which will negate what the Chooks are paying for LM.
    well balanced deal, me thinks.

  8. Why would you think that South’s would pay any of his contract chook?
    Your Nuggets would most likely be thinking that they’re short of a decent centre for now. As they’d always try to buy, buy & buy their way out of any shortcomings. Rather than promote a younger player. ( As could be seen by all of the halves they bought last year. ) Then they’d probably want to stick Doueihi in the centres for the start of 2020 , as a fill in player. As they’re the ones in need of a player, why would South’s agree to pay any of his contract?
    If I was a club manager or CEO, I certainly wouldn’t agree to that in this case. As you can force the Nuggets to pay the lot.

  9. East of Divide….I think you need to take a bit of a reality check here… “buy, buy, buy instead of promoting a youngster”??? Seriously? Do any of these names ring a bell as promotion of young players?…Boyd Cordner, Latrell Mitchell, Joey Manu, Billy Smith, Victor Radley, Siua Taukeiaho, Jake Friend, Sam Verrills, Isaac Liu, Lindsay Collins….all unknowns as jnrs and promoted to grade by the chooks. Sure they’d be thinking they need a centre now…they just lost 2 options before the season has even started, and they need a kicker also…Pretty sure soufs will be footing some of the bill for Doueihi, they’re the ones that gave him the ass after all in their endeavours to BUY BUY BUY a premiership.
    Brisbane Bunny…I agree with you, could’ve been worse! – Curtis Scott

  10. Again with the buy v develop thing EOD, don’t you get sick of commenting about it all of the time?

    Let me ask you this. As a fan would you prefer that the Panthers develop and promote juniors, but have nothing to show for it in the trophy cabinet? Or would you prefer they go out and buy a few marquee players and win a few competitions?

  11. Thanks for your input Panthers18, but I haven’t criticised the Panthers, I am asking EOD for an opinion on the better option. The only reason I mentioned the Panthers is because that is who EOD supports. If I was asking penso I would have said Rabbitohs, or screamingeagle, Manly…….

    Also, since when is it not allowed to comment on other teams? Are you that insecure about your team that no one else is allowed to have an opinion on them?

  12. GreatNorthernNugget.
    How many halves did the club purchase over the last couple of years? Take a look , I’m sure it’ll surprise you. If I’m not wrong, you’re club only Won Premierships over the last couple of years , mainly due to buying players. Whether it’s the Tedesco’s , Keary’s Cronk’s of the league world that were bought? Or the players bought as youngsters , from elsewhere. There’s no winning anything for that club , without buying. Or are Flanagan & Doueihi local juniors? The actual juniors from the Eastern Suburbs are always lost in the flood of imports, at whatever age they’re purchased. Not even worth mentioning. Enough said..
    Eels47 , what’s it to do with You? Feeling that your favourite club is more Nugget like than they should be, or used to be? That is the case of course. When even most of the Eels highly rated juniors , don’t come from the area. That is a bit of an embarrassment, when they have to depend on the Panthers & other clubs, areas for most of the first grade team. As well as the lower grades & junior grades. So I understand your mindset.
    Still, am I wrong , that when I write that when the Nuggets are left short In a position. That they go out straight away to buy more players? The buying of that club over most of its history suggests otherwise.
    Whether you or the Nugget imports supporters like it or not?
    I’d like to see a club win a competition, without a majority of imported players . Even if it’s made up of some imports at a junior level , that have come through that clubs grades. At least that would be something to crow about.
    Crowing about how great your club is , based almost solely on buying your team. What credit is that to them? So Wow , another competition won on the back of Nick & friends. Or whoever else buys their team in? What a miracle hey Eels!

  13. Just a question EOD, nothing more. Gee, you Panthers are a bit testy today aren’t you?

    I like how you change your argument again to suit what you want at the time… So what is it, a local junior is a player born in the area, from the area, or came through some of the lower grades. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Penrith’s predicted round 1 team for this season contains 2 players born in the area, and 2 ore who played their first game in the area.

  14. eels47, me testy? I am far from it. I read that, however, what you haven’t factored in, and this applies to all clubs, the money, and time, invested in these players from an early age. That makes them juniors.

  15. You found it in your wisdom to tell me that I cannot comment on your team without looking at my own. My comment was not directed at you, nor was it intended to be a dig at your team, yet you commented anyway, telling me not to comment? Why did you feel the need to do that, maybe I hit a nerve with you, albeit unintentionally.

    Anyway, I have factored in those things, and I am well aware of how junior development works. My comment on the Panther 17 was merely pointing out that not all of the Juniors at Penrith are from the local area. At the time EOD was commenting on the background of some “Juniors” in the Parra system, how they were born in NZ, or areas outsied of Parramatta. Like you said, it applies to all clubs

  16. As much as I agree that having a sucessful team full of local juniors would be ideal its just doesn’t work like that anymore. We can all bleet about tradition and how things were better in the past but if clubs don’t move with the times they are left behind. There is certain amount of jealousy felt when other clubs do things better then our own and regardless of the morality of thier actions the smart clubs do what it takes to maintain their edge. Buying other teams juniors is now part and parcel and we should all be a bit less judgemnetal about it because if your clubs wants sucess they will have to partake as well.

  17. Put a sock in it you nit/wit “clown of the great dividing Range”. Typical Pink panther/chocholate Soldier/liquerice allsorts sad sack supporter. Nobody is interested in your Novel length reply. Did not even attemt to read your dribble EOD.

    All I know is the Roosters do not panic buy like Souths and Wests. They weigh every detail up before they offer players a contract

    Doueihi will never ever become a Sydney Rooster because he has nothing the Roosters need.
    Doueihi is a Soufths reject/dud. Fullstop!!!!!!!!

  18. To the reporter of this article .. don’t go paying your reliable source this week mate .. either you or he have no idea .. !! Doueihi signs with the Tigers .. !! 🙂

  19. Hit the nail on the head MarkMyWords… thinks EOD is still smarting about Freddy Fittler becoming a Roosters Legend, because he showed loyalty to the ARL when Penny prostituted itself to Murdoch’s $$$$$ super league.

  20. Well I know Penrith fielded an entire 17 players last season in some games , with just two players who didn’t come through the Penrith system eels47. Can Parramatta claim that ?
    Of course all Nuggets supporters are going to hate what I’ve written above. As they try to deflect & defend their ‘imports’ club. As the truth hurts. Nothing there that wasn’t true though.
    I didn’t even bring up the juniors, or non juniors theme here , after this story eels47. You did! So check what’s actually written , before you comment . I said that when they are short of a player , they look to go out & buy another player straight away. Rather than promote a young player. That was not even mentioning juniors or non juniors. You started the juniors theme & then I wrote more about that.
    So who was testy , or touchy when it came to talking about imported players eels? It must have been you. I also didn’t bring up anything about any New Zealand players after this story at all. Again, that was all you.
    I think you need to read the postings more carefully. 😳

  21. As for the Nuggets ‘imports’ club & supporters. I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings. It’s really sad that your club continues to buy virtually all of its players , at one stage in their lives or another. That they couldn’t win a chicken raffle, without imports. I’m sorry about that. Be happy that your club has bought so many premierships . As that’s the French Dressed Chicken way. I’m still waiting to see who’ll they’ll buy next? Surely it has to be some centres, after all the halves bought in the last two years? At least when they buy players & pay them with independent corporate sponsorships, it promotes the talent of all non eastern suburb areas players. That’s something isn’t it! Those central coast youngsters are pretty good. That’s a good find for the club.

  22. What are you on EastOfDivide? Dribble tablets?
    Doueihi is a dud Souths player who was given his marching orders from Bennett.

    Do you really think he knocked back the Roosters. The Roosters like they told Latrell Mitchell, there just is not room for his type at the Premiers. The Roosters have every position covered extremely well for every position he plays. Robinson even said he can start as a reserve for Norths and we could get Cooper Cronk to coach you into a good 5/8.

    His answer to that was a 2.5m contract signed at 625k per season for four years with Wests.

  23. Your so wise after the fact AdamWoodRot.
    When this story was written, it said that Your Nuggets were leading the way to sign him.
    The season isn’t even started yet. So there’s up until then , plus a whole season to see if they go out to buy more centres. It’s not much of a stretch to think that they will , based on last years halves buying spree! So we will see?
    Everyone knows the Nuggets are the Sydney Nuggets Import Club!
    I saw your dribble as one of your sign ins , saying how the club should sign the other over the hill Morris brother. So you were saying right there that they are short of a decent centre.
    So much for your carry one WoodChips.

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