GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 28: Josh Dugan of the Sharks leaves the field injured during the round eight NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and Cronulla Sharks at Cbus Super Stadium on April 28, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have rubbished reports that they could throw a lifeline to Cronulla's Josh Dugan, according to Fox Sports' James Hooper.

A report from suggested that the reigning back-to-back premiers were keen on the former State of Origin and Test centre following Latrell Mitchell's defection to the Souths and Billy Smith's ACL injury.

However, Hooper said the Tricolours are not interested in the 29-year old.

Dugan still has two years to run on his deal with the Sharks but is believed to be available given the club's outside back depth.

His deal is worth over $800,000 a season.


  1. 21 may have been funny to some…once … but now with the front on assault of the roosters family he is lost, rambling nonsense with no substance regurgitating the same cliches…. he has become a parody of himself.
    Undoubtably he has nothing to hang his hat on unlike the greatest team of the modern era with 3 premierships in 6 years
    The shock and awe of roosters family on this site has resulted in a score of 36 – 6 to the champs
    Hang on a minute… that score seems rather familiar? Can anybody remind me ?

    Ah yes please relate to the link below

    That’s right shock and awe assault..all nrl fans enjoy except 21 who is so jealous he cannot fathom the idea of watching the destruction.

  2. Despite the roosters denying any interest I’m hearing they are pushing hard for him.
    So much so the roosters are throwing in a life membership as well.
    That should do it.🤣🤣🤣🤣😋

  3. Bennett rubbishes link of Latrell to Souths.
    I’m sick of these pelicans treating footy fans like fools.

  4. How is Murray overrated? You’re the biggest lost case on the planet. Who got lock of the year? Deadset know idea. Stop calling them My.

  5. Brennan, Dugans acting has nothing on Greg Birds performances, for a hardman he was an absolute shocker for the acting I’m surprised he didn’t follow Kevin Gordon to the states

  6. You’re kidding yourself with your dud list Brennan that’s a shocker, Murray not the biggest bloke but he’s a weapon I enjoy his footy.

    No way Mitchell is a dud he’s an amazing footballer when he is on he’s near unstoppable problem is being young he hasn’t worked out to have that switched flipped on all the time I’ve got a feeling that will change this season I’ve got a feeling you’ll see a Dally M worthy season from him and I’m excited to see it.

    All your Broncos on that list I agree, maybe I feel like that because I hate the Broncos.

    Dugans not overrated just has been subdued by injuries unluckily for him and sharks supporters

  7. Dugan would excel at Roosters , Melb , Manly. He needs quality coaching something a club like souffs lack, just look at jimmy! Ohhhhh jimmy what a success he’s been! Gagai , great Rep player but average at souffs those who criticise are simply jealous
    Dugan go to a Easts and enjoy the taste of success

  8. If Dugan and old Morris are all the roosters can attract they should grab one or both.
    Wont have to pay much.
    With Latrell joining Souths for less, Xerri not interested, Ado Carr not interested the roosters arn’t exactly the magnet they want us all to believe.

  9. BrennanChooksterWood..
    Talking about always injured players. He was pushing for both Morris brothers to play for the Nuggets, as at least one of his WoodTurned sign in names. Has there been any players more often out injured , than the twins in recent years?
    Even if he’s been injured a few times. How is Burns overrated? I haven’t heard anyone claiming he’s a champion of a player? However, he has really improved a lot over the last year or so as a player.
    If you’re trying to think of Anthony Milford , at the Broncos? How is he a little guy, genius of footballers names?
    Darius Boyd at the Broncos may be a bit past it now ? He’s still been a champion of a player in the past. Like the Broncos or not.
    You’re adding Mitchell to your little list, as you can’t stand that he wanted to leave your Nuggets. Cry me a river, then get over it. He’s at least been a great club player!
    Murray is a great player. Don’t know why you dislike him so much? Did he knock back an offer from the Nuggets?
    Bird is a pretty good player as well. Even if he’s been injured quite often.
    Your almost never ending sentence of players names. Shows your lack of knowledge in general & definitely of who are good players. Just because you don’t like a club, doesn’t make all the players at that club bad or overrated players.
    By the way. I said that your Chicken Nuggets had the time until the start of the season . Then way into next season. To try & buy more players , to play centre! You can bet your bottom dollar, they had been in contact with Dugan about going there. As much as you’d like to deflect, by throwing out players names that you say are overrated.

  10. Xerri signed, sealed and to be delivered to Bondi in 2021 – not that we need him (or my honest opinion, even want him) – why the hell do you think he turned the sharks down??
    1/ Teddy
    2/ Toups
    3/ Xerri
    4/ Joey M
    5/ Billy S or Ado Carr
    6/ Lukey
    7/ Flanno

    Yep that’s right 21 …..ado carr a Rooster, despite your racist slurs

  11. If we get Dugan… under the Heart and Soul direction of our great club, he will no doubt become the best he can be.
    At the end of the day we are not expected to win a third premiership in a row.

    However it is a different story with the Souths Sydney Sombreros multi million dollar squad.
    Being bridesmaids for the last couple of years… having the greatest coach in history, the NRLs top point scorer, great support with Packers Millions, the purchase of Roosters culture …….. they need to win the comp this time around or it will be another failure in the long 50 year history of failures.

  12. EastOfDivide February 5, 2020 at 3:38 am
    “Murray is a great player. Don’t know why you dislike him so much? Did he knock back an offer from the Nuggets?”
    Apart from knocking back the roosters, Cameron Murray is the reason their one and only junior, the rooster media hyped up dud Victor Radley wont be playing reps whilst superstar Murray is fit and available.
    Besides, there are many more players ahead of Radley to begin with but Murray is a class above and a Souths grass roots junior. There’s your answer.
    Radley gets invites to the NSW origin camp but only because of Fittler’s roosters connection. Way out of place there.

  13. Yes 21, Murray is a great player and would love to have him in our team. Radley is also just as good.
    Regarding your other comments, they dont mean much until your Rabbitohs start tasting even one tenth of the success we are having 😉 Fact is we are getting it right, on and off the field. Even with one of the lowest 3rd party payments in the league.

  14. The Great Northern Rooster February 5, 2020 at 8:16 am
    “Xerri signed, sealed and to be delivered to Bondi in 2021
    Yep that’s right 21 …..ado carr a Rooster”

    You are obviously getting desperate posting dreamtime stories like this
    The racist is you my friend not me.
    Xerri not interested in the roosters and Josh Ado Carr especially will steer clear of anything to do with the roosters after their treatment of Latrell and his family which was highlighted extensively by the media.
    BTW, show some backbone and offer your thoughts on the singing of the anthem instead of being concerned of ruffling a few sombrero feathers on here.

  15. Regarding Dugan, Its risky, but I think we could get the best out of him and he had good stats when he was on the field last year. Our fantastic medical staff would get his glass jaw right, and we just lost 1 loose cannon with attitude problems, so i think robbo has the headspace to tend to another 😉 I prefer getting JMoz though for culture and reliability, and the feelgood story of the brothers fairytale ending.. With our losses of Cronk and Latrell, Robbo is going to have to work out at different way to win this year. Many teams have caught up to us re quality of personnel.

  16. Murray is a great player, future Australian captain i believe…

    This is another reason that South Sydney Sombreros should win the comp! if not it will be another massive failure and considered a BACK TO BACK TO BACK TRIPLE CHOKE !!!

  17. Did anyone read the title of the story? “Roosters rubbish link to JD.”
    Why the frack WOULD we sign Dugan?
    Given Xerri is on the way and JAC possibly as well, we’ll be flush for 3/4s come 2021.

    21, enough with the racial jibes….this is a league site, not a political platform.

  18. Mark.mywords
    February 5, 2020 at 7:15 pm
    “One word describes Dugan. DUD!
    He has got Souths writen all over him.”

    Latrell always had Souths written all over him as he stated 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Uncle Nicks..
    As we’ve discussed before on here. Third party deals are a separate thing to independent corporate sponsorships. It’s those corporate sponsorships , that your Nuggets players have been paid a great part of their payments from for a long time. Many clubs don’t even have such sponsorships available to their players .

  20. Again BrennanWoodChicken..
    Independent Corporate Sponsorships are what your Nuggets use. As stated in the Sydney Morning Herald & not denied by your favourite club. They just said, ‘Everyone Else Is Jealous’.
    That’s a different payment from third party deals. Third Party Deals , have a limit on them. Independent Corporate Sponsorships, have no monetary limit on them at all.
    That’s why your Nuggets players receive those types of Sponsorships instead.

  21. There is no limit on a Third Party Deal. A Independent Corporate Sponsorship is a Third Party Deal the way i understand it.

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