SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters warms up before the round 25 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers have emerged as a surprising suitor for Sydney centre Latrell Mitchell, according to Fox Sports’ James Hooper.

The Tigers have a $1.7 million war chest following the medical retirement of Ben Matulino and the release of Ryan Matterson and are well-positioned to acquire the star Rooster.

Is it believed that the Tigers could offer Mitchell as much as $3.3 million over three seasons and would want him to play at fullback given the lucrative deal.

The Bulldogs have also reportedly been in the mix for Mitchell, who has alienated himself with Roosters powerbrokers

Tigers general manager of football Adam Hartigan previously worked for the back-to-back premiers, which could be behind their reported push.

Mitchell still has a year to run on his current deal but the Rosters pulled its two-year, $1.6 million offer for 2021 and 2022.


  1. why would anyone pay that much for a centre?
    Bare in mind Latrell had a very poor year, firing in the early parts of the season to then taking a huge drop after Origin. After that he was barely in games and was very inconsistent. 1.1 million dollars a season for that?!

  2. Silly Silly Silly

    I know Toronto have just paid 5m a season for SBW but they are buying marketing value as well as a player.

    Latty has very little of that and he has just come off a pretty poor year for someone who thinks he is worth a mil. Add in the attitude and you have a very risky investment.

  3. Dragons should go after him and put him straight to fullback. You cant win a comp without stars. Its way too adventurous for them though. They only buy bargains where the first year is nearly free.

    Cant wait for them to offload all the dead weight they have. And I cant believe how many good juniors have come to almost nothing out of the club. I don’t see the Dragons climbing out of the cellar any time soon.

  4. Like the idea of Mitchell at Fullback, he has good size and speed and is hard to tackle 1v1 but needs to develop a passing game and some consistency. Swap Aiken for Mitchell, Roosters get a cheap replacement and Dragons get the star player.

  5. At this point Latrell does not have the fitness, passing game or general knowledge to be a good First Grade Fullback.

    On this year’s from he is barely worth half of what is being reported as he drifts in and out of games something rarely even touching the ball.

    Having said all of this he is still a baby and has a lot of time to become what we all know he can potentially be, its up to him really.

  6. @butters – I like your thinking, but $1.1M per year is just plain stupid.

    If they were considering Hayne last year, they may well be thinking about it

  7. Played some fullback in his early games in the Nrl with the grear Minichello guiding him but could not get trouble mind around that pisition. Bottom line is he is a centre at th it s stage of hus career, not a fullback and definitely not a 5/8.

    Anu club that pays more than 700k is extremely foolish. I believe if some club pay him his million he will relax and take things really easy on the playing field, dreaming about the farm he wants to buy and put his feet up whien he retires. it will go to rack and ruin. Will his cousins give up the dole to work on his farm?

    Bwahahahaha, I doubt it.

  8. Pizz him off right now, don’t even give him time to pack up is locker.
    All he is… a selfish greedy individual. Roosters need team harmony so dispose of this big head.

  9. Holy moly, we release Marsters a tigers junior to sign Mitchell on a monumental $1.1m per season, I’m praying this is not true.

  10. Hey Benny Boy, already turning on one of your own? By the way, use spell-check, that will bring your very stupid comments back to just stupid.

  11. Ben, The cousins can still keep the dole & work on Latrelles farm if they do 25 hours per week, in the current government centrelink legislation in for working for the dole.
    This means more savings for latrelle.

  12. Nah butters, we have Sailor coming through for FB, dragons should unload Lafai and Aitken and have Mitchell and Lomax as centres.

  13. Cookeem mate, I don’t like their chances of working for the dole, they won’t even work for good wages. Latrell is unequivocal unique for a worker though. He knocked back 800k which is over 15k per week for touching the ball about four times a game on average. Now thats hard work poor boy. He wants a payrise and might touch the ball 5 times a game for 20k per week which is about a million per year. He feels like he deserves it.

  14. Chalky we are not worried if a player leaves unlike Souths, you guys panicked and rushed out to buy three dud centres in Goodwin, Roberts and Burns,

    The World Champion Back2Back Sydney Rooster Premiers just slot another home developed Rooster Academy young gun into replace the big headed Rooster Academy developed bloke who chases big cash contracts while our other self developed Rooster Junior Academy star Manu teaches Billy the NRL ropes.😁

  15. In all honesty I like/respect the way the Roosters are/have handled this.
    In my head, and I’m not saying I’m an expert by any stretch, far from it, but I thought 3 years at $800k would be max for any club, other than maybe the Titans.
    I chose 3 years because you’d need to keep him hungry/incentivised.
    $800k is top end for a centre, and he’s not (IMO) a player to build a team around, so he shouldn’t be the highest paid player.
    The fact that the Roosters (effectively) offered that (2020 plus a further 2 years at $800k p.a), even though they’re in the box seat to offer the lowest (one of at least) deal/s tells me they cut straight to the chase, and it certainly appears he’s chasing more, so (in their eyes) done, it’s off the table, see ya.
    I’m sure they’ll release him from the remainder of his contract should he request it, and I seriously don’t want Parra anywhere near the receiving end of this, but as per my comments above, I hope we’re finally smarter than even thinking about it.

  16. Souths need a decent 5/8 before a Latrell Mitchell who is lucky to get his hands on the ball half a dozen times a game for one expensive million. I would love to see a clubless team like Souths get Mitchell and chew up their dud buying salary cap.

    Nevertheless Mitchell has declared Souths are not on his agenda singling out Nth Queensland Cowboys as his prefered team. Probably a typical answer from a foolish young man who has not matured. Doing his geographics attempting to run away from his problems heading as far North as a footy team is away from everyone.

    Unfortunately the truth of the matter is….you can’t run away from yourself. When this boy griws up he will look back on this part of his life with massive regret, knowing that Sydney Roosters the best performed club this century tried desprately hard to pay him well and give him complete happiness within a successful world class team.

    At 22yrs of age Latrell should be on top of the world with his back to back premiership winning team mates. These should be the best days of his life. But some thing or someone is driving him to be obsessed with the dollar sign. Walking away from the club that developed this young champion if the future. I feel by leaving the Roosters he will go stagnant and may never reach his ulimate best. Robo has worked wonders up till this piint of his life.

    Got to have a huge laugh at all those South fans on here thinking that Latrell Mitchell is Souths bound, because his Taree mob all follow the team that chokes year after year.

  17. Give it rest shadow….no gives a crap about your ancient history stats….soufs have won 1 premiership in the last 48 years! That’s FORTY EIGHT YEARS for ONE premiership! Let that sink in shadow….how successful have your vermin been in the modern game? They are CHOKERS 😂🤣😂🤣😂 they wouldn’t have even won 2014 without Hollywood’s millions bailing them out of oblivion

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