GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JULY 15: Sharks Coach Shane Flanagan looks on during the round 19 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Cronulla Sharks at Cbus Super Stadium on July 15, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

Former Sharks mentor Shane Flanagan is set to return to coaching in an assistant role at the St George Illawarra Dragons, according to

The club is yet to make an announcement on his imminent arrival.

It is being reported that the Dragons have offered him the job as they overhaul their coaching staff following a disappointing 2019 season.

The 53-year old was deregistered at the end of last season by the NRL following the Sharks’ salary cap scandal, but has been cleared to return to coaching for the next two seasons in an assistant role.

St George’s review, which was conducted by former Panthers boss Phil Gould, emphasised the need to pair coach Paul McGregor with an experienced head, who remains under contract for the next two seasons.

Flanagan is expected to accept the role and take over from Ben Hornby.


  1. The Dragons have always been my second team. I don’t know why, I just always liked them. That is up until now.

    The Dragons do themselves no good taking on this disgraced ex coach. We do not need him in our game and he is certainly not needed at the Dragons. The Dragons may gain a little in the coaching skills but they lose a lot in the integrity stakes. Not everything in footy is about winning a premiership and the Dragons need to realise this.

    A bad day for the NRL and a disastrous day for the Red V.

  2. Why would the Dragons want a gronk like Flanagan coaching them. If they sign him expect a further significant drop in memberships.

  3. Seriously the amount of rubbish I read from you guys in the comment section is embarrassing. Don’t you guys have anything better to do than bag out someone you don’t know?

    I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Shane this year and he’s actually a really down to earth guy. Ffs everyone makes a mistake and here you guys are bagging him out, go get a life.

    Dragons signing him is a massive advantage and watch the dragons move into the top 8 next year.

  4. A mistake – employing dank
    Another mistake – denying anything to do with drugs
    3rd mistake – breaking the rules of his ban
    4th mistake – salary cap cheating
    5th mistake – Expletives expressed over the phone to Todd
    6th mistake – not going back to life as a plumber

    “Dragons signing him is a massive advantage and watch the dragons move into the top 8 next year” Read my point about loss of integrity. Please Dragons, don’t become like Cronulla – give this dronk the heave ho.

  5. To be honest I don’t know what’s worse. McGregor remaining or Flanagan arriving….. I am not comfortable at all with this happening but hey who am I, just some muppet supporter who buys the jerseys, buys the membership and travels to the games to support his team….

  6. Well I was wrong I thought he’d be straight back to Sharks.

    Hopefully for the Dragons players (sorry still yet to meet a supporter I like) the Mary and Flanno pairing works well together. I think this is a good recruitment by the Dragons. At least if they decide to part ways with Mary, Flanno will be right there to take the reins.

  7. I can say I was sort of hoping Flanno would come back to Sharks. Its going to make it even more interesting now when Cronulla & St,George do battle nxt year. For the whining drags supporters on here, I guess you’ll change your tune when you see your team improving vastly on this years performance.

  8. Well Cookeem let’s break it down for you slow sharks supporters who obviously don’t give a rats arse about their 1 and only seriously tainted premiership.

    Oversaw the Peptide scandal that could have had extremely serious health issues for innocent players.

    Cheated the salary cap and got busted every year EXCEPT 2016. Pleeeaaasssseeeeeee!!!!!

    Been suspended twice by the nrl but hey he’s a champion cause he won your team a premiership. Clearly ethics don’t exist at your club.

    I don’t want that toss bag anywhere near my club and I’m sure plenty of other supporters of other clubs would feel the exact same way if it was their club signing him.

  9. I’m not a saints supporter, most on this site would know that, but I believe this could be a positive thing to happen with saints, two head coaches swapping ideas and if they can get their ego’s to rest , could be an awesome combo.

  10. I am with you RedV.

    I am sorry to see him back in the game and I think the Dragons are too good a club to have soiled their name with him. There are better coaches out there with unsullied reputations. Why do this ?

    The Dragons have sold their soul for a potential premiership. I just hope they can live with the devil.

    At the end of the day, I can console myself with the thought that he is not at my club. Its the genuine Dragons Fans I feel sorry for.

  11. Also, redv, there is suspicion, that the peptides played a part in hastening Jon Mannah’s cancer, if that is true, then that is criminal.

  12. Hi P18,

    From what I know about Cancer metabolism then that is highly likely however it is nigh on impossible to prove. How does this bloke sleep at night ?

  13. Exactly, Rucky, I wouldn’t. Jon was only 23 at the time of his death. In all likely hood Jon would have died anyway, it is criminal to give that to any of the players, especially Jon. No doubt Jon would have been frightened to say no.

  14. Mightydragon, and Barry Beath, it is called having an opinion. Rucky is entitled to air his opinion, as you two are to yours. I actually agree with Rucky. Flannagan, is a repeat offender. He should be given a life time ban.

  15. Well I’m one dragon fan disgusted by this, always said Flannagan should have been banned for at least 5 years if not permanently. The worry is, that Flannagan will actually make McGregor look good and the clown will be safe yet again.

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