GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 28: Jai Arrow passes during a Gold Coast Titans NRL training session on March 28, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Gold Coast’s Jai Arrow is set to be highly wanted man should he hit the open market.

According to The Australian’s Brent Read, the Queensland forward is already gauging interest from several clubs.

Off-contract at the end of 2020, Arrow can begin negotiations with rival clubs from November 1.

“I’m getting some mail that Arrow may hit the open market,” Read told Triple M.

“Obviously they’ll be trying really hard to keep him, Mal (Meninga) has made him a real priority.

“But the latest suggestion is that he’ll go to market on November 1 and he will be absolutely inundated with offers.

“He’s going to have a fistful of clubs coming at him with a lot of cash.

“The Gold Coast Titans and Justin Holbrook have a massive fight on their hands.”

Arrow told reports on Thursday his preference was to remain a Titan.

“I’ve spoken to my manager twice, he asked me if I wanted to know what’s going on and I said ‘No, not really until you’ve finalised everything’,” he said.

“I’ve seen players get caught up in contract negotiations, it just hasn’t worked and it wouldn’t work for me, so I just try and stay out of that.”

Asked if he would tempted to join a bigger club, the 24-year old replied: “To be honest, no it’s not really, I love it here.”


  1. Souths should get rid of Alex Johnson and throw a huge deal at Ryan Pepyhuzen something like 4 years 700k. He would be an awesome fullback full time. As for Arrow he’s a beast of a player and the titans should give him about 700k aswell

  2. He could go to the roosters and become a dud like Crighton in 6 months after souths developed him into an origin player.
    Not to mention no rep no go dud Murray wannabe Radley

  3. Sybil, have you been at home in your unemployed state drinking copious amounts of alcohol, that makes you feel like you are actually knowledgeable about the NRL! I think you should move North to Watanobbi on the NSW coast and become the mayor, as the town was named after you.

  4. Johnson was a good wing a couple years back and scored a lot of tries but since his move to fullback he has gotten worse on defence and he doesn’t have much of a passing game. Johnson isn’t needed on the wing either with Gagai and Graham there and Allen covering. Papy would be on another whole level at fullback, especially with Walker, Reynolds, Cook and Murray. We all know how good cook and teddy were with Pappy he could develop a similar/batter combo.

  5. Craig Coleman told a mate the other day that Johnston wants a garantee he will play fullback and wants a pay rise, Sam Burgess tuned him to the point where he was told in no uncertain fashion to p!ss off and don’t come back, he is able to play now apparently.

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