BATHURST, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 30: Curtis Scott of the Storm watches on during the round three NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Melbourne Storm at Carrington Park on March 30, 2019 in Bathurst, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Raiders star Curtis Scott has pleaded not guilty to six charges in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on Friday.

The charges relate to the 22-year old’s drunken Australia Day antics, including an alleged assault of a police officer.

The ex-Storm centre’s lawyer Danny Eid claims the police “misunderstood their powers”, declaring “we will defend this to the last breath.”

“There is a significant concern about the manner in which police conducted themselves,” Eid said. “We’ll flesh it out in due course.”

“We’re saying Mr Scott is not guilty of all charges.”

In the hours leading up to the incident, Scott posted videos on social media showing him partying with his Raiders teammates at The Ivy nightclub in Sydney’s CBD.

He was accused of kicking and punching an officer and was tasered and was taken to Surrey Hills Police Station.

Eid said Scott is expected to return to training this week and there’s no reason for him to be stood down.

Scott signed a four-year deal with Canberra this off-season af6ter being released by Melbourne.


  1. Press play on the taser footage and that should explain plenty. Video and Audio is a beautiful thing. Wonder if mr hot shot Danny Eid has even viewed this yet b4 shooting his mouth off about his angel client!!

  2. These footy players have a small window in their “careers” to make a lot of money…. One would they could behave themselves in that time.
    He must make his parents so proud…, the goose

  3. It’s pretty simple Scott was charged with 6 offensives. Why would he plead guilty, the lawyers come in and break down the charges, so at worst he will face 2 charges.

  4. How would you know Toddy? Been there and done that have we? You naughty little non Anthem singer. Shame on you. You brute.

  5. 1 in 40 NSW Police Officers have a criminal record. These are people who’ve taken an oath to uphold justice and be of great character. Correct me if I’m wrong adamhoward,



  6. Why haven’t Souths been mentioned yet? Backyard.Lane is too busy mouthing off showing his expertise in these matters. He got the first post in though. Well done.

  7. I’ll be fine in the outback, just as I was in the bush and just as I am in the city. But I bet a snowflake like yourself would melt 😂

  8. Mark.mywords

    You just keep being a good little boy. I bet you still believe in Santa!
    😂😂have a look at the oath your heroes have to say. What a joke you all call yourselves Australian 😂

  9. Good to answer your merger question it would a just like the northern Eagles except nowhere near as successful 😘

  10. Hahaha “not guilty your honour!” Hahaha “the police framed me” hahaha “I tells ya, Im innocent” and so say 99% of the crims in our jails. On ya Scott! You’ve got buckleys.

  11. There is no ‘ poloce force ‘ BrennanWoodChuckerChuck. So do we live in a Mad Max like world? Although there may be a poloce force in your drug addled mind?
    ‘ Sack him now Canberra ‘, says The Nugget of Many Names. As the French Dressed Chickens would like to sign another centre , as soon as possible! You know, the same way as they bought Carney.

  12. Brennan lane,
    Stop being a racist.
    It’s hateful and I can’t believe the rubbish zero tackle let’s you post.
    Please stop

  13. Brennan please stop lying you have no friends! It’s bad enough that you think we all believe that you go for the rabbits, now your writing your friend applied to be a cop, that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever written

  14. Just read the herald Scott’s lawyer says, Scott was tasered while sitting with under a tree whilst handcuffed. It looks like the lawyers will try to prove gross misconduct from the cops.

  15. Greenie mate, how is Branden Lane a loser and a racist? He just explained how he and most Aussies eccept people from all over the World with open arms. I agree with Branden that the real racists are the mixed city dweller Originals.

  16. The rubbish coming from his mouth is Wrong. “Facts” get used very liberal on this site, but I don’t want to argue his opinion just don’t be so vile about my mob . If you can’t be respectful in your opinion then shut it.
    This is ment to be a footy site but all I read is comments on the colour of skin and opinions of First Nation people. It’s wrong and the sites suffering for it.
    Why don’t people just stick with the article and the teams that are in those articles.
    Key board warriors are making a mockery of a Gus site and of the love of footy

  17. Was he attacking Police while handcuffed with his legs? If so that is assault and a reason to be tasered. Can you immagine if Bruce Lee only had his hands cuffed but he could use his legs.

    The cops do not know if he is a marshal arts expert or not. The police have acted in a proper manner I hope. The video camera does not lie. The full truth will be exposed one way or another. In my opinion police do not taser drunk violent people for no reason.

  18. Mr Greenie do we ever here of Africans who are almost purple in clour cry racism. No and we do nit here it from Indian Australians also. So colour has nothing to do with it mate.

  19. How often do you speak about Africans or Indians on this site? Apparently it’s cool to use didgeridoo and boomerang and witchery grub is a slur but call anyone out and I’m wrong. There’s still time for change and piece but everyone needs to come together. All I’m asking is we keep it to footy and to the teams/ players involved in the articles.
    I’ll start
    I’m a raiders supporter and as much as I wanted Scott to kill it I believe it be hard not to sack him, like mentioned earlier if your blind drunk you don’t have a clue what you’ve done.

  20. Unfortunately, there are personnel in all professions who should not be there, including the police force. If it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Curtis Scott was illegally manhandled then the officers involved should be charged, and removed, from their position. Until then, Curtis has the right to the presumption of innocence, until proven guilty, in court right.

  21. Greenie. If you dont like reading stuff here from brennan who speaks a lot of sense i suggest you go back to hugging trees. Politically correct non sense that comes from the likes of your lot is why this once great country is now in such a mess.

  22. And as brennan says stop creating devastating bush fires. You should be in jail. Izzy was correct when he blamed the bush fires on you and your lot

  23. Hey Toddy123 you can’t generalise here, I know a lot of east’s supporters and they aren’t like these blokes. I think the club they support would be very ashamed of their comments.
    Relax mate only few more weeks until kick off.

  24. Sidney that’s true mate, my stepdad is a roosters fan, and he’s a legend so to all the normal roosters fans, sorr. As for the woody chookpen the lyrics suit you just fine

  25. Brennsey that is a classic ‘multitudes of intelligence’ now I am not questioning RR intelligence but yours. So which ones was RR using?

  26. My stepdad is Caucasian
    Oh and FYI it’s people like you that are on the aged pension that are taking up the majority of tax payers money $70.2 billon that’s an increase of 4% on the previous year. So that’s an extra $2.7 billion

  27. Are you working Toddy or using your Originality to sponge off the tax payers like all those bludgers all over Australia who want to live like bummms on reserves.

  28. I work mate I’ve worked full time from the age of 17. I now run a little company we employ anyone but to be honest we employ mostly indigenous boys. I am also in the middle of setting up a program with local jail down here in Canberra. The program will basically show them how to do what they need to know, then the next step once they are out on parole they’ll do an intensive 4 week course. I’ve rung fellow companies in Canberra and have had conformation that they would be willing to take on these blokes I train up

  29. Well done Toddy. Did the boys come from junior detention centres? Do you have a good program that teaches them to live side by side without blame or anger towards white folk?
    Hope so, good luck and All the best with your education help.

  30. Mark.mywords the program is aimed at older blokes between 20 to 35 the idea being if we can help the blokes that some of the unfortunate young boys look up to , I hope the young ones will see the older blokes doing the right thing and hopefully follow suit

  31. Good keep them thieving hailbirds away from the Sydney Roosters, we have enough of that rubbish on our boarders with the Soufths “we do not sing the national anthem“ Rabbitoes.

  32. People on here need to respect their fellow REAL Aussies., & take aim at the REAL threat to Australias culture & way of life.
    Take a look around & you will see what i mean. They come from the 4 cesspit countries of the world.
    Oh & as a 4th Gen. Aussie, im not racist, much more a patriot.

  33. Carney was rejected, sacked by Canberra. Signed by the Nuggets.
    As were Moss, Jennings from Penrith. Morris from the Bulldogs & Hall unwanted by Leeds.
    How long a list of rejected players that the Nuggets signed , would you like BrennanWoodOfTheChickenCoop?

  34. Panthers18…
    Again, Adam & Brennan are the same WoodNugget . Just as Edward, Hudson, Mark & so many others are all that same Wood inspired ChickenClucker.

  35. Brennan Lane, you are a tool. Fine you are not racist if you say so, but your comments are prejudice.
    Indigenous streak of hatred >>> do you mean like between 1910 to 1970 … since you are uneducated, I am referring to the stolen generation…

  36. “ police are here to help people and keep the peace.” AFP was created in 1979. Not even 10years, in 1987. It announced a Royal Commission (a major government public inquiry into an issue – since you are uneducated) into Indigenous deaths in custody on 10 August 1987 in response to a growing public concern that such deaths were too common and poorly explained.

  37. So we took they children for 50 years, as per you, AFP was created to keep people safe… as many of those Indigenous haters were psychologically, physically, and sexually abused while living in state care or with their adoptive families but that did not happen did it … or else why would there be a Royal Commission. What a joke !!! have some perspective people.
    Learn some history b4 u start having a go at indigenous people. Oh they don’t want to sing the anthem. Well it’s their choice or do you want to force that upon them too, What a loser

  38. “take your clothes and shoes off and start a walk-about into the Northern Territory. Then when the Police find you before you die of thirst, or the wedge tail eagles, you just might rethink your stupidity.

    So be Captain James Brennan Cook .. aka Loser … found Australia, indigenous people had already died from been shirtless and thirsty, and the eagles … you just might rethink your stupidity.

  39. ” eaten any witcherty grrrubs lately? Or are you just a wanna be Original? ” Hey loser at least you agree you are a fake .. lol

  40. Zero Tack Admin – are you asleep???

    This site is an absolute disgrace.

    I bet the advertisers you have on here love being linked to this stuff

  41. You the one that needs to wake up Captain !! .. .ur bigotry comments were a disgrace … and I told u to rethink ur stupidity coz its not toddy … as a reader and viewer of this site … I just could not tolerate ur comments … apologies if any non racist people got offended …

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