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Canberra has sacked four juniors for lying about an alcohol-fuelled melee that led to one player being glassed.

The incident occurred after a junior game against Cronulla last weekend and the Daily Telegraph reports at least three players tried to cover up the incident by giving false information to Raiders management.

It has not been a great week for the Raiders after Corey Harawira-Naera and Corey Horsburgh were caught drink-driving.

A less-than-impressed Rick Stuart told Daily Telegraph journalist David Riccio that lying was not something the Raider's culture stood for.

“The incident is one thing, but lying to your superiors just doesn’t wash at our club.

“It may seem tough, but this isn’t the culture that we accept at our club.’’


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  1. That’s right Ricky!
    The culture is obviously one of getting drunk & going out driving. Or getting drunk & getting involved in violent altercations. Including punching police.
    Then getting away with this behaviour for the most part.
    Heaven forbid they they lie about that behaviour though. Now this, the club just can’t stand for! 😂

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