It’s official – Adam Doueihi is back at the Wests Tigers.

The Rabbitohs star has signed a four-year contract with Tigers effective immediately after being released by the Souths.

The new deal will tie him to the Tigers until the end of the 2023 season.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Sydney Roosters were the frontrunners to land the 21-year old.

However, he decided against their offer in favour of a reported four-year $2.5 million deal with the Tigers.

The utility will likely get first crack at the No. 1 jersey for Michael Maguire’s side.

“I’m very pleased we’ve been able to secure Adam on a long-term deal at Wests Tigers,” Maguire told

“He is a fine young man off the field and is an excellent addition to our squad with his talent and versatility across a number of positions.

“Adam is a tremendously hard worker who carries himself very well, and we’re all excited to see him take the next steps forward in his career at this club.”

Doueihi was reportedly swayed by the security of a long-term deal and a starting spot.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Roosters coach Trent Robinson could not guarantee Doueihi a permanent starting spot but saw him settling into a long-term five-eighth role.

It is believed that part of the Roosters’ pitch was to work with Cooper Cronk to help develop his game.

The addition of Doueihi is a major coup for the Wests, joining Canberra’s Joey Leilua and potentially Melbourne’s Harry Grant as inclusions this off-season.

It is believed that the Rabbitohs will pay a substantial amount of this year’s salary and chip in about $50,000 next year.


  1. Great signing…for once the WT sign an up and comer rather than a player on the downward slide…Madge is doing wonders at the Tigers, than you Ivan for walking out…. 🙂

  2. I wonder what Corey Thompson makes of this.

    First they chase Mitchell for fullback and now Doueihi.

    Watch this space – he’ll probably now be on the move.

  3. Glad the tiges (not the chooks) got him….he’ll probably be happier at FB- his preferred position.
    Kinda hoping my chooks will still pursue No.1 on the wish list – Fifita….although it looks like the ponies have him wrapped up after the Bali bailout. 😂🤣

  4. +1 Barry

    If he is there to play fullback then it makes no sense. Corey Thompson was there players player last season and even though he had a error in his game, his overall performance warranted a full season/Pre Season there. At this stage of pre season though not many other teams are looking at fullbacks, I’d like to see him head to titans so Brimson can he play in the halves or the dragons to move Lomax back into the centres

  5. Glad to see he’s rejected the Nuggets!
    I guess they’ll be off looking for other clubs players to stick in the temporarily vacant centre position now. Maybe they’ll look in Europe as well?

  6. Panthers 18, nobody rejected Uncle Nick, it just proves we dont use brown paper bags. Who would he choose if we were offering him the same money, whether via salary cap or in bags? Us every time.

  7. Good news for tiger fans as this is for the long term which is what they need to attract quality players going forward. 2020 is shaping up to be a competitive comp. great for the game.

  8. Brennan I believe he would have been a good signing for us due to his work ethic and our ability to get the best out of players who have the right attitude. Obviously not at that price though. Would love to see how motivated the Morris bros would be playing together as a last hurrah for them to win a prem on the same team. This is who we should go for.

  9. I hope the Tigers do well next year Shuts. The fans deserve a break. He will do well for you. If they can get Joeys headspace right, you could have a decent backline.

  10. I hope he does as I have a few Mates that are die hard west supporters. I’m an eel supporter so I know the pain their going through n we’re not out of it yet either. This year will test BA n if the defence doesn’t improve dramatically we will miss the 8 let alone the 4.

  11. Uncle Nicks Wallet January 30, 2020 at 1:19 pm
    ” ……… the Morris bros would be playing together………” I like this very much, in fact it came up in conversation at the time they were looking at Xerri all those weeks ago. Love to see it happen, a quick fix to the Chooks dilemma …. the twins, great blokes to boot

  12. Yes Chook. We all know what we lose in speed, raw talent between jmoz and Latrell switch, but we also gain some qualities around defensive intelligence, consistency, and the level of motivation he would be at to achieve great things with his brother one last time vs Latrell who would be lacking in all those areas with us.

  13. He’s been pretty good at Souths Sombreros.. he will be a good bye for WT
    If he came to Chooks he would become a brilliant t player under our coaching staff.

    Look at how good we made Latrell look.. even though he’s a lazy show pony he excelled.

  14. Tigers team is really shaping over the past fortnight

    1 Douihi
    2 Thompson
    3 Mbye
    4 Leilua
    5 Nofoaluma
    6 Benji
    7 Brooks

    8 Twal
    9 Grant
    10 Eisenhuth
    11 Garner
    12 Lawrence
    13 Aloiai

    14 Leilua
    15 Chee-Kam
    16 Musgrove
    17 Makaele

  15. Thank goodness the Back to Back World Champions avoided signing a Soufths reject. Even our “Super Coach” Robinson was honest with him by saying, and I quote……. According to The Daily Telegraph, ”Roosters coach Trent Robinson could not guarantee Doueihi a permanent starting spot”

    Why on Earth would Soufths be paying 550K per season for a nobody 25 game rookie. Could not secure a position at Soufths and was only fullback last season because Alex Dudley Johnston was injured most of last season.

    Who is in charge of recruitment at Wests????
    Deadset somebody needs to be sacked for buying him at 625k per season over four years.
    The dumarse Rabbitohs just paid Mitchell 700k per season which is overs and Wests were offering him 950K per season. Heads should roll at Soufths and Wests.

  16. Xerri just knocked back big sharks deal. Jmoz for us this this year, Xerri from 2021. I’m ok with that.

  17. Is that really a surprise Uncle Nick ? Mark good luck to Douihi if he can get a club to pay him that much. Look at the money Boyd is on and he’s not fit to wipe Douihis arse. Sure he’s not a top tier FB but he would be a valuble addition to any team he joins and who knows how good he coiuld be if geets the chance to concentrate on any position apart from winger for a season.

  18. Brennan its taken a while but Richardson does appear to be lifting his game and playing the Cub of thrones game quite well nowadays. While I was surprised he was on the money he is I’m confident he will be more then worth it over the next few years and we will regret letting him go. Its done now and time will tell.

  19. Yes you’re right MOLE….little penis DID assure us Douhiei was staying at souf sideney sombreros.
    UNCLE NICKS….is that fair dinkum- Xerri knocking back the gummis offer?

  20. Great stuff from Uncle Nicks Wallet, Brett Morris had an absolute fantastic game in last seasos grand final victory.

    His centre brother Josh would be the perfect Addition for one season, and a huge improvement after he played Origin last season while lazy fatty Mitchell coppef the Fittler Axe.

  21. Thanks Markmywords, most of my roosters mates are also on the same page as us, I think it would be a popular decision.

  22. Brisbane Bunny I am also happy that AD got a good deal for himself. He has apparently worked very hard on his game and was a little harshly done by getting rejected by Souths that way. But its a business and they were up front with him.

  23. 1. Doueihi
    2. Thompson
    3. Jennings
    4. Leilua
    5. Nofoaluma
    6. Marshall
    7. Brooks
    8. Twal
    9. Mbye
    10. Musgrove
    11. Garner
    12. Lawrence
    13. Taylor

    14. Grant
    15. Makaele
    16. Aloia
    17. Eisunuth

  24. Not to worry Mark.Mywords .. the Bunnies are chipping in a fair amount after all it was them who back end his contract. You just keep worrying Uncle Nick and his brown paper bag payments .. oh and by the way how’s Teddy’s pec today .. a tad sore i hear .. !!

  25. The rooster wombats like new wombat Uncle Nick’s Willy and the usual gibberers are a little behind the 8 ball .
    I stated 1 week ago AD was going to the tigers, roosters never in the hunt despite offering much more AD not interested after a quiet chat with another Souths player who advised him of the damaging toxic culture there.
    Roosters were looking to replace the dud Smith with a step up in class with AD but will have to look elsewhere.
    With AD released clears the way for Souths to move on The Fox who is desperate like Latrell to come home and unite with his brothers.
    Like Adam Doueihi, the stain roosters are no chance of securing the signature of The Fox who will sign for much less with Souths to place happiness above all.

  26. Brennan.Lane January 30, 2020 at 5:46 pm
    “Fantastic, best news I’ve had all day, finally got rid of the over paid reject.”
    Sounds like the comments on the Sookpen about Latrell🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. 1. Doueihi
    2. Thompson
    3. Mbye
    4. Leilua
    5. Jennings
    6. Marshall
    7. Brooks
    8. Packer
    9. Reynolds
    10. Twal
    11. Lawrence
    12. Leilua
    13. Eisenhuth
    14. Musgrove
    15. Chee Kamm
    16. Aloiai
    17. Talau

    SOLID Team, Potential Top 8

  28. TheMole52 January 30, 2020 at 12:48 pm
    “He signed for $2.5 M
    As has been evident with many examples in recent years The Roosters don’t pay overs.”

    I posted he was offered more from the roosters to replace the dud nobody Billy Smith but choose to go to a club and a coach with more integrity.

  29. Brennan.Lane January 30, 2020 at 7:38 pm
    “TwentyOne you forgot to read this story and Marks quote from this story……
    Mark.mywordsJanuary 30, 2020 at 3:35 pm
    Thank goodness the Back to Back World Champions avoided signing a Soufths reject. Even our “Super Coach” Robinson was honest with him by saying, and I quote……. According to The Daily Telegraph, ”Roosters coach Trent Robinson could not guarantee Doueihi a permanent starting spot”

    Thats because I hear Robinson has backed his judgement with the signing of Nick Davis who he is looking at becoming an NRL superstar.
    Looking very forward to the debut of Nick Davis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. With Latrell Mitchell coming home to his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs to the delight of all NRL supporters, it stood to reason if Adam Doueihi wanted to secure a fullback position he would have to look elsewhere.
    This was made clear to him by Wayne Bennett.
    With news of James Tedesco looking to be out for 8 weeks, the roosters were desperate to secure AD for that role and then move to the centres to replace the failed dud nobody Billy Smith.
    In the end Adam didnt hesitate to reject the stain sombreros after some tips on the toxic culture form someone who experienced that 1st hand.
    With Adam moving on, look for Josh Ado Carr being announced to Souths after rejecting much higher offers from the sombreros.

  31. Yeah Brennan ego will be the big killer with Latrell…..and a few others. Hope Grandpa can keep a lid on it

  32. With Adam D off to the tigers we wish him well and I hear Latrell and Josh are requesting through management to tie up Josh to the Rabbitohs.
    I posted 2 months ago Latrell wanted no where but Souths and I said the same about Josh 3 weeks ago.
    Hey RopeableRooster I believe that will be 4/4.
    Put your money on the fox to souths.
    Roosters dont have the culture to attract him.

  33. The loss of AD is a blow to the Rabbits, he was a good player.

    Tigers will be mad to move Thompson, great player…. Doueihi will slot in at 5/8 for the tigers in place of the retiring Benji.

    Doueihi could develop into a back rower with his height and ball skills. Put a bit of beef on him and cut him lose.

    All the best Adam….cheers Bunny Buster

  34. Brennan.Lane
    January 30, 2020 at 10:01 pm
    “TwentyOne you really need to understand the truth.”
    Brennsy, you and your slop queen wife Mole52, leave the truth to me as I have shown and you stick with your myths and Latrell meltdown posts.

  35. Wow!
    Massive overs for an average rookie.
    Unfortunately for the kittens he won’t help get them in to the top 8.

  36. “It was pretty emotional, to be honest. I had sort of made the decision while we were on holidays, so I called Justin, Mal and Dennis and just said to them that I’m going to have to part ways with the club,” Arrow told

    “I was pretty emotional on the phone – I was actually crying in my partner’s arms. They say men don’t cry but that’s not true.”

    The media can be so cruel, words spoken from Rabbits future Enforcer.
    Turn from Titan to cute fuzzy little bunny rabbit in a blink of an eye.

  37. @FaoPo – all us rabbitohs have worked out sick twisted Woody Clown has a lot of alias..
    If everything ignores his verbal diarrhea, then he would fade away and disappear.

  38. With Adam Doueihi turning his back on a better offer from the roosters it adds to their humiliation on sending Robinson and Fittler (Mack and Myer) on their suck up mission to Taree a few weeks ago in a last ditch desperate effort for Latrell to change his mind.
    As I reported previously all they returned with was a couple of Taree fridge magnets and a few pizza stains.
    Seriously, did they honestly think the lure of more money and that mythical garbage they call ‘the roosters way’ was going to change Latrell’s lifelong dream of coming home to his beloved Rabbitohs?
    Let’s move on please.

  39. Brennan.Lane January 31, 2020 at 6:21 am
    “You see TwentyOne likes to leave out the FACTS. “Roosters coach Trent Robinson could not guarantee Doueihi a permanent starting spot”

    Adam Doueihi was rightfully acknowledged as a class above to replace the proven dud Billy Smith and whilst AD accepted Teddy Mercury would remain fullback, a decent salary may have convinced him to sign with the roosters but apparently $80K more than what the tigers put on the table wasn’t enough to sacrifice happiness for money.
    Like Latrell, Adam placed more value on returning home if it wasn’t to be his preferred choice the Rabbitohs.

  40. 7 Posts in a row for Wood-duck alias Brennan – a new ZT record of stupidity.

    And I bet no one read any of them.

    The cheers for the halfwit…..

  41. 21
    The word was that Johnson would be first out the door when Latrell lobbed then Gagai but Bennett chose AD.
    There was no room for him in the 17. Easts told him the same thing. So your saying Easts offered him 705k to run around in Canterbury Cup? “rightly acknowledged as a class above to replace the proven dud Billy Smith”
    I think you have that back the front. Smith average run meters was 158 AD 123. he made 8 tackle breaks in his second game (against souths) AD took till his 10th game last year to make 8 tackle breaks. Smith scored 2 trys in 2 games AD scored 2 trys in 30 games. The last time he scored a try was in 2018.
    Easts favor their left side attack more than their right side but did you see what side they went to in their semi final game against Souths? They sent nearly all their attack right because they saw AD as a weakness and they were right 3 trys in the corner where AD was defending. And when Walker gave him a look at the white stripe one on one he was taken over the sideline by a 35 year old half back. Easts would have offered him less than half what the Tigers did thats why he went there.

  42. FaoPoi
    January 30, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    English please Pooiboy

  43. FatPooi Boy speaks more dribble than the back to back dribblers Penso and TwentyOne, check it out…

    January 30, 2020 at 8:14 pm

  44. Adamhoward
    January 31, 2020 at 5:25 pm
    What are you on TwentyOne & EastOfDivide? Dribble tablets?
    Doueihi is a dud Souths player who was given his marching orders from Bennett.

    Do you really think he knocked back the Roosters. The Roosters like they told Latrell Mitchell, there just is not room for his type at the Premiers. The Roosters have every position covered extremely well for every position he plays. Robinson even said he can start as a reserve for Norths and we could get Cooper Cronk to coach you into a good 5/8.

    His answer to that was a 2.5m contract signed at 625k per season for four years with Wests.

  45. Adamhoward January 31, 2020 at 5:27 pm
    January 31, 2020 at 5:25 pm
    “What are you on TwentyOne & EastOfDivide? Dribble tablets?
    Do you really think he knocked back the Roosters. The Roosters like they told Latrell Mitchell, there just is not room for his type at the Premiers. ”
    And do you recall this dopey?
    Adamhoward December 29, 2019 at 4:48 pm
    “I have it on good authority that Latrell 100% will not don the green and red christmas elf Souths Pole jersey in 2020 or any year for that matter. 100% guarentee this is absolutely a fact.”
    Do yourself a favor and lay off the long necks.
    Welcome home Latrell.

  46. Gee if JAC goes across to South Sydney Sombreros… they’d better win the Comp or it will definitely be a failure

    Here are my tips for Souths Sydney Sombreros 2020
    Mitchell will be outed as the show pony he is by round 17… (you haven’t noticed it but Roosters and some media have)

    A schism will develop between indigenous and non indigenous players at Souths Sombreros causing unrest within the team.

    Bennet under pressure to win the comp with the new Nana Glen paper bag purchased roster will start to show signs of dementia and cranky old man syndrome… round 19

    Bennet and Richardson will have a falling out.. Round 20

    South Sydney Sombreros will make the finals but will fail in their bid to buy the comp thus making season 2020 another failure in their 50 year history of failures (other than the NRL gifted 2014)

    Little penis 21 will change his ZT profile in hiding after Souths Sombreros failure to win the comp and the embarrassment of another failure in a long history of failures

    It will be very difficult for anyone to match the greatest team of the decades 3 premierships in 6 years… quite simply Nana Glen cannot buy you heart, soul and the genius
    The corner stone of this great Roosters Club and it 3 premierships in 6 years

  47. Hit the nail on the head Mole52. But Soufths get rid of one dud in Douehihi and try to sign a new dud in Ado-bones-Carr, only thing he has got is pace. The rest is Andycrapp.

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