SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 08: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters watches on during the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the Cronulla Sharks at Allianz Stadium on September 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Roosters star Latrell Mitchell has reportedly been meeting with members of the Bulldogs' staff.

According to Fox Sports the meetings have occurred at the home of a Canterbury-Bankstown official. The two-time premiership winner is in New Zealand preparing for the Kangaroos' game against Tonga on Saturday, but from Friday he will be a free agent for rival clubs to try and pick up.

Interest from the Bulldogs first became apparent when a third-party approached Mitchell's family on behalf of the club during this year's State of Origin series.

Various options were discussed including a 10-year deal valued at $1 million per season and a five-year option.

Canterbuty-Bankstown have since kept in contact with Mitchell and promised to treat the centre as a marquee.

The Sydney Roosters have announced re-signing Joseph Manu this week and are thought to be in talks with Mitchell.

The Roosters are unlikely to pay the $1 million per season price tag thought to be on the 22-year-old but the Bulldogs have more room to spend for 2021.


  1. He’s an amazing player but the Roosters can’t keep them all and it was smart from them to keep Manu who is obviously cheaper and more consistent than Mitchell.

  2. What a heap of propaganda, I think the NRL woud be more than interested to learn that Cantrbury officials are asking players over for dinner and sharing discussions on offers and the terms of contracts before 1 Nov.

    Sounds to me Fox sports are trying to gather higher ratings by conjuring up a fairytale. I can not beleive the Roosters will allow Latrell to depart the Roosters. He is a special player. However if and it is a big if the Roosters purchased Crichton for 800k, surley they would increase Latrell Mitchells income much more than that amount.

    Nick Politis must realize these players do not grow on trees, if Mitchell was playing for Melbourne, I think Nick would make an offer to lure him to the Roosters far greater than 800k. His one pass to Tupou which lead to the winning try could not have been acheived by any other player. His one pass and brilliant defence won the Roosters a grand final.

    Mitchell needs to stay no matter what.

  3. I agree muff1n, I think Manu is better value for money. He has been consistently good for the roosters.
    Latrell is over priced, while an awesome player seems a bit precious at times.

  4. If this story is true the dogs will be up to their necks in the brown stuff.
    But if he does leave i would be on the phone to the bloke who replaced him in the blues side.

  5. Oh no, how come poor Cheat Club Broosters can’t throw another 1-million at Mitchell? LOL. And by the way, how come still no heads have rolled at the corrupt corp NRL for using the puppets aka Referees to cheat Raiders of their Premiership win?

  6. I feel like league is populated with a lot of people at the tops of clubs who really have no idea what they are doing. Here’s a hint: Would Melbourne, the roosters or canberra drop a million on centre? no? Probably a good reason for that then. Completely wrecks the balance of their team.

    It turns my stomach to see these teams that are trying to rebuild wasting huge huge amounts of cap space on 1 marque type player. Does that work very often? Is it going to work with a guy who is a little like Jarryd Hayne – when he’s in the mood, he’s good, but he can be mighty average at times.

  7. The sombrero fans are in disbelief that they are not only keeping all their top 17 but Fifita, Arrow and Murray aren’t joining for next year as well.
    Honest Nick losing his touch.

  8. waynethepain, Latrelle needs a coach and a culture to get him in the mood like Wayne Bennett and Souths.
    He just wants out of the dump.

  9. Today sam burgess is all over the media/net i dont see anything mentioned about easts in the media/net who ripped off the canberra raiders hey 6 to go nick politis?

  10. Nick Politis runs the nrl hey nick how do you sleep at night knowing that you finance the nrl with your corruption of under the table brown paper bags…thats why easts are never ever truthfully audited you have no shame nick along with your souless club with no fans or members…

  11. Waynethepayne, I think you’re spot on.
    Parra have done it, and probably more than most, and I think it’s fair to say, “the odds are against you”.
    I’d add to that, some players give 100% no matter what, some positions are more conducive to rebuild a team around than others etc. and IF (big IF), but if rumours of $1mil. p.a over 10 years is on offer here, I don’t like the odds.

  12. Wrong again SHADOWshadow….
    Since Nick Politis took reign of the Sydney Roosters in 1976 the Roosters have won 4 premierships, 4 World Club Challenge Championships with a chance in February to make that 5.
    6 Minor Premierships, 9 Grand Finals appearances, More Ron Coote Cups than Souths, 3 Wills Cups and 1 Amco Cup.

    Whilst in the same time frame whatever Souths have won you could count on 1 hand.

    @ forever in the Roosters Modern Day Shadow

  13. I forgot about the Sevens and the Nines that the Roosters have won.

    By the way Latrell Mitchell will be signing a Three year extention very vert soon with the Back2Back zWorld Premiership Champions. Bwahahahahahaha Bwahahahahaha !

  14. I’d be interested to hear people’s genuine 1 million dollar player lists. In my opinion, there is precisely only 1, 1 million dollar player I’d be happy for my team to sign.

    Cameron Smith

    I’d put Jason Taumalolo as a 900k, but not a 1 million dollar player.

  15. Good to see No Rep Radley doing a good job as Cam Murray’s personal assistant on nine news as his caddy carrying his golf clubs on a day out golfing.
    About as close as he will get to playing for the Kangaroos whilst superstar Murray is around.

  16. I can suggest despite the Bulldogs going all out for him he will settle for around $200k a season less to go to Souths.
    Souths will match the sombreros offer of $800k but Latrell wants out of the sombreros.
    Has not been happy there since before origin and will be back to best under Wayne Bennett.

  17. Most you roosters and rabbits supporters on zt seriously bring down the rest of your fellow supporters by being an absolute bunch of flogs

  18. I find it comical that the usual suspects get on here day in day out repeating the usual verbal vomit.
    An excerpt from “30,000 members, 90,000 teeth”
    …and then there are a couple of characters who appear on Zero Tackle. ZT is an informative site on the web, keeping League fans in touch with player movements. It’s an open forum where fans can vent their opinions.
    These opinionated characters, and there are many, show their allegiances to the footy teams, I being one. However, there are two stand outs….
    SHADOW .. constantly signing off with “#FORVEVERINOURSHADOW” …. a strange supporter who occasionally goes off on an off subject tirade hitting the Caps LoCK KEY AND CONTINUING ON THE ENTIRE RANT IN CAPS …. Till the next day, when it resets,
    TwentyOne …. A real nutter, constantly repeating itself. Conspiracy theorists, thinks all the games Souths lose are rigged, believes all the marquee players want to play for Souths.
    …. this Pink Floyd song best describes these clowns
    “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year
    Running over the same old ground, and how we found, the same old fears”

  19. Nobody any good wants to go to Souths. The coach is in a short term role due to his age and will be gone by 2021. Dud coach, Dud players and Dud club with no home ground and no Leagues club, what a dump.

  20. chookDung November 1, 2019 at 9:07 am
    “…. this Pink Floyd song best describes these clowns……………….”

    Hey ChookDung the song you and all your sombreros cant get out of your head …….
    Slip slidin’ away
    Slip slidin’ away
    You know the nearer your destination
    The more you’re slip slidin’ away……..

  21. Roosters_back2back2back November 1, 2019 at 10:23 am (Posted in Burgess charged for domestic dispute thread……..)
    “Little toddy, you’re a joke. You were literally crying your dirty little eyes out over a few abo jokes”

    ZERO TACKLE I’m surprised you are permitting racist posts like this.
    Many will find this extremely racist and offensive.
    Suggestion that Aboriginals are focus of racist humor is disgraceful.

  22. Keep up your racist dribbling woody it’s very easy to hide behind a keyboard you gutless coward
    . How about we meet up at the roosters first home game next year let’s see how brave you are then clown. I’d love to hear more of your insightful views on aborigines

  23. You’re are happy to assault somebody but can’t handle a few words without crying your eyes out? You are showing why you’re a 2nd class citizen. My dog would eat better than your whole family.

  24. Ive got everything I need woody
    I’ve run a indigenous company for the last 15 years mate I employ the local ngunnawal people. So what round should we meet coward

  25. And Stephanie, just so you know calling somebody a “redneck” is considered racism, think before you open your toothless mouth.

  26. “I’ve run a indigenous company for the last 15 years mate I employ the local ngunnawal people”

    Picking up cigarette butts is not a company.

  27. Roosters_back2back2back November 1, 2019 at 12:24 pm
    “And Stephanie, just so you know calling somebody a “redneck” is considered racism, think before you open your toothless mouth.”

    Way off, look it up or better still, on your weekly visit your local Cash Converters across the road from your club ask the salesperson what a redneck is and he’ll point to to a mirror.

  28. You should be thanking me Stephanie, if I did t pay taxes your family wouldn’t be able to eat, send me your address and I’ll send your 6 fatherless kids some Christmas presents? I feel bad for making fun of the poor.

  29. What’s wrong woody is all the hatred because of that small white Willy you got mate a bit jealous of the big black bodu 🍆

  30. Roosters_back2back2back
    November 1, 2019 at 12:43 pm
    “You should be thanking me Stephanie, if I did t pay taxes your family wouldn’t be able to eat”

    Didnt realise your centrelink benefits were taxed.
    Bit rough I have to admit.
    Explains why you hit the 5c pokies at easts every day.

  31. Latrell Mitchell will be going nowhere, he is a thoroughbred Rooster and his heart is with the mighty Chooks. Latrell will extend his contract once his Australian Representative commitment is complete. A deadset true champion. Everybody at the Roosters lives Latrell Mitchell.

  32. Mitchell is going to re-sign probably next week, zero tackle has displayed Angus Crichton on this site as a million dollar player, which is a load of rubbish, and in most Rooster fans eyes Mitchell is a more dynamic player than Crichton will ever be. So make sure Nick Politis that Latrell, our beloved “Super Star” is retained or Nick Politis will no longer be the God Father of the Roosters.

    Nick Politis, get on the first flight to NZ and don’t come back until you have a signed 5yr contract. Latrell is a true Red White and Blue Rooster. Do not let him be lost to the club.

    Or we will tell Toddy123 that you were the bloke that riles him up and we will tell Toddy123 where you sit and that you want to meet Toddy123 in the first game at the SCG in the corporate boxes. You got that Uncle Nick.

  33. Mark.mybutthole
    November 1, 2019 at 4:00 pm
    “Everybody at the Roosters Loves Latrell Mitchell”

    Everybody in Latrell’s family loves Souths
    Must be hard to cop.

  34. Mitchell has said the sky is the limit for his next contract, and he wants to relax put his feet up by 30.
    Sounds like he is after a big payday. Carnt see the chooks offering the money hes after.
    If he signs for another club they may even let him walk a year early.

  35. Oh well if the Roosters let him go they are crazy. I’m sure if the Roosters had an oportunity to purchase a young bloke named Greg Inglis when he was 22 they would have went on a splurge to secure him. Now they have a Young Greg Inglis and they are not willing to pay an amount to retain him.

    Just seems a shame if Latrell Mitchell walks away from the happiest days of his life to the highest bidder and not compromise with Sydney. He should consider what has occured with ex-Rooster Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, he is wealthy but he is not happy, like Kev the Parramatta fan soon as round 25 is over he can’t watch the semi finals year after year when his team is not playing. RTS played his first and last grand final in 2013. Latrell Mitchell will go down the same path if he chases top dollar. Fergo, Matterson and Napa chased the dollars while the Roosters went on to win a comp without them. Matterson is so regretful at leaving Sydney Roosters he is now in a mindset that he doesn’t know what he wants now. But one thing is certain, he is extremely unhappy.

  36. I hear you they let RTS walk when the Warriors offer was too big to macth.
    One thing they dont do is get into bidding wars. If your after the big dollars leaving 250-350k on the table would be too hard to do for most players. A million a season for a 22 year old center i think is way over the top even for a player as good as mitchell.

    Nick more times than not gets what he wants. The chooks have had an offer on the table for a while now and he hasnt signed.
    They will want to get this out of the way pronto. If he does go they will have something up their sleeve they always do.
    Very very hard to replace a player that good but with more than a few to upgrade and extend over the next 12 months carnt see them matching the big money offers of rival clubs.

  37. On Mark Geyer’s sports show, a hidden voice league reporter suggested Parramatta have made an $11 Million dollar offer for Mitchell. For ten years.
    If that’s true, Nick would be busily seeking some more corporate sponsorships for Mitchell. If they want him to stay?
    Having won two premierships at the club, maybe Mitchell isn’t too worried about moving on? He isn’t from that area & isn’t a local junior there.
    Perhaps he thinks the club have been underpaying him for the last couple of years? Who knows what he thinks?
    Of course , it could be another case of ‘much to do about nothing’.

  38. Well I suppose he will be the next Ryan Matterson if he joins forces with Parramatta. Extremely unhappy after one season. Recovery days swimming at Bondi will be long gone, when recover days are spent doing bombs off the Bridge into the Parra
    Quagmire river, I mean Parramatta has not even got a public swimming pool anymore. Although that might be a good thing for the players as too much chlorine in the eighties sent many a Parra star bawled like Sterlo, Kenny, Price, Growth, Wynn, Jurd, etc.etc.etc.

  39. Latrell is an emotional, confidence player. He will revert to a lazy, frustration style of play if things aren’t going his way.

    To reach his full potential he needs a stint under a SuperCoach like Bellamy or Des.

  40. Taukeiaho is the best forward at the roosters and his salary is listed at $275,000?
    As BenHubcap would lead us to believe, Taukeiaho is happy to to play for around $300k less his worth a year because he loves the roosters more than the welfare of his fam plus he gets to recover at Bondi Beach.
    Of Course.

  41. BenHudson November 2, 2019 at 2:10 pm
    “Souths are not going to get Latrell Mitchell…….stay tuned.”
    Remind us all again your reasoning why he’s staying at the roosters for the next 3-4 years?
    You mentioned he loves recovery at Bondi Beach and his training buddy Manu etc, what have we missed?

  42. Well that is simple TwitOne. Why would Mitchell or any good player go to a club that has just lost their best three forwards in Sam and George Burgess plus the sacked purchased premiership winning captain Sutton.

    That pack of forwards proved two years running they are not up to grand final status. Now they are without them Soufths will not even qualify for the top eight.

    The other point Latrell Mitchell is fully aware of us Walker will starve him of the football if he is a centre there. But the lure of fullback will tempt him, unfortunately fullback is not his position but al his cousin’s are drilling his mind that he is. He failed miserably at the Roosters in that position. If Mitchell goes to Soufths then he will never play rep footy again from a club that will finish around 10th or even lower.

    You just keep dreaming TwitOne, this is south fans dream time. The off season is always Soufths The Dream Time.

  43. Well Mitchell’s value certainly went down in that game.
    He was probably worse than in his last game for N.S.W.
    Although, Munster liked to just keep throwing & kicking the ball away, when it wasn’t even the last tackles.
    ManWar, Manly’s D.C..E was disappointing also. Was it he who threw the ball way behind Cotric near the end? When a half decent pass had him running the ball in for an easy try.
    I thought both halves weren’t that good or creative against N.Z. They were much the same again.

  44. Inside info- Fake game aussies layed down for the good of the game i never watched the game i knew the result wink wink wink

  45. The game has gone to poop since john ribot and chris johns and the broncos got greedy…

    Putting woman in the sport has failed and is a complete disaster

    Changing the rules continually has wrecked our game

    Woman refs woman linesman woman on our footy shows what tha hell is the nrl thinking they have gone nuts

    The bunker should be gone asap

    Womans rugby league is a big boring joke are the nrl serious who cares? Oh thats right equal rights sheeeeesh…

    7000 fans on average per club go to the games the nrl have no idea hello peter beattie what a goose to lead our once great game…

    After the 6 again debacle with the raiders the game hit rock bottom but having a 4 woman panel interviewing lockyer it makes me puke poor lockyer having to sit there straight faced like all the ex players or current players on the tv they are all poker faced putting up with this garbage of woman with their involvement in footy the game is lost out the woman now the game is soft the rules are non understandable by all humans of today fact…

  46. To all the Chook supporters on this thread….console yourselves with the FACT- if Nick wants to keep a player he WILL…end of.
    Chookstir- bloody brilliant analogy of skid marks shadowand twatty one “two goldfish swimming around in a bowl, year after year, repeating the same crap”. They are just trying to comfort themselves, given their team has CHOKED for the last two years in the semis….so near but sooo far hey girls 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  47. Spot on and us Rooster fans can enjoy the fact Soufths weak forward pack has lost its grunt. No 2x Dirty Burgess Brothers and Sutton.

    We all want Latrell to stay but if its money he wants then Canterbury will be the club he probably ends up playing for. Parra might have the coin if they do not re-signe Jennings.

    Souths have the money but Soufths are a club in free fall, torally backward move going to a club long term with a short term coach and below average playing roster.

    Its a shame Newcastle did not recognize him as a first grader when he was knocked back by them in a trial as a 16yrs old. It is also a shame Newcastle have no money after all the players they purchase in the last 4 yrs, otherwise he could have signed with them and he would only be 2 hrs drive to Taree where all the cousin relatives spin doctor him and get inside his head that is now beginning to show its effect on the field recently.

    Latrell needs to stay at the Roosters and ignore all the false hype from his cousins and at 22yrs of age the Roosters are the best place for his hapiness.

  48. Souths are 20 premierships up on stmergeillawarra

    Souths are 6 premierships up on easts

    Souths are 13 premierships up on the seabeagles

    Souths are in front of all clubs for winning the most premierships

    F O R E V E R I N O U R S H A D O W

  49. ManWar78 November 2, 2019 at 10:55 pm
    “The way Mitchell played in that test against tonga i wouldn’t pay him more than $150k”
    Thats about $100k more than what you would pay Cordner who was non existent not only with his performance but as a leader.

  50. Sine players are the main players TwitOne, in particular the halves. Munster and Cherry-Evens were poor. The bench in particular Murray were pathetic. Tonga deserved the win and their defence forced errors from the play makers. Murray for Australia like Souths Walker for NSW should be a one game wonder.

  51. The nrl let tonga win because the game is as stale as a slice of fossilized bread fact.

    Next the nrl will have our mens australian team losing against the australian womans team because again the game is sterile/boring/corrupt/a big joke/ for the good of the game lets play the woman as a parting gift from mr peter beattie it cant get any worse can it?

  52. Shadow you need to find the very best counselors. Your hate campaign against woman has everybody aware except yourself, that you need to come out of the closet and embrace your love to fellow Men like yourself. Perhaps Oxford St night clubs and pubs is the place to find your new lover.

    But this is more alarming with your insane accusations towards the NRL rigging our game than your truthfulness in prefering the same kind for a lover…..and I quote…

    “The nrl let tonga win because the game is as stale as a slice of fossilized bread fact. because again the game is sterile/boring/corrupt/a big joke/ for the good of the game”

    Shadow the game is all that now when Souths feature in the finals, it only gets better when the poor crowd support by Souths are not in the semis. This is the reason the NRL wanted this useless club out all together in 2000-01 because they do exactly to the game as you desribed. With Burgess boys gone next season Rugby League will come back to life and regenerate to all its glory now that Souths are assured of a bottom 5 placing. Rugby League is better when Souths are towards the bottom of the ladder.

  53. Souths are the pride of rugby league whom has won the most premierships 21..

    Easts are tied 2nd with the defunct club stgeorge dragons on 15 premierships…

    “F O R E V E R I N O U R S H A D O W”

  54. Funny to see that numbnutz Twentyone and penso his missis, are both in mourning with the loss of their Facebook Flasher Burgess.

  55. Souths the pride of the league who beat easts 14-12 in the first final in sydney in 1908…

    Souths the pride of the league has beaten easts 3-2 in premiership finals…

    Souths the pride of the league has won 21 premierships from 1908-2019…

    Easts has won 15 premierships from 1908-2019…

    Souths have more members than easts…

    “F O R E V E R I N O U R S H A D O W”

  56. As a Bulldogs supporter I really hope they don;t sign Mitchell. He’s a rocks and diamonds type player that this point in his career. The Dogs need consistency and Mitchell is not worth the money yet.

  57. I can’t see Mitchell linking up with the Dogs, but family ties to Inglis and allegiance to South’s as football club members and season ticket holders could swing it their way. Watch for Walker to link up with the Broncos and likely to be announced sooner than later.

  58. Souths are the pride of the league with winning the most premierships 21 and souths have the biggest membership in the nrl in nsw…

  59. SHADOW….you need to up your medication buddy …pretty sure everyone on this thread agrees you have a chronic mental illness -repeating yourself over and over like a demented parrot. My advice (as a health care professional) – settle down before you stroke out pal

  60. roosters will do well if they can flick this whiney a$$ troublemaker.
    i think we should put all the non anthem boys together at souffs and treat them like the traitors they are.
    go back to where yous came from !!!

  61. Souths have won 21 premierships

    Easts have won 15 premierships

    Easts are 6 premierships behind souths…

    Easts are forever in souths premiership shadow ( 21 vs 15 ) Lol@r o r t e r s…

  62. Naveenisgod.
    November 5, 2019 at 11:16 am
    “roosters will do well if they can flick this whiney a$$ troublemaker”

    Latrell is doing the best he can for his family’s future and this is the the appreciation you have for him?

  63. BenHudson
    November 5, 2019 at 9:59 pm
    What happened TwitOne?????? Did you decide to use your real login instead of your alias AlexTitOneRetiman.


    At least we know Mr Money hungry team destroyer Mitchell wontBenHudson
    November 5, 2019 at 9:59 pm
    What happened TwitOne?????? Did you decide to use your real login instead of your alias AlexTitOneRetiman.


    At least we know Mr Money hungry team destroyer Mitchell wont

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