The Rabbitohs have confirmed the departure of nine players during their Round 25 win over the Sydney Roosters.

Club veterans Greg Inglis and John Sutton are both retiring, with Inglis being forced to end his career earlier in the year due to injury.

George Burgess (Wigan Warriors), Dean Britt (Bulldogs) and Connor Tracey (Sharks) will move to new clubs in 2020.

The club also confirmed that Billy Brittain, Jacob Gagan, Mawene Hiroti and Kyle Turner won't be returning next season.

Rabbitohs 2023 Player Movements

2023 Gains
Jye Gray (2024), Tyrone Munro (2025)
2023 Losses
Mark Nicholls (The Dolphins), Kodi Nikorima (The Dolphins)
Off Contract 2022
Michael Chee-Kam, Lachlan Gale, Josh Mansour, Steven Marsters, Taane Milne, Jaxson Paulo, Isaiah Tass


  1. How many grass roots juniors at the roosters? 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    How many imports last 2 years?
    14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Who is the transit lounge club?
    The Sydney Roosters.
    Look up Sydney Roosters wikipedia will confirm.

  2. I’d say Billy Brittain, Kyle Turner & Mawene Hiroti should all find homes somewhere in the NRL . Even if it’s to start out in Canterbury Cup.

  3. Turner has put in for Souths when sound and a great bloke but unfortunately injury proned.
    Hope gets picked up and enjoys a few more years injury free.

  4. RalphMoth and Outslither what are you 2 knumbskulls gibbering on about now?
    All players end up leaving at some point.
    3 ZIP

  5. Hey TwatONE, you knuckle head…. can you confirm that all those old black and white trophies that were ‘won’ in the last century are in a shed in Hillsdale at a Houso complex or are they in Rusty’s pool room at Coffs Harbour … in any case, you can’t go any where to stroke them, ….. so, stick to yourself…+

  6. Phoenix the truth is hard to argue.
    Took choostool 2 days to surface after the hiding on Thursday.
    Straight up gutless.

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