Sam Walker Queensland Origin

16-year-old rugby league sensation Sam Walker will walk away from the Broncos at the end of the season, and has signalled his intentions to sign with the Sydney Roosters in 2020.

According to The Courier-Mail, Walker informed the Roosters on Tuesday of his decision, which was one that left 10 other NRL clubs – and even Rugby Australia – disappointed.

The young gun will sign a two-year deal with the Roosters, as Trent Robinson’s side look to a future without Cooper Cronk.

The halfback impressed in the Queensland under 18’s win against NSW last week ahead of Origin I, while also training against the senior Origin side in a whirlwind week for the youngster.

Walker’s uncle Shane, who played 150 games for the Broncos and Rabbitohs, believes his nephew has a long career ahead of him in the NRL.

“People have compared him to Kalyn Ponga but he plays differently to Ponga, Sam is pretty unique in his style,” Walker told The Courier-Mail.

“He reads play really well, he has a high football IQ for a kid so young and it comes back to his environment, he’s been around football since his earliest years.

“Sam can identify weaknesses in the opposition very quickly, even his kicking style and the way he moves is different to any young halfback I’ve seen.

“There’s no reason that Sam can’t have a long career in the NRL, but he needs to put the hard work in and keep on improving.”


  1. This is why my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs will never attract brilliant young talent ss he has stated that Robinson is the best coach in the Nrl and the World Champions and defending Premiers have the coaching stratergies with superb success at developing these kids into premiership winning rep players

    .“I spoke to Luke Keary about how he works with players and gets the best out of them. They have got a really strong team and culture at the Roosters and I picked up on that.”

    The Sydney Roosters have a long list over the past two decades at transforming young kids into premiership winning legends in the likes of Friend, Mitchell, Cordner, Aubusson, Liu, Manu, Radley, Napa who all graduated as 16yr olds and playing in last season grand final victory. Whilst my club builds the awkwardly but truthful reputation of being the transit lounge which for us South Sydney fans is undoubtedly a massive embarrassment.

    • Undoubtedly my gloriously beautiful South Sydney Rabbitohs have an abundance of foolish fans that think we develop our own team …. yet disregard our massive influx of imports during the past few off seasons, attempting to purchase our second premiership…. during the 21st century. Players like young Walker can see the character of our club and realize that he will never develop into anything at my beloved South Sydney. Especially under Bennett who wants Russell Crowe to buy him a comp for a retirement gift.

      Young Walkers dad and uncles have seen first hand what a tremendously disgruntled place it is after playing for Souths in the past…. and have obviously influenced him in the correct direction towards the professionally organized well drilled in coaching strategies for young players at the Sydney Roosters.

    • Matter of fact the flying winger famous for the call “Walkers on Walkers on” signed with Zmy beloved South Sydney and wanted out immediately in 2004 leaving after a few weeks and joined the Professionally run organization at the Sydney Roosters playing in a grand final the same year.

  2. I love my South Sydney Rabbitohs but there are massive amounts of problems in the place….why do you think Siebold scareped after one season and 8 points short of a grand final.

    First of all we must sack the hierarchy, then the spend thrift coach, who by the way ….. was buying players for Souths while still coaching Brisbane.

  3. Typical Easts buying young players clubs have invested in since an early age, what a disgusting club they are, then they have the hide to call them developement players and call them juniors, on top of that they put down clubs who nurse junors since nappy grade, imagine if all clubs followed Easts example, their would be no juniors, no wonder they are the most dispised club in rugby league, the sooner they are relocated the better.

    • Peso your poisonous club welcomed back a known worm at the expense of Gagai, that sums up Souths, wayno is a perfect fit, looking forward to lodge and packer to be signed by this toxic outfit, sides will require vaccination prior to playing Souths such is the toxic nature of you culture

      • you can have gagai – if you like – he’s a HOPELESS CENTRE (absolutely NFI in defence), don’t get me wrong when he’s in a MORONs’ jersey he does look like a Superstar no doubt at it (but that’s on the WING).. he’s definitely not worth the “reported” 700K that he’s on….. especially for a winger (more money to throw at Latrell)

      • We’ll said dear Mr Outsider…..After all the signings my Beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs have been importing these last three seaons, in our quest to buy our 22nd premiership….. I have become disappointed, distressed and disillusioned with our once glorious club …… as has our fan base with a pathetically small 8253 attending our last game.

        Our club have not the decency from within our hierarchy, to provide shuttle buses for the 20km journey to the foriegn world of Olympic Park.

        Mr Outsider I am about to give you an “Insider” tip. …. I’m thinking about deserting my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs, as they have become like you say… under Bennett….. a poisonous club.

        Woody is right as usual he tried endlessly to his last breath to persuade me to follow the Roosters

  4. You might as well pack your bags now Lam, Lamb & Keary.
    The Bell Tolls for you!
    Walker at Halfback in two years time & Flanagan at 5/8th.
    The Biggest Transit Lounge in action again.
    Wests, Warriors.. Lam’s for sale. Good player & you should buy him.

  5. Lodge is re-signing with the Broncos.
    However, if Gagai is for sale ? Then Penrith should pick him up to fill DWZ or MWZ’s positions. He has experience & could help the young guys along.
    Then with the return of Peachey , things there won’t look so bad at all.

    • WHAT…..are you guys out in the sticks trying to compete with my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs ….. as the Premiers of transit loungeism?? Nevertheless you shall never succeed in tacking our crown.

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