SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 26: Lachlan Lewis of the Bulldogs runs out during the round 24 NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Canterbury Bulldogs at UOW Jubilee Oval on August 26, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Emerging Bulldog Lachlan Lewis is on Melbourne’s radar.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Lewis has been linked to the Storm in a potential player swap for the homesick Josh Addo-Carr.

Canterbury are interested in Addo-Carr but are reportedly not willing to give up Lewis to get him.

The Bulldogs would reportedly consider a player swap, but do not want to release one of their key players, such as Lewis.

The Storm are prepared to release the flyer on compassionate grounds, provided they receive compensation in the form of a player swap or transfer fee.

He will remain at Melbourne for the 2020 season unless a deal can be made with a rival club.

The Wests Tigers have also been linked to Addo-Carr, who he made his NRL debut with in 2016.


  1. Man they can’t be serious if they swap Lewis for Addo Carr wtf!! A winger isn’t gonna win u games if there isn’t anyone to put him into any space lewis wins u games on the back of his heart in defence & willingness in attack.
    Honestly if a board member said It’s a great deal I’d slap em dean pay as well

  2. krazyman, I think you underestimate the value of Josh. He would be a great pick up for the bulldogs. The Storm don’t want to lose him which is why they are playing hardball and wanting Lewis in return. The Storm would also do Lachlan a world of good in terms of developing his game.

  3. Yeah no doubt he will score a try when he gets in the clear but what else will he offer? Lewis going to Melbourne will turn him into a Star no doubt but dogs can’t afford to lose him to inspirational to the team dogs have some gun backs coming up they just need some hard running hitting forwards & maybe a centre if Harper doesn’t fire that’s it

  4. JAC would be good for the Doggies, especially playing outside Hoppa, who has great vision and soft hands in delivering to his winger. A swap for Lewis doesn’t seem a good idea though. They need some stability in key postions.

  5. The Storm need a good replacement for JAC, they have lost too many good players already. Lewis would be a good outcome for the Storm and the doggies should trade.

  6. Sidney, no way. Storm wouldn’t take him.

    Zilzie, why not ? The Storm could use a bloke like Lewis. Would be good for both parties and the doggies get probably the best winger in the comp. Sounds fair to me.

  7. Best winger In the comp?? Unless his name is semi radradra Or Sivo Even then the dogs don’t need wingers they have 8 solid wingers to use if they wanted wingers don’t win u a comp or get u into the finals ur spine & forwards do the only party who is benefiting is Melbourne

  8. Rucky If anything dogs should ask for a stupid Swap to Melbourne see if they are dumb enough to swap Adam elliott for Cameron Munster Melbourne would laugh it off Craig Bellamy isn’t an idiot if dogs follow through on that swap they are dead set idiots

  9. @krazyman actually… we need at least 2 backs (as well as strengthening other positions) to be competitive again. A centre should be first priority but we can only buy what’s available and we’re willing to pay for. Reimis is possibly also being primed to centre.

  10. @krazyman Reimis is our only “good” winger (still on potential). Meaney is better than Okunbor in almost every way except physique. Most fans don’t want Montoya or Holland anywhere near the team (and pray they’re not re-signed).

  11. @krazyman JAC is the best winger in the competition but Radradra or Sivo’s play style would suit a team in our situation better.

  12. The Bulldogs have waited quite a while to get some good halves. Having found a couple of real promise including Lewis, they’d be crazy to release him . Especially to just gain a winger. As good as the winger may be.

  13. Storm swap ideas:

    1. Addo-Carr for Alex Johnson

    Rabbits get to potentially pair JAC with Mitchell and would have a dream team. Gagai Roberts Mitchell JAC Walker Reynolds Cook would be amazing in attack. Storm get AJ who is a proven try scoring winger, is still reasonably young, and is a small step down from JAC.

    2. Addo-Carr for Lachlan Lewis

    Bulldogs get one of the leagues best wingers, would give them a good backline along with DWZ, Hopoate and Smith. Lewis is a loss but they still have Foran, Cogger, Marshall-King and Wakeham.
    Storm pick up a good halve who could grow around the likes of Smith and Munster. Could really develop well under Bellamy.

    3. Addo-Carr for Sione Matautia

    Knights have plenty of centre Moga, Tuala, Shibasaki, Hunt and so on and second rowers Guerra, Barnett and Fitzgibbon. Mata’utia might not get much game time and Addo-Carr would be a huge boost to the wings department.
    Storm get back Sione who burst into the scene ages ago but is still only 23. He’s played for Australia and over 100 NRL games. Would be good either as a centre or second rower for Bellamy and maybe he can get the best out of him.

  14. Rucky, whilst I think JAC is a very good winger and would be a great acquisition, I think LL is more important to our team going forward. Foran is busted, Marshall King is being groomed for hooker, so it leaves only Cogger and Wakeham. I expect LL & Wakeham to be our halves for a lot of this year.

  15. The only team to benefit on this trade is the Storm. Lachlan Lewis is the future of the club. Wingers are plenty in the comp. Storm can have Foran if they want a trade.

  16. @bradyk I’m guessing u haven’t followed the nsw cup side u have katoa,matta’afa who are weapons waiting to be unleashed also have winters Chang who is promising now while they are not Addo-Carr they deserve a chance to show who they are as did Addo Carr

  17. Also plz explain what makes him the best winger in the game? Speed he’s got Plenty size he don’t got u won’t see him do much if there’s a tough carry with props Bearing down on him Blake Ferguson,Sivo,both wingers at the warriors give u more of total package Addo Carr is up there but in no way the best hell I’d take Suli his wing partner over him

  18. bradyk, agree about Montoya, not Holland. Montoya makes too many errors with and without the ball. Holland is a gun in attack, he just needs to fix his defence.

  19. I think we are missing the point here. The Storm would be a great place for lachlan to develop his game and move to being a regular first grader. Lachlan would fill a hole in the Storm line up and he would be very good for them . He is a prefect fit for Melbourne and they would give him a genuine premiership opportunity. Whilst Melbourne won’t want to lose Josh, there are clear problems there and releasing him to the doggies would solve that for him. A straight swop is a very fair deal for the bulldogs with them gaining one of the best wingers in the comp for an emerging first grader.

    This is a great solution to a difficult problem and the Bulldogs are just building road blocks. It would be interesting to know what Lachlan would like to do.

  20. @Rucky, a very sane post. People forget that Lewis is young and still needs to be developed. Now, Dogs fans can jump up and down but the reality of the situation is that Dogs do not have the development facilities that Storm have. If Lewis wants to be a world class Half then he needs further development.

  21. Why would the Dogs give a crap about what the Storm may be able to do to develop Lewis Alex?
    Surely they’d only be concerned about keeping a good half.
    I think you’ll also find that the dogs have done wonders with many a player over their history .

  22. Well said east why would the dogs want to help Melbourne get better it’s a footy comp not a charity at your own teams expense comp dogs aren’t far off being a good team again few hard hitting props Adam elliot moved on & they’ll be fine

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