BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 11: Tyson Frizell of the Dragons looks to break away from the defence during the round nine NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on May 11, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

The relationship between St George and Tyson Frizell has reportedly hit a new floor with the second-row forward said to be pushing hard for an early exit from his deal with the Dragons.

The 27-year-old, capped 11 times by New South Wales and a representative in all three Origin games in a winning series for the Blues, saw little success at club level as the Dragons crashed to 15th in 2019, finishing only above the lowly Gold Coast Titans.

Nine’s Wide World of Sports consequently reported via The Mole Tuesday morning that Frizell is ardently seeking a move elsewhere despite being contracted to the Dragons until 2020, but his potential reasons for such a decision appear to be based on more than on-field misfortunes.

The club’s approach to the Jack de Belin sexual assault case, which originally stemmed back to an incident in Wollongong last December but has now evolved into additional sexual assault charges and five counts of rape, has also reportedly upset Frizell and although no official bids from other clubs have been publicised as yet, it appears he will examine all options after 146 games in seven seasons at the Dragons.

Whatever unfolds from here, the incoming St George manager of football, most likely to be Phil Gould, will have t major task to sort from the get-go in cooling relations between the two parties.


  1. To be honest I can’t blame the poor bloke. McGregor is a f***head who constantly uses him as a battering ram week after week and to finish 15th!!

    If he goes, Widdop gone and the constant drama of JDB, it’s a lock that the wooden spoon is heading south to the gong. Maybe McGregor’s Illawarra mates on the board might finally wake up to themselves but I bloody doubt it. Useless f**** 🤬🤬🤬

  2. Needs a release from his contract first my friend. Not saying it won’t happen but don’t jump the gun just yet. How about Frizz for Sivo 😉

  3. RedV13, I am not an Eels fan, I have just heard through contacts and a good source that the Eels were talking to him after the Origin series and that he wanted out then, my understanding is that talks have progressed further.

  4. Well isn’t it great when opposition teams are “talking” to players 18 months b4 their contract expires….

    Anyway just sums up how crap things are at the moment thanks to McMuppet and his muppet mates from the Illawarra. They are bringing the club to its knees and none of them give a $hit whilst they continue to look after each other. That’s the loser Illawarra Steelers mentality right there, no wonder they lasted only 17 seasons

  5. Eels bound 2020

    1: C Gutherson
    2: M Sivo
    3: M Jennings
    4: W Blake
    5: B Ferguson
    6: D Brown
    7: M Moses
    8: Jr Paulo
    9: R Mahoney
    10: R Campbell Gillard
    11: S Lane
    12 T Frizzell
    13: N Brown

    14: K Evans
    15: M Nuikore
    16: S Utoikimanu
    17: D Alvaro

    That’s a good side

  6. I’ve heard that the Knights are his favoured spot but the Eels are chasing too. The Eels would need to open up cap space tho after getting RCG, paying Dylan Brown a big upgraded deal and they are still trying to re sign Sivo.
    So I think he will end up in Newcastle which would be awesome for them.

    1. Ponga
    2. Lee
    3. Moga
    4. Matautia
    5. Hunt
    6. Watson
    7. Pearce
    8. Klemmer
    9. Brailey
    10. Saifiti
    11. Frizzel
    12. Fitzgibbon
    13. Glasby

    14. Mann
    15. Ese’ese
    16. Barnett
    17. J Saifiti

  7. I beleive he is to young for Penrith as they are attemting to buy old players. At 27 Frizzel is out of the equation. Penrith like Souths who big note themselves about producing local juniors, appear to be in a contest, who will emerge as the premiers of Transit Loungeism.

    Penriths local juniors that they claim…..the “Parkes Spacemen” are pretty much hopeless, any wonder why they are looking like Soufths to buy a premiership after both clubs come to grips with the fact you can nit win comps on born and bred locals.

    I’m off to planet Claire now, they serve great rock lobsters in the outer limit galaxies.

  8. It’s no surprise that Frizell wants out from the Dragons, he would be fed up being coached by a water boy McGregor and going backwards with his career, there will be more players to follow Frizell before the start of next season. The Dragons are the favourites for the wooden spoon in 2020.

  9. Nobody knows for sure, all hearsay.
    Nobody with any concrete evidence.
    He said she said,Nobody has their ear to the ground closer to the next bloke.
    Come out and say who is the insider otherwise nobody believes you.
    The mole has been known to be wrong.

  10. Nothing that happens at the Dragons surprises me anymore. Maybe Frizell has decided to jump off the sinking ship.

  11. Just been told Frizell to Easts, how the can they afford him? this is bulls!t , something has to be done here if this is true.

    Where is 77? don’t tell me he has changed his name again, unless ZT have banned him, I was hoping as much, but, now i see don west appear and sounds exactly like 77 woody and all the other people he has been, what is it with this guy, clearly he is a mental patient at a clinic with access to lap tops all over the place, i have said this before, but it is killing this site, he thinks that by going on another name he can be revelant but then drops back into his old ways, just wish he would go away.

  12. Gus Gould is confident he can keep Frizzell at the dragons. If Gus has that much clout he should be recommending to the board McDudor is shown the door. Alas, St George don’t have any money to pay out his 2 years of contract worth $1.2 million.

    The only positive for us next year is the JDB saga will be sorted before the season kick-off. However, if he is found guilty I suspect that will cause more issues than this year. Spoon will be in danger as we have no cap to buy anyone unless we unload players. However, we’ll unload young guns and keeps duds like Maranta.

  13. The problem with Souths is they purchase 10 nobodies to the Sydney Roosters 1 excellent player. Souths spend 2 million on 10 duds to the Roosters 1 million on a premiership winner in Cronk.

    Say no more. Wink Wink.

  14. Maybe it’s a double edged sword for you Daffy, maybe.
    Mid year when it was first rumoured Frizzel wanted out and was expected to go to the Roosters, Mary attached himself to Frizzel’s success, and (from memory) Frizzel seemed OK with that.
    Maybe, just maybe, that rumour disapated because Mary’s still there, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason it’s resurfacing now.
    I’m the first to admit I’ve got no idea if that theory has any merit, and it may well be near on exactly the opposite, but it’s a theory at least. I can’t imagine Gus would be looking too favourably at Mary.
    Anyway, Frizzel would be perfect for Parra, absolutely perfect, so I hope he does come across (whilst not holding my breath), but if not, I hope you keep him.

  15. If Frizell wants to win a premiership then the Sydney Roosters is the place to join. Might have to take a pay cut but with only 5yrs left in his career money is irrelevant, for the dream of winning a premiership.

    Avoid the nohoper clubs like Souths, Saints, Warriors, Gold Coast, Penrith and Souths. Did I mention Souths? Avoid them also. No hopers the lot of them.

  16. This is something I said weeks ago.
    The JDB debacle is definitely playing its part in the decision but as a fan who watches all their games you could see that there was definitely issues between him and Ben Hunt.
    This is why the Dragons finished second last because we had players not playing for each other.
    Wants to go then go now and then we can sign another player who wants to be part of the team and not play as an individual.

  17. Penso, in fairness the Roosters are losing Cronk.
    I’m not saying they (the Roosters) can afford him (Frizzel) without dropping other players, given they have (like any other club) a roster to manage, but on a simple like for like, they’d get change.

  18. DonWesty I wouldn’t call a club with 30000 members “no hopers” exactly.
    I suggest a club with depleting membership (lowest of Sydney clubs) , no juniors , 3 failed name changes, a chat site with 40 posters and a thriving cash converters across the road from their pokie den is probably more akin to your no hopers descriptive.
    Wink Wink

  19. Not true Cronula and Manly have less members but this season the Roosters acheived the 2nd highest Sydney home crowds behind Parra and 5th over all teams.

  20. penso, the constant name changes have come from ongoing weeks of comical predictions and therefore instead of taking it like a man, just run away like their club’s membership numbers.

  21. DonWesty give up on the pathetic home crowd garbage once and for all.
    How many times do you have to be told why this?
    For the last time, the chickens are the least travelled team out of Sydney for home games.
    Why dont you mention Souths v chicken home crowds over last 5 years?
    Because Souths massive numbers over your stain.

  22. Twitone with my name Don West, being similar to the pilot of the Jupiter 2 who experiencing being “Lost In Space” It is my experience to inform you that there is little between your ears and your mind, indeed, is Lost In Space.

  23. Twitone give up being a denial Clown and be man enough to admit your wrong when you said at the begining of this season….that Sydney Roosters do not attract crowds.

    Each and every week this year the crowd figures between Sydney and Souths were brought to your attention and from round 1 2019, The Roosters lead Souths the entire season.

    Roosters 17.3 thousand average
    Souths 15.1 thousand average.

    You LOST …….Twityone, now dont be a Cody Walker and continue to live in denial of the fact of the matter. You have a problem. Seek counseling.

  24. Why Sydney Rooster vs Souths home crowds over 5yrs? Lets go back to the begining of the millennium. I will do my reserch and come back to you on those figures.
    Which you will blatantly deny regardless of the source and facts supplied.

    We will start off with the 2019 season.
    Roosters home game rnd1 24.5k
    Souths home game 20k
    Roosters home final 30k
    Total Roosters 54.5k
    Souths Rabbits 20k

    I rest my case.

  25. Penso you and your wife Stephanie are the ones ruining this site with your constant jealous comments, worry about your stains pathetic defence. You sound like a 14 year old girl.

  26. Hey Eels..
    It’s not as easy as just not having Cronk & there’s another mill for the chickens.
    Manu has a good upgrade to $650,000, Mitchell to $750,000. Verrills is seen as a good hooker is now on $300,000. They bought Flanagan for $650,000 . They can’t really afford to keep JWH or Tetevano & even pretend to be under the cap. Plus, with the success there, all the other players say they are worth more.

  27. EOD, I understand that, and as per the comment above, they’ve still got a roster to manage. At the same time, and the reason for the comment, it’s easy for people to go straight to the “sombrero” scenario without considering the player/s coming off the cap too.
    I’d imagine Friend would be another player the Roosters would be looking to release.
    I don’t know what the Roosters paid for Flanagan but $650k sounds extremely high.

  28. It’s alright..
    I just made all of that up! I was just hoping DonWoodisBad may be upset about it & make a comment?
    Don’t know how much they paid Flanagan? However, you’d think they’d have to at least pay around the $400,000 mark?
    The centres would have to be fairly close. Internationals , state player, both Premiership Winners. Other clubs would be offering that sought of money for them, so they’d have to pay it .
    I didn’t see any great list of players that they’re letting go, that came from their top 30 players? Still, you win a competition & everyone wants more money. They wouldn’t be any different to any other club.
    No mention of Friend leaving as yet?
    If I were all the other clubs, I’d be stripping their Canterbury Cup team of any good players. Buying them all. No way with their first grade team, that they could afford to bid more for that team as well. 👍

  29. I just wonder St.George supporters, if Gould is already spreading his majic around at the Dragons? Head of football operations. A good player wants out already.
    He managed to lose lots of good players at Penrith as well. Even after they’d signed new contracts?
    Then he will overpay a lot of the team. Do you want your props on $900,000 a year? Keep players that are his favourites , that all supporters think are hopeless & pay them too much. Not get too many great recruits.
    I think the juniors there are doing well. So no need for a rebuild .
    Overall, good luck with that.

  30. On the other hand, EastOfDivide, he did save the club from insolvency, and who knows why those players left, and how much they were paid?

  31. None of us know how much a player is actually getting paid, I had that argument ad nauseam with a previous poster on this site. However, based on what gets bandied around in the media and the like, which gives an indication of what a player might be paid, it seems as though there were some strange signings under Gould at Penrith, especially more recently. RCG on reported big money ($750-800K or thereabouts) for 5 years was a strange one, and it seems pretty evident that the reason he is gone is to get rid of that contract.

    Like I said to EOD, Penrith definitely aren’t alone in paying overs, and Parra have made some howler signings over the years, but there were some head scratchers at the Panthers recently.

  32. True Panthers. I’ve given Gould credit for the good things he did at Penrith many times.
    However, you clearly can’t give him free reign at any club when it comes to player retention, contract negotiations, coaching changes ( as Griffin was just wonderful ) etc. True the board may be just as bad with getting Ivan back? I’d give him the benefit of the doubt for 2019, as he had nothing to do with the squad left to him. Plus, they’re clearly stuck with him.
    I think it’s fair to be critical of the players purchased for several years, with the only player of note to go there for years being Maloney.
    My comment about overpaying players are fair Eels. If as per the media, RCG was really being paid $900,000 a year. Wont bother going over the backline duds kept there again. Plus those not retained.
    The weaknesses in the backline were there for all to see & never addressed. Ditto for the forwards . Overpowered by better packs in general 3 years running.
    So I’d give Phil an A , for helping to fix the finances there & getting the juniors back in order. He’d get a D when it comes to contract negotiations, player retention & purchases.
    I bet Des is not in charge of contract negotiations at Manly now! So would St.George really want Gould in charge of players contracts?

  33. Eels.. Just a note on players bought from Penrith by Parramatta.
    Eels supporters keep saying Penrith are paying for this & that? When clearly, they wouldn’t really have a clue about that either. That’s all made up Media hype.
    Just the same as Bird was going to Penrith. Now no one wants Bird? Stuff of fiction!

  34. Agreed it is media talk, but when a club is trying to offload, it puts the signing club in a stronger position to negotiate. Same as contract value though, we don’t know how much or for how long, but I think it is a very safe assumption that the Panthers are paying some money towards RCG at least. But, again, Parra have a fairly long history of doing the same thing, so I am not throwing stones at the Panthers.

    On Gould, perhaps the game has moved past him? Maybe he doesn’t have what it takes anymore when it comes to actually running the football side of things?

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