The Warriors are looking to pry Melbourne young gun Tino Fa’asuamaleaui away from the Storm with a potential huge $3 million deal, as reported by Blindside.

New Zealand are cashed up and discussing a five-year deal worth $600,000 a season to poach the highly-touted Queensland youngster away.

The Titans are also reportedly interested in the 19-year old, who came through the Brisbane Broncos' junior ranks before making his NRL debut with the Storm this year.

He has played four first-grade games after making his debut against the Dragons in round 16.

Off-contract at the end of next season, Fa’asuamaleaui is believed to be happy at Melbourne, but if he chases the money the Storm would not be able to compete with the Warriors' offer.

After spending time at the Queensland under-20s in July, Fa’asuamaleaui said it was a big learning curb for his career.

“When I first got to the club I missed my physio appointment. That wasn’t too nice, but never again,” he told the Queensland website.

“It was the team meeting room and Bellamy walked in and he is like ‘where’s Tino?’ He is yelling, and I looked to my right because I was sitting next to ‘Smithy’ and Billy Slater.

“They were laughing with little giggles because they knew what had happened, but I was thinking, ‘Oh no, here we go’. I copped a big spray, but that was the one and only.

“Melbourne mean everything to me, they have been like family down here.”


  1. Please Warriors don’t sign him. We can even develop our own talent just look at Perham and CHT who was stuck behind Nikorima. Warriors should be throwing mo way at Koroisau and Taupau not this guy

  2. If he goes to the roosters make sure he has a manager who understands how 3rd party deals work there which appear very different to every other club.

  3. This is just standard at this point by the warriors, the people that run this club make me sick. “Warriors Cashed up” and who do they target? Sio Siua Taukeiaho(Warriors Junior), James Fisher-Harris, Joe Tapine, Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Addin Fonua-Blake all of which would be perfect fits for the warriors system and all in there primes or currently in career best form in a position they desperately need… no they want to spend half of there remaining salary cap on a 19 year who has played average in limited minutes of the bench for the storm. wow

  4. Would love to know what caused my previous post to get pulled. I have been over ever single word and cannot even guess what ZT might find objectionable.

  5. Name these 5 players that you think are on 1mil Stephanie? All you do is dribble complete garbage.

    What’s going to be the excuse tonight?

  6. Warriorsemg completely agree bro. How many times have the Warriors recruitment made mistakes. We need 1 big name middle forward like the players you mentioned Tapine, Fisher-Harris, Addin Fonua-Blake, Nelson Asofa-Solomona.
    I would also add Josh Pappalii, Martin Taupau and Regan Campell-Gillard to that list. For me I’d like either Fisher-Harris or Pappalii.

    We also need a hooker because Issac Luke is not good enough, Nat Roache is out and Karl Lawton is injured to often. Good thing is there is a lot of options right now starting with Api Koroisau, Danny Levi and possibly Brandon Smith if we are willing to give up a big offer. For me I’d say Koroisau, he’s still only 26 he’s played in and won a grand final and he’s also good on both attack and defence.

    I don’t think they need a back (although) the NZ herald seems to think they do. We have Herbert and Hiku starting and have Perham and Milne as a back ups.

  7. Back2smack19 why did you conclude I was referring to your club?
    In fairness everyone else did as well surprise surprise

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