Penrith Panthers head coach Ivan Cleary has delivered just 48 words during his press conference after the club's narrow loss to the New Zealand Warriors at Magic Round.

The three-time defending premiers, playing without captain Nathan Cleary, never looked themselves in the eventual two-point loss, making countless silly errors and defending poorly.

Suncorp Stadium
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The loss left Cleary in no mood to talk, with reporters assembled instead forced to steer much of the just over two-minute press conference through Isaah Yeo, who joined his coach to front the media.

Cleary was in no mood to elaborate on his sides performance at the start of the press conference.

Reporter: "Ivan what do you take away from that?"

Ivan Cleary: "We didn't play well enough."

Reporter: "Was it errors mostly costing you there? What did you see that the boys could improve on?"

Ivan Cleary: "Yeah, it was just a collection of a lot of things."

Reporter: "Could you go into specifics about what those things were that could have been improved on?"

Ivan Cleary: "Not really."

The attention then turned to Yeo, who was more forthcoming with answers for the performance which has left Penrith with a seven and three record - still second on the provisional table pending wins for the Storm or Dolphins in the late games on Sunday, but four points adrift of the Cronulla Sharks - than his coach.

Reporter: "Yeoy [Isaah Yeo] - a frustrating game?"

Isaah Yeo: "Yeah, it was. Probably made it hard on ourselves, and then just stupidity. I'm supposed to be a leader and I just made a bad judgement call early in that second half when you already know we aren't at our best with a sin bin and then all of a sudden they score two. It was poor leadership.

Reporter: "What do you put the errors down to today?"

Isaah Yeo: "It was an accumulation of things. They sort of felt like they happened in all different areas. I have touched on it in the sheds but individually and collectively we just weren't good enough today so I guess that helps us because it means you have to put accountability back on yourself and as an individual first so that'll be a good thing for us."

Reporter: "Did you miss Nathan [Cleary] today? Obviously not the sole reason for the result I'd imagine but did you feel like he was missing out there?"

Isaah Yeo: "I guess anytime you're missing the best player in the game and your captain, it's always going to be tough but we have done it before so it's certainly not an excuse and he's not even the one there making errors today, so it doesn't come into it."

Reporters then attempted to get Ivan Cleary to speak about Taylan May's absence, and the fact the Warriors had plenty of injuries, but neither subject got the three-time premiership-winning coach talking.

Reporter: "There would have been a lot of emotions from yesterday Ivan. Did that play into things today?"

Ivan Cleary: "Nah, I don't think so."

Reporter: "Can you tell us how you sort of delt with it above yesterday?"

Ivan Cleary: "Just got on with life. We are here to play footy and that's what we did. Just didn't play well enough today."

Reporter: "The Warriors had practically a reserve team playing today, do you think they just wanted it more?"

Ivan Cleary: "Excuse me?"

Reporter: "They had a lot of injuries and players coming off HIAs. Do you think they were just hungrier for it?"

Ivan Cleary: "Maybe."

The Panthers, who will be without Nathan Cleary for at least the next six weeks, face a tough battle at the top of the table with the Cronulla Sharks next weekend.